She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


3. I'm happy to be here

Chapter 2


   The sun shone in my eyes as I stood in the kitchen, still adjusting to the new found light. I slowly sat down, the pain in my lower region unbearable. Marcel still slept upstairs, unaware I had gotten out of bed. The thought that Marcel was upstairs in my bed warmed my heart.

   He was back. It's been a couple of days but I still can't wrap my mind around that concept. I pulled a box of cereal from the cupboard, retrieving the milk from my fridge. With my eyes half shut I unscrewed the lid, tilting the jug over. It wasn't until something hit my feet that I realized I was completely off target from the bowl. I quickly sat the milk on the counter, observing my feet that now stood in a puddle of milk.

   "Of course you would Ella...only girl in the world who pours milk on her feet!" I criticized myself, finding a rag as I set it on the white liquid, the cloth immediately soaking it up.

   "Uh...Ella?" I heard a deep voice ask as I gasped, turning around. Marcel stood shirtless with only some sweats clinging to his hips as his eyes observed my current dilemma. His words became slurred as I focused on his amazing body. I might have dozed off, staring at his v-line...and happy trail. You never heard a thing!
   "Oh uh! Oops!" I stuttered before my foot slipped and I fell back onto the ground. Marcel's eyes widened in worry but when he saw I was fine, he chuckled at my immaturity.

   "You just wish you were as fun as me!" I laughed, continuously slipping whenever I attempted to stand up. Marcel's face began turning red from laughter as I attempted a glare.

   "Oh come look absolutely adorable!" Marcel chuckled, reaching down his hand for me to take. He really should have seen this coming. I grasped onto his hand yanking him down as he crashed down onto the floor along side me.

   "Oh you'll get it!" he spoke, his dimples indented deeply as he laughed, his hands hard at work. I laughed, attempting to push his hands from my stomach.

   "P-Please!" I laughed, tears squeezing from the corner of my eyes.

   "Marcel is cooler than me!" he demanded playfully as I choked out some laughs. I was about to talk before a pained sob escaped my lips.

   "Sorry angel, it's not going to work!" Marcel chuckled as I shook my head, my eyes squeezed tightly in severe pain

   "Damn it Marcel. I'm not joking..." I said through gritted teeth as a moment of silence followed.

   "You're a good actress!" Marcel complimented me, his hand patting my back. I grasped the counter, weakly pulling myself up before collapsing back onto the floor.

   "Or maybe you're not acting." He spoke quickly, hurrying to help me up. I shook my head, gently pushing him away.

  " I-I can do this myself." I spoke once more trying to pull myself up from the ground. It felt like all of the earths gravity is weighing on me. To be truthful, two months without Marcel changed me. With Ryder, no matter his sweet he was I still felt the need to support myself. Before Marcel left we leaned on each other. I've just grown from him.

   ''Ella, are you okay? You've changed!" He spoke softly as I nodded solemnly. I looked into his eyes, admiring how they looked back in mine. I bit my lip, about to lie and say I'm fine before I broke out in sobs.

    Almost immediately, his arms were protectively wrapped around me as I was rocked back and forth.

    'Shh...I love you angel, everything will be okay." He spoke as a small smile inhabited my lips causing me to forget the pain from my thighs I was experiencing earlier.

   "W-Why do you love me?" I asked, my voice cracking mid-sentence. Marcel looked down at me, shocked that I asked such a question but he wasn't hesitant to answer me.

   "You make me feel special. Ella, you're the only person who truly loves me...for me. You accept all my flaws whether you like them or not. I just have this amazing feeling in the pit of my stomach when you are around." He spoke, his lips carefully pronouncing every word before leaving a kiss on the tip of my nose.

    My cheeks reddened as I brought my hand up to cup his cheek. He looked down smiling at me as his dimples indented his skin.

    "I love you so much Marcel!" I spoke hushed, the words still foreign coming out from my mind. He smiled, his hands lifting my body up as he carried me bridal style into my -our- room. 

   I was set on the edge of my bed as Marcel ventured into my closet, wanting to change me into something...less soaked by milk. Within a minute, he emerged from the entrance, holding one of his t-shirts and some black spandex shorts. 

    I thanked him as he walked over, instructing me to up my arms as I did what was told. He pulled my wet shirt over my head, throwing it onto my floor as he tugged on my pants. I stood up with difficulty, Marcel gently pulling them down my legs.

   "I missed you and honestly I hated it. I was this new Marcel. I wasn't supposed to fall in love yet here I am, and it hurts how much I love you!" He chuckled as I smiled, settling my hand on his shoulder.

   "How did I get so lucky?" I spoke, an honest smile breaking through my lips. He smiled, his eyes meeting mine quickly as he pulled the shorts up my bare legs. 

   "The question did I?" He spoke quietly, pressing his lips to mine. The kiss was slow, deep and passionate and it made butterflies flutter within my stomach.

   After a few moments we pulled away, Marcel leaving one more quick peck before pulling his large shirt over my  head, letting it fall down.

   "Ella, you're freezing, let's get you under the covers!" Marcel spoke, his hands rubbing up and down my arms. He wasn't wrong, I was near dying due to the cold air. Marcel lifted me up, propping me on his knee as he threw the blanket back, setting me down and tucking me in.

   Marcel was about to head out of the door before my faint voice stopped him.

   "Wait..." I spoke, my voice small and child like. Marcel froze, turning around to face me. I was about to continue with my sentence but looking into his eyes, I forgot everything I wanted to say.

   "What?" He said gently as I snapped back into reality.

   "Oh, uh. Please don't leave!" I blushed as Marcel smiled, nodding. He stripped his sweat pants off, leaving him in boxers as he flipped off the lights, cuddling in besides me.

   "I am so happy your in my arms again princess!" Marcel's voice began, breaking the silence. Soon after a kiss was placed to my temple, arms wrapped tightly around me.

   "I'm happy to be here..." I finally replied. That was the last thing I remembered before blackness dawned upon my vision.




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