She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


43. Emotions [6 chapters left] (Important A/N + Character Photos)




   It had been several days since I passed out and Harry had insisted on driving from California, here just so he could help comfort me. I had tried to persuade him not to but before I knew it, he was already standing in front of me. Marcel had not one clue he was here, as he was to busy upstairs. He looked down at me sympathetically before wrapping his muscular arms around my much smaller frame.

   "I missed you!" He mumbled in my hair as I nodded in agreement, inhaling his intoxicating scent. Not as amazing as Marcel but still A plus. We stood, arms wrapped around each other, for a few minutes before finally pulling away. Harrys lips met mine as I smiled, sweetly kissing him back.

   "I missed you too!" I finally answered, giving him one more peck.

   "So where's your room? I want to put my bags away." Harry smiled, gesturing to the three bags he had come with. I swear he packs more then me. Needless to say I pack more then a whole airplane of teenage girls. What do I say? I don't have a room! The nights leading until now I either stared at the wall, slowly dying inside or I slept on the floor of my make do art room. Having my own bedroom never crossed my mind, until I thought of the house in detail. Marcel found it unnecessary but when we moved in, I made sure I had my own bedroom in case Marcel and I were to quarrel. 

   Until now the bedroom had sat untouched. In fact, I don't remember what it looks like or what's inside.

   "Uh, yeah. Here, follow me." I spoke nervously. I helped carry a bag as he heaved the other two up, starting up the stairway. He was staying for four days. How much did he really need? I found the door, pushing it open. Well, I didn't have to worry about it not being enough. The room was much larger than I remember and it was a shock I had forgotten about this beautiful room.

   "Woah! This room is larger then my whole house!" Harry gaped in shock as I laughed lightly, tossing his bag onto my bed. I turned looking out the window which gave a view of a beautiful pond and a field where a spot had been cleared out and turned into a playground for younger kids.

   "Lucky?" I shrugged, smiling as I sat on the small white chair by the large windows.

   "So, where's Marcel? I have to go to the bathroom and I don't feel like getting jumped on my way!" Harry laughed as I joined, our contrasting voices mingling together.

   "He's busy fucking a random girls brains senseless." I muttered in disgust as Harry arched his eyebrows.

   "We look exactly the same yet we're so different."

   "Tell me about it!" I agreed, nodding my head drastically.

   "I can't believe he would do that to you!"

   "I know, I was hurting pretty bad!" I sighed, trying not to let the tears gloss over my eyes. I couldn't cry and I wouldn't cry. I had learned crying always led to Marcel comforting me which would lead to me falling back in his trap. I could bottle all my feelings up, pretend like everything was okay. Why show emotion if they just hurt you further? Why try a find the light when you've been trapped in darkness?

   "You don't deserve any of this."

   "I know. I just can't tell myself that. I'm surrounding myself with his danger and as much as I want to escape, each time I just wrap the danger tighter around me." I spoke. No, emotion. In that moment it was as if a bone in me snapped and everything changed. I was done. I wouldn't let this effect me. I could live without him. I would wait for Harry to leave and then I would run away. Escape my nightmares and create a new life for myself.

   "I know it's hard to leave, but you have too."

   "If it wasn't obvious..." I muttered as Harry looked at me shocked. I was never the one for snarky remarks, but I was through and through with dealing with all this shit. If Marcel was going to let his self hate destroy what we had then so be it. I held his hand and tried to help him but I only realized, I was destroying myself, never really helping him. You can't fix a corrupted soul.

   He cruelly led me on to believe that we could make our unusual love work someday. If you would call it that. Is it love? Surely not. He only kept me to heal his open wounds but in the long run, he was obsessed with picking the scabs off.

   I gave him my care, and my love and he only spent it until I ran empty.

   A sigh heaved from my lips as I stood up, walking out of the room.

   "Where are you going?"

   "Taking a shower." I replied bitterly, rolling my eyes as I closed the door heading towards the bathroom. The shower was quick and I felt like drowning myself but I knew it was emotion powering my urge. I quickly finished, wrapping myself in a towel as I secured it, making sure it wouldn't fall. I dried my hair with a towel, letting the rest air dry as I walked from the bathroom. Marcel bid his good bye to some pink haired bitch as she sashayed down the stairs. Marcel turned, his eyes meeting mine as he both froze. I swallowed, never tearing my eyes from his. We stood for minutes on end, simply gazing into each others eyes.

   His eyes scanned my body, not lustfully, but a simple scan. I observed what he wore, which wasn't much. Boxers and his skinny jeans, leaving everything above his waist on full display.


   "Shut up." I snapped, hurrying into my room as I slammed the door shut. Harry sat up in my bed, looking at my bare appearance as he forwarded his eyebrows.

   "I'm going to get dressed." I spoke, taking an outfit from my closet and hurrying back to the bathroom where I got dressed. I wore a gray over sized sweater, the warm material relaxing to my skin. I pulled some maroon skinny jeans up my legs, finishing with some black flats and a black beanie, pushing my hair from my forehead.

   I told Harry that I planned on having a day to myself, mostly so he wouldn't decide to embark on following my where abouts. I quickly told him, as he nodded letting me free. I sighed in relief, quickly descending down the stairs, slipping the keys from the hook and heading out the door. As I headed out, a girl with blazing blue hair walked up.

   "Just to warn ya, he's fucked three girls before you!"

   Her expression was one of horror and although she still went in, it was obvious I had bothered her.


   I finally reached my car, sliding in and starting the ignition.

   The car came quietly to life and soon I was pulling out onto the road. First stop, hair salon. I had gone to the best in the city, not wanting anything less of spectacular. Not going into detail, I dyed my originally brunette hair black, adding amber ends. It took hours on end but the lady kept me company, chatting away. Once we were finished I couldn't help but run my hands through the new color. It looked beautiful and when I paid, I made sure to add an extra large tip.

   Next, I went to get something I had always wanted to. A belly button piercing. Nothing major and Marcel had always told me I shouldn't get one, I was beautiful the way I was. All lies. I wanted to keep what I got simple, as I didn't want to go on dark on anybody. Tattoos were a no for me anyday. No matter how angry I got, I would never permanently mark my skin in such a way.

   The skin around my belly button burned after the needle piercing through it but the pain quickly subsided and I was entirely pleased with the small detail. I decided that I would go home considering I had been out for hours, and soon I was pulling up into our driveway. I watched as the girls car pulled from the driveway. I hope she gets an STD. 

   I pulled the car in, turning it off and hurrying towards the door. I quickly unlocked, sliding the keys back onto the hook and before I knew it, Harry was rushing down towards me.

   "What took you so lon-, woah!" He paused, observing my appearance. I smirked in pride, as his eyes lustfully scanned my being.

   "You" He spoke, at a loss for words. It only expanded my smirk and before I knew it Marcel stood at the top of the stairs. Once he saw me his eyes widened as his jaw dropped. Another menacing smirk grew and I pulled my sweater off. The material caught on my tank top, pulling it up to reveal my piercing.

   "Fuck..." Marcel stuttered in shock. Revenge is a dish best served cold.


Marcels PoV


  Fuck. Looking at her made me go berserk. Is it possible to go hard just by looking at her? Well, that was my current scenario. I bit on my lip. Why had I insisted she hadn't get a belly button piercing? She looked sexy as hell. I could have taken her right then, right there.

   "Well, I'll be up in the bedroom." She smiled sweetly, pressing her lips to Harrys before hurrying up the stairs. As she rushed up, her shoulder delicately brushed mine. Ella, you're the fucking death of me.




AHHHH! Okay Im done. This fucking chapter keeps deleting and its making me mad!!! Anyways character photos here ya go

Emily Rudd (Portraying Ella) [Imagine her with golden brown eyes]-

Before makeover- 

After makeover- 

Marcel Styles (Pretty much dark harry)-

Harry Styles (Cupcake harry)-

Emma- (Selena Gomez)

Avalon- (If you read the 1st book, you know who she is)



So yeah hope you enjoyed and love ya :) x



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