She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


20. Dreamless Sleep



    I sat on the bus, my eyes observing every inanimate object that passed. I sighed, relaxing as we traveled over many bumps, the bus jerking up and down. I watched the scenery slow as we made a stop, my head turning towards the door, awaiting this person's arrival. Probably just another old man, wanting transportation. To be honest, whenever I see an elder sitting alone I just want to wrap them in a blanket and take them home. Give them somebody to talk to. Boy, was I wrong. Walking up the few steps was a boy, not much older than me. May I say, wowza. He was one fine piece of hunk.

   My eyes kept trained on him, wanting to see where he sat and whenever he walked closer to me, my heart began beating wildly. Next thing I knew, he had sat next to me, a smile tugging at his lips. I smiled back, staying silent as I leaned against the window, watching as we moved along the road once more.

   "Hi, I'm Jake." I heard him speak as I turned to look at him. I smiled, my cheeks reddening as I replied sheepishly.

   "Gabriella but everybody calls me Ella." I smiled, extending my hand as he shook it, little buzzes of electricity coursing through my body.

   "What are you doing all alone? You seem sad..." He asked as I sighed, biting the skin of my inner lip.

   "Well. There's this boy. We were in love. I felt like it was that one pure love you rarely find and well. He thought I was cheating, one thing led to another and we started fighting and I called it breaks. I just, I just don't...I'm sorry, you probably don't want to listen to my sob story!" I laughed lightly as he smiled, shaking his head.

   "I don't mind!" He said as I looked at him astonished, a smile truly forming on my lips.

   "Well. Like I said, it was this rare kind of love. He made me feel special and although he wasn't particularly the best at showing it, I know he loved me. No matter how many idiotic things he did, I always forgave him because well...I was blinded by love. A girl can only take so much...last night...last night was my breaking point." I admitted, thankful to let my feelings loose.

   "Not to interfere but he seems like a dickhead.'' The guy chuckled as I let out a short laugh, nodding.

   "He was a dickhead but I knew that beneath all that bad boy interior was a guy who was just hurt and in need of somebody to truly love." I smiled, thinking back to the six months of memories were shared. Six months. Oh my God.

   "Oh my God.." I gasped, my eyes wide as tears began pooling.

   "What? Is everything okay?" Jake asked as I looked at him, trying to muster a smile somewhere deep within my soul.

   "T-Today was our six month anniversary.." I spoke, tears falling from my eyes as they raced down my cheeks.

   "Oh my, I am so sorry!" He hurried to say, comfortingly wrapping his arms around me as I sobbed into his shoulder. He may be a stranger but he's been here for me more in these last five minutes than anybody has my whole life.

   "If I could meet him, I would make him pay for what he did to you. Trust me." Jake whispered into my ear as the smallest smile played at my lips, never truly meeting my eyes.

   "I'm going to the house right now to gather my things." I spoke weakly as he pulled away, his eyes wide.

   "You guys lived together? Wow, you were in love!" He gasped as I giggled, sniffling as I wiped away my stray tears.

   "Yeah...I just don't know how this will go. I'm afraid that I'll fall back into his trap if I go, there will be nobody to pull me out.." I sighed, truly anticipating what the future held.

   "If you're scared, I'll go with you!" He said as I looked up at him, hope glimmering in my eyes.

   "Really?" I asked as he nodded, my heart warming.

   "Thank you so much!" I exclaimed, quickly wrapping my arms around him as he embraced me back.

   As if in a movie, we each pulled away slowly, looking into each others eyes. I knew this was wrong but nothing could stop me. I made the first move, pressing my lips to him, shocked that I went through with such a bold plan. He froze for a moment before gently kissing me back, a smile carving itself onto my lips.

   After a moment, I pulled away looking into his eyes.

   "Sorry.." I smiled, a blush creeping onto my cheeks as he chuckled, leaving a feathery kiss on my nose.




   "Okay, I'll be back soon. If I'm not out in twenty, come in to get me!" I spoke nervously, informing Jake on everything he needed to know. Nothing more, nothing less. He nodded, as I took a deep breath, mentally encouraging myself.

   With a bold strive I unlocked the door, walking in and closing it but nothing could have prepared me for the sight. Marcel sat in only some shorts, nothing to cover his chest, on the couch. His elbows were on his knees, his eyes pressed against his hands as quiet sobs left his lips. Tissues surrounded him as well as various broken items.

   "M-Marcel?" I whispered, actually wishing he wouldn't hear me. To my luck he didn't and I fought the urge to comfort him. I quietly walked upstairs, gathering my things and forcing them into the brown cardboard boxes. With my string of luck growing, I only had a few boxes to carry downstairs. I stacked them on top of each, about to lift them up when I realized something. My cast. Damn thing.

   I walked back downstairs, making sure I didn't bother Marcel as I found Jake, waiting by the door.

   "Due to my cast, I can't lift them all. Do you mind helping me?" I asked embarrassed as he shook his head.

   "I don't mind."

   "Okay, but be quiet. I don't want him to hear us!" I spoke as he nodded, complying with my orders. Jake walked up the stairs in front of me, Marcel's words stopping my feet.

   "Ella, I'm so sorry I'm such a fuck up. I'm sorry I hurt you. I'm sorry. I love you so much, I wish you were here with me.." He murmured to himself as my heart ached with longing and sympathy. I sighed quietly, following Jake up the rest of the way as he insisted on carrying all of the boxes. I protested but he eventually won, walking back down the stairs as I followed behind. We were almost to the door when my cast hit the railing, making a ring echo throughout the house. Marcel quickly turned to face us, sadness in his eyes until they landed on Jake, the sadness turning into fiery.

   "Ella?" He asked, his voice cracking as my breathing increased tremendously.

   "Marcel." I stated formally as he walked to the bottom step.

   "Who is this?" He asked, looking at Jake warily as I answered sadly.

   "Jake, a guy I met." I answered, moving down a few steps so that I stood beside Jake.


   "I'll be going." I said awkwardly, hurrying Jake out of the door as Marcel weakly grasped my wrist, stopping me.

   "Can we talk...alone?"

   "No-," Jake began before I stopped him.

   "I'll be okay, don't worry!" I reassured him, gently pressing my lips to his as I ushered him out, closing the door gently, as I turned to face Marcel.

   "Y-You kissed him." He stated solemnly, looking at me with tears rolling down his cheeks.

   "That's what you do when you have feelings for a person." I stated, making it obvious as he took a deep breath. I'm shocked he hasn't hurt Jake out of anger by now.

   "That's it. We're done...for good?" He asked as I had a mental battle with myself.

   He wasn't even trying to get me back yet he was still pulling me into his trap. How does he do it.

   "I'm sorry Marcel but yes." I said, forcing each word from my lips painfully.

   "Oh," He said quietly, looking down at the ground.

   "I'm sorry." I sighed, tilting his head upwards to look into my eyes.

   "Can I ask you one last favor?" He asked as I nodded, slightly scared about what the favor was.

   "Can I have one last kiss before you go. Something for me to cherish when you leave me." He said as my eyes widened, my heart beating faster.

   "Marcel, you know if I do that I'll just stay and everything will be like it was. I'll fall into your trap again..." I spoke truthfully, sad I couldn't savor the feel of his soft, warm lips against mine.

   "Exactly, that means you still love me as much as I love you." He pointed out as I took a deep breath, letting my eyes fall shut.

   "You don't call the person you love a slut." I stated before hurrying upstairs. I quickly packed a plastic bag with two of Marcel's shirts, and one of his sweaters before rushing out. I needed something to keep as a memory.

   "I'm stealing these by the way." I joked, laughing lightly as Marcel smiled.

   "Keep them, that way I'll always be with you!" He urged as I let out yet another deep breath.

   "Don't make this harder than it has to be..." I mumbled as Marcel sighed, his curls flopping in his face.

   "Than stay..." He finished as I shook my head, refusing to let the tears come.

   "I'm sorry Marcel, but as for that favor.." I acknowledged, setting the bag on the floor. Before he could respond, I took his cheeks in my hand, pulling him close as our lips pressed together. In that moment, everything I felt for Jake disappeared and it was just Marcel and I. His tongue traced my bottom lip as I slightly parted my mouth, allowing him any space he needed.

   After a few moments of a heavy make out session, we pulled away, staring into each others eyes.

   "I love you Marcel. I really do." I concluded, picking up the bag and walking out of the door, leaving Marcel with fresh tears trailing down his cheeks, a few of my own finding their way from my eyes.




   "It's not as amazing as your house but it'll do. The guest bed room is right here." Jake smiled, opening a door as I nodded thanking him. He set the boxes in, closing the door which allowed me any privacy I granted. I quickly stripped from my cloth's, pulling Marcel's over sized sweater over my head. It still smelled of his scent. A minty aroma to it. I smiled, inhaling it as I unlatched my bra, pulling it off, obviously leaving my underwear on.

   I peeled the blankets back, climbing into bed as I cuddled into the pillows, the blankets providing me warmth. I stared out of the window, out at the dark sky which tiny dots of light filled, cars rushing down below. I looked up into the sky, my eyes focusing on the brightest star. That would be Marcel's and I star.

   A few tears strayed, dripping onto the cloth of his sleeve as I sniffled, wiping it away.

   I cuddled deeper into his sweater, pretending his arms were wrapped around me as I closed, my eyes pretending he were here with me as I admired the scent of his sweater.

   "I love you." I smiled, kissing the top of the sweater, making sure it was wrapped around me before I fell into a dreamless sleep.






Awe, they split :( OH! I picture Jake as JC Caylen, dont judge. I love o2L!! ANywho, I hope you enjoyed and byyyyye :) x





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