She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


50. Dangerous [Last Chapter] +A/N

Ellas PoV


   "Marcel, I'm going to go somewhere quickly. I want you to read this hours after I leave okay?" I asked, handing him a piece of paper. He cocked his eyebrows, nodding as he slipped it into his back pocket.

   "Where are you going?" He asked as I froze, "The letter explains it all." I stated, quickly hurrying into the car before he could stop me. I slid into the seat of the car, sliding the key into the ignition and starting the car. I sighed, looking at Marcel who stood looking at the car cluelessly. I felt horrible but this had to be done. Had too. I pulled the car from the driveway, turning onto the road. I took one more look at Marcel before driving off, leaving him for good.

   The drive was long and gruesome. I had only gotten a couple hours of sleep and I was near drifting off to sleep. I stopped at a gas station, buying a cup of coffee to keep me awake, along with a couple things of chips and candy to keep my hunger down. I soon turned back onto the road, my eyes set on the paved road before me. There were no cars around, and houses were rowed down each side of the road. Creepy if you ask me. I couldn't believe I had gathered the will to leave. I was headed back to California except this time I wouldn't live in Los Angeles where I had. A different city, a new me. Again.

   My hands began falling loose on the steering wheel and I knew it was time to pull over. For the night, I slept in my car in the parking lot of a grocery store. I had pulled the blanket I packed from a box, warming my body with the fuzzed material as I cuddled up in the back seat. I spent a good hour on my phone, calling customer service to change my cell phone number. It had to be done.

   Apparently ladies working at two in the morning are quite grouchy so instead of getting myself a new number, I got the same one and I also gained a fight in which I so clearly won. I soon hung up on her, her annoyingly high voice giving me a headache. Or maybe it's because I was on natures ride. Either way, her voice aggravated me.

   I fell asleep, cold yet warm.




   I awoke to the bright sun, my body tangled in a mess of blankets. I yawned, stretching my arms in any way possible in the small space. I took a deep breath, sitting up as hair fell in my face. I blew it from my face, lazily climbing into the front seat and pulling the blanket up with me. I cuddled up, starting the car as I pulled from the abandoned parking lot. I shifted back onto the road, using my still somewhat warm coffee to keep me awake.

   I loved the thrill of driving away from Marcel. Away from the danger. Having a normal life was right in front of me, moving just an inch away each time. Normal life. There wouldn't be anymore of Marcels mind games. It was as if I was his cure and he was disease. I was saving him but he was killing me. After all, I think we learned he literally just about killed me. I remained in Marcels t-shirt but now leggings squeezed against my legs due to my having to go into a drug store to buy food and drinks.

   From the looks of it, I had already passed the border of Alabama. Much more alive with activity but still dead. Completely dead. Hours passed on end and it was obvious Marcel had read the letter because he was blowing my phone up with calls and messages.

   I drove faster and after a good twelve hours, I was in New Mexico. There I took a break and rested while rejuvenating myself. New food, drinks and outfit. Yet somehow it still consisted of Marcels oversized, black Nirvana t-shirt and some leggings.

   I wonder where Marcel was right now and how desperately he was trying to find me and recapture me. Not anymore. I'm a free spirit, I can finally live without anything holding me back and I've never been happier. 

   Beautiful scenery passed my window and I wish I could have captured all the beauty. Different colors, the grass and leaves just beginning to grow back. I loved it. I turned the music up on full volume, rolling all the windows down as I began to sing at the top of my lungs. The feeling was fresh and enjoyable and for the first time, I was happy Marcel had spent a year hurting me. That way I could have just left.

   Before I could off direct my course, I had to make a quick stop. At Walmart. Not just any Walmart. The one I had correctly met Marcel in. I pulled into the parking lot, sighing as I parked, getting out of the car. I hurried into the building, rushing to the magazine aisle where we had sat and talked. Where he had partially opened up about his life.

   I smiled, admiring the small patch of ground and people looked at me as if I were insane. I remember the way I smiled whenever I looked into his eyes. Beautifully green, long lashed curling from them. He was beautiful and I had certainly noticed that.

   I had found out why Marcel is who he is and his story pulled me in. I may be over Marcel but I will always love the cast of who he used to be. I plopped onto the spot where we had sat, my hand hovering over the tile. A tear dropped from my eye and then another. Surely now people thought I was insane.

   I couldn't help it. Before I could move on, I had to let go and that might take a while. It took several minutes before eventually I got up, and slowly walked from the magazine aisle, although it felt next to impossible.

   I felt as if I were leaving my memories behind but in truth they would always be here. New people would constantly walk this ground not knowing it's the spot I fell in love. The spot where my heart was stolen and kept for all eternity. After all, that's what happens when you fall in love with someone whose...dangerous.




Ah! Guys its done! Im sorry how the last chapter turned out but im two in the morning so I need sleep! Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed and you have no idea how much finishing this and your support means to me! I love you all SOO much! :) x



If you read this all comment how you're going to prepare for the trilogy yo kick off! x


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