She's Dangerous (Sequel to He's Dangerous) [COMPLETE]

Marcel was back but nothing was the same. It was hard returning to the way they were when they could barely remember it. Without Marcel Ella had to mature, grow up. Although growing up is exactly what Marcel wants to prevent. Once Ella starts growing up, she'll start making the same mistakes that Marcel did and he didn't want her to end up guilty over something
she had no intention to do. Life has been hectic since he got back and it's not calming down any time soon. Marcel and Ella are back in full action with new drama. Lies. Tears. Smiles and memories to be made. Want to follow them on their adventure? Read She's dangerous.


10. Complicated and idiosyncratic man *unedited*

    Marcel and I walked through the store, throwing random items into the cart as we stocked up on anything we could possibly need. Food, new clothes, any item your imagination could possibly conjour up.

    "I still can't believe you're wearing that!" Marcel groaned as I looked down. What? Shorts and a hoodie? It does't make much sense but it's hardre for my legs to get cold as opposed to my chest and feet whihc makes sense considering I'm wearing boots.

    "I know the mix doesn't make sense bu-," I began before Marcel interuptted me.

   "No, it's the damn shorts! You're practically a walking fuck target for any guy with a dick!" He spoke, his words harsh although they held a certain playfulness to it. I looked down once more, desperate to see through the green eyes of my lover. Okay...they are a bit short but it's not revealing anything!

   "Stop being jealous!" I smiled, continuing to weave in and out of the aisles. Before I knew it, Marcel has harshly pulled me to his side, his arm wrapped around me as my cheeks heated. Until I realized. We had been walking by a group of guys. I rolled my eyes, scoffing as I pulled away.

   Laughs from the group emitted as I took a deep breath. If only this hoodie would stop showing the smallest bit of my stomach. Or maybe it's the shorts...or both.

   "Hey honey, nice legs! What time do they open?" A guy laughed as I took another breath. Marcel tensed before me as I squeezed his hand in a comforting manner.

   "You know where your clothes would look good? On the floor beside my bed!" Another remarked and before I could stop him, Marcel was mercilessly pounding the guys head against the hard ground.

   "Marcel!" I shrieked, as I rushed over to him. I heard horrified gasps emitting from passerbys lips. As soon as the fight started, it was ended by security pulling Marcel back as he fought against their arms.

   "Marcel, I can't believe you!" I gasped, hurrying over to the broken victim. I bent down, grasping his arm as he faltered to get up. I gently pulled his arm, eventually getting him to stand. I tried to ignore the prominent bluge extending from his shorts as I took a deep breath.

   "Are you okay?" I asked concerned as he weakly looked over at me.

   "I am now that your here!" He smiled as I rolled my eyes yet again. He nearly died and he's still being a flirt.

   "I won't hesitate to drop you again!" I spat, as ohh's filled the air from his surrounding friends.

   "Thank you ma'am," The security admired before turning to face Marcel angered features.

   "You sir are going downtown!" She spoke as my eyes widened.

   "No, no, no! Please this is my boyfriend! He didn't mean to, his intentions were wrong but these guys wouldn't stop hitting on me!" I spoke in a rushed tone, desperate for Marcel to stay in my captivation.

   "I'm sorry ma'am but unless these men were physically touching you in any way that flared up your boyfriends anger, he has to go downtown. Did any of them touch you in any way?" She asked, as I hesitated. Marcel looked at me with pleading eyes. I turned to look at the guys and his friends who wore the same expression.

   "Uh, well n-, yes...they did!" I sighed, disgusted with the lie that had just exitted my lips.

   "Sir, is this true?" She asked Marcel as he nodded vigorously. She sighed, letting his arms go as he stretched them, stepping beside me.

   "She's such a liar! We never touched her!" The guy exclaimed, his hands flying in the air.

   "Sir, you and your friends come downtown!" She demanded and before he could retort, their whole group were walked out of the store as people hesitantly returned to their regular shopping. Marcel sighed, trying to grasp my hand like before but I simply pulled it away.

   Where had this jealous Marcel come from?

   "Are you okay?" He asked as I kept my poker face, pushing the cart forward.

   "You know how I feel about you fighting!" I spoke monotnously as he gave me a look.

   "Says the girl who murdered three people!" He retorted as I took a sharp intake of breath. He just had to bring that up.

   "See, I'm right?" He smirked as I tightened my knuckles around the handle.

   "Where did Marcel go? Because he sure isn't this dick in front of me!" I spat, leaving the cart by the popcorn celection before walking down the rest of the aisle and finding the exit. I'm fed up. I never do good around fights. You could be an angel whose never done anything wrong but get in one fight and I'll ignore you for some time.

   I walked out, people staring as footsteps slammed against the floor behind me. My arms crossed my chest as I kept as much body heat as I could. Could I walk home? Was it to far? Marcel drove me here...argh!

   I turned on the sidewalk, deciding to bare through the frosting air and push through it.

   "Ella!" Marcel shouted as I continued on. I felt a hand tug on my arm as I was pulled back to Marcels chest.

   "What?" I spoke, stepping away.

   "Did I say something wrong?" You only brought up the one thing I regret the most.

   "Yes." I simply stated, letting him figure it out.


   "You brought up the one thing you knew I couldn't cope with! The guilt is eating me alive and you feel the need to retort against me and surface the healing scab!"

   "Im sorry, I didnt mean to hurt you!"

   "Do you ever?" I scoffed, continuing to walk.

   "Come on, were driving home. Im sorry!" He apologized, gently squeezing my arm. I sighed, giving in. I felt colder than an ice cube.

   "I don't forgive you. I'm just cold!" I spoke with a straight face as he nodded, leading me back.

   "Ella, I was being insensitive. Please forgive me?" Marcel asked as I closed my eyes, taking deep breaths

   "Whatever..." I mumbled as he stood in front of me, stopping me and tilting my head up. My skin fired at where his touch landed, my stomach fluttering.

   "Please!" He begged as I began melting under his touch. I nodded in forfeit as he smiled, pressing his lips against mine. I smiled, wrapping my arms around him as a car honked, causing me to jump and pull away.

   I laughed along with Marcel as he led me back to the pick up truck, opening the door so I could get in.

   I think back to a time, my mind blanking. When I'd only known Marcel for a few months I'd once make the mistake of expressing my opinion openly and, my head to one side, thinking aloud what might be improved.

   "Do you ever question our relationship?" Marcel abruptly asked as I nearly choked on nearly nothing. Was he questioning our love...our relationship?

   We'd been together for almost six months by now, and it would never have entered my mind to question our relationship with this complicated and very idiosyncratic man.

   Love. That was what this is. No more and no less. Was he questioning it?

   "W-Why?" I stuttered, scared of a response that could possibly burn the last piece of happiness I had.

   "Don't get the wrong idea, I am absolutely obsessed with you. You're my life and I'm insanely in love with you but sometimes I feel like I'm such a fuck up that you want to leave and find something...someone better!" He spoke slowly as I scrunched my forehead.

   My heart warmed at the mention of being insanely in love with me and to think he was so insecure about my love for him broke it, hardened it.

   "Marcel, don't be so insecure about it! There could be millions of men better for me but I only want you! You're the person I love and that will never change..." I replied, placing my soft hand on his warm calloused one. He flinched before accepting the action and wrapping his fingers around mine.

   "Are you sure?" He asked, the sadness returning to his eyes.

   "Positive!" I smiled, leaning over to leave a kiss upon her cheeks. He smiled, pulling me in as I cuddled up to his side.

   We stayed that way the whole drive, simply cuddling one another.




hey guys! Its a bit short but I wanted to update! You guys have been waiting for so yeah :)

I hope you enjoyed and I dont have much to say, love you guys :) byee :)



if you read this all comment 'midnightmemories!'.

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