Love is Dead, Literally.

So this is one of my Quotev stories. It cusses and includes suicide and graphic scenes. Reader discretion is advised.


6. Chapter 6: Forever and Always

~~~Elizabeth's Point of View (present day)~~~

I know he wanted me to go... So I did... But now I'm going back. I'll apologize. Yeah! I mean it's been two days... He has to be calmed down by now. I hope he's not still mad. There's just something about him that I just... Wear is he? He should be home... He's always in his room. Looking around I notice a red spray all over everything. His room is clean... He's never clean.

I float out his door and feel the temperature change. His room was freezing! Why? That's weird. I floated downstairs and found his mom and sisters crying as they all wore black dresses. Oh... a family member must have died. Well since he's not around I'll follow them! I'll see him there!

I fly into the funeral home they pull into only to see he's not there. Oh well might as well see who's in the... oh... I guess I did get to see him.

"No! Why would he...!? NO!" I fly from the funeral home heart broken and mad at the world.

I lost the only friend I've had in years and I... UGH! If I were still alive right now I'd just punch, maybe kill, something.

I fly down and check his room one more time to make sure I'm not somehow dreaming before I walked back into the woods. If he isn't there I shouldn't be. I'll go back to my grave and wait for someone to come along. It'll never be the same though... I think... I think I love him. That's weird for a ghost to say... But I do. I look up and see the top of the hill for my grave on the other side. I guess it's time to let go...

~~~Marcus's Point of View~~~

Hearing a noise, I look over my right shoulder. It takes her a minute to realize I'm sitting at her grave. When she finally does she runs towards me and into my ghostly arms. For the first time in years she can feel someone. She slams into me locking her arms around my ribs and tackling me.


"I'm not! I've been waiting here for you!"

"I thought they took you!"


He grip loosened and she laid on my translucent chest.

"The ones who made you cut..."

"I didn't do it because of them."

"You didn't?"


"Then why?" She now looked at me worried.

"For you."


"I wanted to be with you... So... I am... Forever and always."

She smiled and we sat up. Not only could we feel each other, we were able to show our care. I lean forward and gently kissed her ghostly lips and she smiled looking up at the stars. I smile and pull her close.

So I'm really not crazy after all.

"So... We've got forever. What do you wanna do first?"


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Suicide and self harm very serious matters people face every day in this world. I don't wish to sound like a help line commercial, but there are other ways. I used to self harm. My family has felt the affects of suicide and so have my friends' families. Last year a close friend's little sister hung herself and the entire county was affected. You may not feel like people care, but most of us do. I would like to personally say I am here for anyone who may need any help with depression or suicidal thoughts.

I love you all and thanks again for supporting my story.

Love, Drummer Boy

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