Love is Dead, Literally.

So this is one of my Quotev stories. It cusses and includes suicide and graphic scenes. Reader discretion is advised.


2. Chapter 2: Voices

It all started two years ago...

I came home from school after a really crappy day. My nose was probably broken, again, and my lip was busted open. I pulled in the driveway and was glad no one was home. I parked my motorcycle in the garage and walked inside to the bathroom. When I looked up I noticed my eye was black. My face had dried blood that ran from my nose and lip down my neck. I had been jumped, again. Drake and his little group would do this every now and then since they didn't like me, and since his dad was mayor, they said nothing to him. I would go to get on my motorcycle after school and about once a month he would walk over, grab my jacket, throw me down, punch me, and walk off laughing. I'm glad it amused someone. It only hurt me. I dampened a washcloth and wiped the blood off my neck and then my jaw. When I barely pressed on my nose a tsunami of blood pour out and I screamed in pain.

"Yep. Definitely broken." I thought as I wiped up the new blood. Suddenly the garage door opened. "Great mom is home." I sighed.

I walked from the bathroom with my head low. I hoped she wouldn't see.

"REALLY!?" Great. "Again Marcus!? There is blood ALL OVER you. I don't even know what to do son."

"Mom I swear, they jumped me!" I protested.

"Whatever Marcus, don't give me that crap!"


"Go to your room!"

"Mom listen to me!"


I ran to my room and slammed the door and locked it. She never listened she never cared. I put on my Turtle Beach headphones and turned on my Xbox. It was the only world I was accepted in.

After about an hour I heard my name. I ignored it but something was weird. Normally people have to scream over my headphones, but this was soft and sweet.

"Yes?" I asked pulling off my headphones and letting them fall around my neck. "Fine then whatever."

I left the headphones around my neck and kept playing my game. I was on a kill-streak when the same soft sweet voice called my name distracting me and causing me to get shot.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" I screamed throwing the headphones down and jerking open the door.

There was no reply so I walked down the hall. After a thorough walk through of the house I noticed I was home alone.

"Hello?" I asked nervously. "Anyone? Hello?" I have to admit I was weirded out, but I tried to push the thought away. I walked back to my room and played Xbox in peace for the rest of the night.

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