Love is Dead, Literally.

So this is one of my Quotev stories. It cusses and includes suicide and graphic scenes. Reader discretion is advised.


1. Chapter 1: I Swear

Okay before I tell my story I want to make it clear that I'm NOT insane. I'm really not. While it may seem like it I SWEAR I am NOT insane. Okay so here I go.

My name is Marcus Shelton. I am sixteen and I am from a small town in Texas. I am sixteen and was born March 21, 1997. I am enrolled in my junior year if high school. I play in the drumline and I am in ROTC. I make very good grades. I am typically seen as a "nerd" or "geek." I have two older sisters who are twins and a year older than me. My mom and dad divorced years ago. I'm a big gamer. I've never kissed a girl, let alone had a girlfriend. I'm typically picked on and bullied. No one says anything cause no one cares; no one ever has. I have very few friends. I tend to stick to myself in my room.

Again I would like to stress I am not insane or craving attention. I am simply telling my story. Ok here we go...

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