my old bullies boyfriend (famous Niall Horan fan fic)

Sarah-Jayne got bullied alot through out primary school by the same girl and when she got to high school she thought that everything would be different, a fresh start. what happens when she meets her old bully 4 years later? does what she thought was burried deep in her mind, all the tourcher, and fear come back? or will Sarah forgive her and become friends? what happens when she meets a new guy, but she finds out that it's her old bullies boyfriend? find out in My old bullies byfriend (famous Niall Horan fan fic)...
Copyright 2014


10. The Airport

the trip up to sydney was amazing. i have never been outside of Orange let alone the country side! i got a sore neck the entire way up, from looking at all of the tall buildings during my 5 hour trip. it was beautiful! as soon as we pulled into Sydney Jessy told me it was only 30 minutes away. good bye country, hello the city! i realised that i was going to stand out like a sore thumb becasue i am a country hick and they are all city folk and they probably only seen people dressed like me in movies and on haloween. i also realised that we were following the same bus the entire way up to Sydney. Great. not much of a veiw though! only out the side windows.

when we pull into Sydney airport i get all my luggage out of the car and Auntie Jessy takes half of it and we put it on it's flight. which should arrive as soon as we do. this is going to be tricky. we get lined up ready for our flight jessy and i don't have a seat next to each other because john decided that he'd come and sort out his own stuff at auntie jessies first. great. now i have no idea who i'm sitting next to. i am nervous about flying in a plane. i don't like them. just then i realised i really needed to go to the toilet. and i mean REALLY.

"Auntie Jessy? where is the toilet?"

"through there." she said pointing across the walkway in the airport.

"will you be ok?"

"yeah. don't worry, i'll be fine."

as i walk up to the bathroom i am stuck in what feel like cross fire! there were people everywhere you look! i was getting pushed and shoved around like a rag doll.

(skip the toilet break. i mean eww.)

as walk out of the stall i walk past the mirror and make sure i look tidy. i stand out like a sore thumb! i walk out and i notice everyone staring at me and i hear whispers

'eww, what does she think she is wearing? she's not from the wild west! haha'

'giddy up cowgirl! haha'

'haha she looks so gross. as long as she doesn't touch me i will be fine. i mean you never know what she's touched haha'

'eww she is such a fat filthy hilbily.'

everywhere i go i get the same reaction. apparintly i'm a filthy fat hilbily. to roll all of it into one.

"ouff!" i run into someone, knocking me to the ground, because i was lost in my own thoughts, ignoring the fact that there are other people around me.

"sorry! i wasn't watching where i was going" i hear a beautiful Irish accent say in panic as that person reaches down to help me up.

"thats fine i wasn't watching either. sorry" i say as i dust myself off then looking up and trail off because i realised who it was.

"hi Niall."



(A/N: hey lovelies!! what do you think so far? :) i might not update for, say like 2-3 days so you will have to wait. the next chapter might be it for 2-3 days sorry! i have a date tonight! :DDD i am so excited! my first date. we're going to watch Thor! yay!!

anyway... i will chat later! more chapters to write! haha enjoy :))








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