my old bullies boyfriend (famous Niall Horan fan fic)

Sarah-Jayne got bullied alot through out primary school by the same girl and when she got to high school she thought that everything would be different, a fresh start. what happens when she meets her old bully 4 years later? does what she thought was burried deep in her mind, all the tourcher, and fear come back? or will Sarah forgive her and become friends? what happens when she meets a new guy, but she finds out that it's her old bullies boyfriend? find out in My old bullies byfriend (famous Niall Horan fan fic)...
Copyright 2014


11. The Airport catchup

"oh hey, i didn't realise it was you! i thought i wasn't going to see you again. now i know it's you i am embarest! haha are you ok?"

he says that last part by putting his hand on my shoulder while the rest of the time he was rubbing his hand in his hair and smiling at the ground, for a split second staring into my eyes. and wow is all i could say about that! his eyes were bright blue like an ocean, mysterious and mischevous, like i remembered. his lips were so lusious and kissable, like i remembered. his hair still that georgous dirty blond that makes me want to run my fingers through it, like i remembered. but when he put his arm on me to tell me if i was ok, was like i was struck by lightning. all of it clicked into place. I Love Niall Horan. no! you can't do that! your are worthless and no guy would ever like you! and besides he is with you old bully! for crying out loud!

he must of also noticed the electricity because he let go of my arm, but not breaking the intense eye contact which still carried the electricity between us. my arm was still hot from where he touched me. as if my arm still thinks he's touching me, electricity flows between us, yet we don't know the other person.

"thats fine, don't appolagise, it was my fault. sorry. and i'm fine. i've had worse. as you would remember in the shops about a week ago."

"yeah i remember that i can't beleive she did that to you. anyway i broke up with her because she never changed. hey, what flight are you on?"

"oh, ok. well she doesn't deserve you anyway. hmm i think it was in terminal 6? and i'm pretty sure that i'm flight 67. you?"

"oh, haha thanks. hmm oh cool! were on the same flight! but one thing?"


"where is it?"

"oh haha its just there." i say pointing through the crowd of people to were my auntie is.

"cool do you mind if i wait with you?"

"yeah sure." i start to feel myself blush so i look down and next thing i know i hear: "oi! boys! it's over here!"

Niall is yelling out to his band mates. i'm suprised that no one noticed him. even though he was wearing a disgise people always noticed him. just then Haeey came up to us.

"he mate, say it louder why don't ya! haha"

"sorry. haha"

"who is this beautiful woman? i feel as if we know each other. do i know you?"

Niall just looked at him like 'you have reached a new kind of flirting hazza!' (yes i did my reaserch on them in my spare time!)

"yes actually we do know each other. but we have only met in person just now."

"where do i know you from?"

he was truly puzzled at this. he really didn't know where he knew me from.

"well my nae, as you would know me is @sarah_XP. and i also know louie as well."

i say smiling and pointing at louie as he walks over to us.

"so thats where i know you from!"

"know who from where? oh hey Sarah!"

"hey lou"

we both say smiling at each other then hugging.

"wow i'm lost!"

Niall says with the doppiest look on his face.

"oh sorry, i um got a follow back from them and we have had so many coversations. oh and sorry Harry for not telling you i was coming today. i told lou then i had to go pack. i'm moving to England to live with my Auntie Jessy. before you ask."

"oh so that makes sence now! where is your Auntie? we should go sit."

"yeah good idea"

i lead them over to Auntie Jessy and she looks amazed to see 3 boys following me.

"Hey Auntie, these boys are on the same flght as us"

all she could do is stare, with her mouth open. i whisper into her ear

"there from One Direction. and don't pull that face. you look retarted!"

she imediantly snapped out of it.

"there you boys are!"

i swing around to see Paul. there manager with the other 2 boys

"where did you think you were going?"

"sorry paul!"

they say in unison.

"Paul, this is Sarah, the 3 of us are good friends with her."

"nice to meet you Paul."

he just looked at me then finaly said

"nice to meet you to Sarah"

we explained to everyone else what was going on and then Paul noticed John and Jessy

"hey! you coming back from holidays?" paul said to jessy

"yeah i'm taking my neice with me. Sarah."

"Sarah's your neice?!"

they all say in unison.

"yeah i am her neice. is that a shock or somthing?"

"SARAH! don't be so rude!"

"sorry auntie jessy. but hang on. you guys know each other?"

paul and jessy explained to me that they were dating each other. so thats why she said she knew someone with room for my horses.

"i'm guessing that you live the boys as well as paul?"

"yeah. i didn't tell you because i knew that you liked them and i didn't want you to freak! haha"

"i wouldn't! i didn't. i know Niall because we met weeks ago. and i know the boys through twitter. to be honest i didn't recogise who Niall or any of the boys were until i saw a poster down town of them. then i realised who they were. Steve never let me watch tv since mum died."

i guessi should tell them the rest of what hppened. but at home where it is privete. home. my new home is no where near that monstrosity of a father i call steve.

"i explain it when we get to england. but for now just drop the topic ok?"

*half an hour later*

'plane 67 to england. plane 67 you are boarding now.'

 the lady over the intercome was saying. ok, it's now or never. my first plane trip.

we are seated in our seats and i got the seat next to Niall, lucky me. well you know what they say: it's the luck of the Irish!

"you know. this is my first plane flight?" i say with sweet slowly dripping down my forhead.

he grabs my hand and squezes it tight. but not to tight. only gentle.

"you can hold my hand the entire trip if you want. or until your not scared anymore. your safe here with me."

he says looking me directly in the eye. that electricity is back and my heart is racing 100 mlies a second.

"but you have a girlfriend?"

"no i don't. not anymore remember." he said looking me i the eye with so much love and passion. i honestly didn't remember because i was to tiered. that was the last thing i remember before i fell into a deep sleep only to be awoken many times during the flight because of turbulance (which at those times i thought we were crashing).

"Sarah? hun, where here. good old England."


(A/N: hello lovelies! so what do you think of this chapter. i know i can't spell but, oh well. the drama will build from here. just thought i'd let you know. because you ain't seen nothin yet! haha i do sound hillbilly, no offence to anyone. i am reaslly a country though :))










love always SarahXP <3)

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