my old bullies boyfriend (famous Niall Horan fan fic)

Sarah-Jayne got bullied alot through out primary school by the same girl and when she got to high school she thought that everything would be different, a fresh start. what happens when she meets her old bully 4 years later? does what she thought was burried deep in her mind, all the tourcher, and fear come back? or will Sarah forgive her and become friends? what happens when she meets a new guy, but she finds out that it's her old bullies boyfriend? find out in My old bullies byfriend (famous Niall Horan fan fic)...
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12. Moving in with Auntie Jessy...

"Sarah? Hun? we're here. good old England."

i sprung awake because someone was shaking me. i looked out the window and was in awe. England, although wet, is really nice. i look around and realize that I’m a little under dressed for the weather. i don't own a coat anymore because Steve makes me do the jobs in the rain without a coat, as punishment of course.

i turn around and see Niall looking at me. Ah! those blue eyes were directly in my face, which made me jump.

"Ah! oh, good morning Niall."

i say in a sleepy tone and with a huge smile on my face. was he watching me sleep or something?

"oh sorry did i scare you? come on, lets go. i can't wait to show you where you are going to live now!"

he takes my hand and helps me up witch makes my checks burn bright red. he gets my bag for me, from the overhead compartment and hands it to me.

"yeah you did a little. and thanks."

i say as we get of the plane and out of first class. oh, didn't i tell you. I WAS IN FIRST CLASS! for my first plane trip i was in first class. i kinda didn't want to leave. now i know i said i hate planes, but come on who doesn't love first class!

"now when we get off here to the terminal, we will have to run. ok? because there are paparazzi everywhere. i mean look for yourself."

Paul said to me and Niall just put his arm around me once i saw the hundreds of girls and paps waiting inside the terminal. this will be worse than Sydney, and i was scared. i don't like lots of people looking at me. oh god! there's a TV camera. now millions of other people will see me. Great.

"don't worry I’ve got you. like i said. no one will hurt you while i have you."

Niall said to me looking me right in the eyes and smiling with a hint of concern that i will get hurt. it's funny because i have never been able to tell what people think before, especially just looking into there eyes. it's like i understand him.

"thankyou. i am really scared. what if they do hurt me?"

"then they'll have to go through me, and all of the other boys to get to you. you are practically family to us." he says to me in his deep voice, with his dreamy Irish accent shining through like a light.

"Hehe. well that’s good then."

i say in a suprisingly flirty voice. he noticed to, which made him blush.

i have a habit of biting my lip, it comforts me, in a way. so here i am about to run into hundreds of fans of the boys, with Niall's arm around me holding me tight, and I’m biting my lip looking beyond nervous, so I’m showing my true emotion. no i don't look weak at all!

"ok ready!? 1... 2... 3... GO!"

Paul shouts at us. it sounds like we are about to sky dive or something involving heights and planes. kind of appropriate because i hate heights and planes, and i hate this!

we run out of the plane and we are greeted with ear piercing screams of young teenage girls. this was going to be interesting. we get into the terminal and as usual i hear things like 'eww why has Niall got his arm around her?' and other usual comments only this time it was 'why Niall?' or 'why did he pick her? i clearly would be better!' the paps were saying the same thing: 'why her Niall?' it was kind of disappointing in a way, because i like Niall and the world clearly doesn't like me so, oh well he probably doesn't even like me either. well i know that Paul doesn't. but he likes me because of Jessy. i don't blame him for hating me though.

we quickly get our bags and head out of the terminal and find a limo waiting for us.

"wow. first class plane trip AND a limo?!"

i say as Niall slips his hand around me and guides me towards the limo and helps me in. once we're in the limo Niall pus his arm around me, making me feel safe

"aw don't you to look cute!"

Louie says in his cute face giving us a pout and making his hands a heart

"by the way Niall was looking at you the ENTIRE trip, well that he was awake at least"

"you might want to get use to that. I’m Liam by the way. Well the screaming that is. On second thought Louis as well but not as much as the crowds and screaming."

Liam said as he stuck his hand out for me to shake it. i look over to Jessy and she is using her version of sign language to indicate that it was fine. her sign language consisted of shoving her hands in front of her as if she was pushing someone or shoeing someone off. i shook Liam's hand and he just smiled.

"by the way that's Zayn."

Niall said to me whilst pointing to the boy with a mirror in his hand that had ‘1D’ on the back and was fixing his hair.

"hi Zayn" i say waving to him. he looks up from his mirror and looks at Niall and back at me

"who are you?"

well he has been in a world of his own. Gees.

"I’m Sarah. I am friends with Niall, Louie and Harry. You must of noticed me at the airport with my Auntie Jessy and my brother John?"

honestly he is so self obsessed sometimes!

"oh sorry I didn’t. are you going out with Niall? Cause I thought he was with Hannah?"

Niall and I looked at each other and gave a nervous laugh. He took his hand off from around me and put his hands in his lap and started to rub them together, like he was nervous or something.

"no we’re not. he is the ex of my ex bully, Hannah. She came back to Australia with Niall and I heard they were staying and thought that she wouldn’t find me. but she did and now I have a bruised stomach thanks to her."

Everyone was just staring at me now.

"Sarah. Hun, you didn’t tell me this."

Auntie Jessy looked like she let her sister down because she couldn’t help me.

"don’t worry mum knew about her."

She looked the slightest relieved.

"well didn’t you tell your parents about what happened a week ago?"

Liam asked me. Niall must of told them what happened

"no. I didn’t."

I just put my head down and tears start to form in my eyes. Niall quickly puts his arm back around me and hug me tight.

"it’s ok. Shh it’s ok. Don’t worry. Do you want to tell us when we get into our house?"

he said to me with so much concern. Oh if only they knew what he did then I can finally put him behind bars.

"yes. Please."

I say between sobs. The car ride to the house was quiet. You see my f-f-f no I can’t do it. Steve has done so many horrible things to me and I haven’t even told you the tip of the iceberg. Steve has raped my countless times, only when he didn’t have other girls that he picked up in the house. He has dragged me by my hair and slammed me against the wall, just like a rag doll. He has killed my half sister Denise and she was only 6. He beat her to death and told me that if I ever told the docs or the cops or anyone that could hurt him. He would kill me. he has come home so drunk and angery for stupid things like because a girl refused him and I was in the middle of cooking dinner and he looked at me and said everything was my fault. So he poured the mildly hot water over my stomach, he also put my back on the hot plate while it was warming up. He only hurt me in places that aren’t easily seen. Only if I was in swimmers or something like that you would see them. He has also sliced a cooks knife on my back so it only looks like I was attacked by animal rather than a human. So I have scares on scares.

We pull up to the house and I look up through my tears and am snapped out of my memories. The house was amazing! It was this massive mansion that looked like it was for royalty, but modern at the same time.

Once we pull up I see that my horses are in a paddock and my dog is sitting in the window waiting for me. all my extra luggage was just getting unpacked. I get out my luggage and the boys carried theirs and Niall comes back out and helps me with the rest of mine.

"thanks Niall. You really didn’t have to."

I say to him through the piles of bags.

"that’s ok. I want to help you. By the way. How much stuff do you own?!"

"haha not much. The stuff that was on the other plane are for my horses and my dog. Along with my trophies and ribbons for competing on my horses. This is my clothes and shoes that we’re carrying."

"oh. Wow you must have a lot of trophies then."

"nope not really. Only 2 boxes are trophies and the trophies are big. Half of what’s in the trophies boxes are ribbons. The rest of the boxes are my horses and dietary needs to keep them fit and healthy."

"oh wow. You must be pretty good then?"

"yeah I don’t know. I’m not hard to beat though. That’s why I train with them everyday."

"oh so you use to train like twice a week or something?"

"yeah I did. Then I got more serious when my other career option failed because I was scared of so many people."

"what was your other career that you wanted?"

"I wanted to become a singer. But when I realized that you will be facing many people, hundreds of thousands of people. I thought. Hmm better not. I have a phobia of being in crowded places and having so many people staring at you. In other words I have stage fright."

By this time we have gotten every bag and box out of the limo and put in inside. Then take it up to my room. Which is upstairs and is huge! I have a very big room. I have a queen sized bed and my neighbor is Auntie Jessy so if I need to talk all I have to do is walk out my bedroom door and across the hall. My room triples the size I had when I was living with Steve. Although that was a reasonably small room. But I have a huge flat screen TV in front of my bed. My own bathroom and walk in wardrobe which is also huge!

"that’s to bad. I would of loved to hear you sing."

"no, no I don’t do singing in front of people. Sorry."

"maybe another time then?"

"maybe." I say to him with a big grin on my face. But I still don’t know if I could trust him.



(A/N! sorry my lovlies that i didn't update when i said i would. it's been a long week and so on. but i miss movella and i decided that, it's time for an update. i really think that this chapter is quite cute between Sarah and Niall. it just makes me happy :) while in my life. my boyfriend of 5 months broke up with me a month ago and now he's going out with a girl i accused him of cheating on my with. :/ yay! my life officially sucks!










love always SarahXP <3)

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