Unlucky In Life

Sequel to Unlucky In Love.
Harley and Harry are the proud parents of Sydney Styles. Well, at least Harley is. The biological dad is Ed Sheeran. The family runs from him in order to be safe. But what happens when Ed keeps a promise?


1. Sydney

Hello my name is Harley. Most of you know I was the girlfriend of Ed Sheeran. What some of you don't know, is the breakup, saved my life. You see, Ed abused me. Physically, sexually, and Harry says mentally. I'm not as open as I was. Harry and my daughter are the only ones I trust. Oh right, I have a daughter. Her name is Sydney and she is not Harry's. She's Ed's. Harry takes care of her though. He says she's his. 

          My life is perfect, except for one thing. Hiding. We have to hide from Ed Sheeran due to the fact that he is chasing after me. He's psycho. We can't take Sydney outside except if Paul is with us. 



                          We were finally home and I had just woke up. My husband Harry wasn't in bed so I got up. I opened the door quietly and walked to Sydney's room. I opened the penguin door and there sat Harry and Sydney having a tea party with two stuffed penguins. Harry turned as Sydney looked up at me. "Baby, good morning beautiful," he smiled brightly and leaned up to kiss me. To give him a break, I leaned down and attached my lips to his. "Ewww," Sydney covered her eyes. We broke our kiss and I giggled. "Sorry Syd, you're mom is just so... Perfect," he wrapped his arms around me as I sat down. "I know but sheesh all that," she laughed. "You crazy girl," I grabbed her and held her in my lap. She looked up at me with her blue eyes. "Mommy, why don't I have brown hair like you and daddy?" She asked. I looked to Harry and he just smiled. "We were all made different baby," he told her. "Oh," she clung to me. I kissed Harry's cheek. "I love you". "I love you too". I looked down to see Sydney asleep. I smiled and carried her to her bed. "Ha-" Harry began to yell. He stopped. Probably to be quiet for Sydney "Have a nice nap baby girl," I kissed her forehead. I felt Harry's arms drape around my shoulder and his lips kiss my neck. I giggled and turned to see..... ED???!!!!!!!!!

                          "What are you-" I began to scream but he covered my mouth tightly. I saw Harry on the floor passed out. No. "Who is that?" He asked coldly. He was looking at Sydney. He uncovered a finger from my lips. "Sydney," I mumbled. "She's mine and I know it," he chuckled. From his back pocket, he pulled out duct tape, he sealed my mouth and tied my hands and feet. I was in a chair as he went to his daughter. He stroked her hair and picked her up. All my protest came through in a mumble....

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