Into the Battlefield

For the Battlefield contest. My first Movella short story! Enjoy! I may make a "Sucked In" series about people being, quiet literally, sucked into video games. Any ideas? Let me know!


3. Chapter 3: Re-Spawn

I awoke with a startle. I was covered in sweat. I threw off my blankets and placed my hands on my face. That dream was all too real. It was like the game had sucked me in in my sleep and forced me to play. My shoulders were sore so I decided to go get a shower. When I pulled off my T-shirt I noticed I had two big bruises, one on each shoulder, where the sniper had gotten me in my dream.

"It was just a dream." I told myself, but I didn't have any other excuse for the bruises.

After a long shower I went to my room and turned on my TV.

"I can do one game before school." I said talking to myself, again.

That's when I noticed my Xbox was on.

"I thought I turned you off?"

The TV screen lit up revealing a score board on a frozen screen. It was your average scoreboard, but something stuck out. Only one person was in it. All the other 31 spots were empty. Only one was there which had one word in it followed by some stats. "You 23 kills 0 deaths 7982 pts."

"What happened last night?" I asked myself as I stared at the screen suddenly realizing.

It wasn't a dream. The game really had sucked me in. I was part of the game, and I had won. I had survived. I truly beat the game.

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