Into the Battlefield

For the Battlefield contest. My first Movella short story! Enjoy! I may make a "Sucked In" series about people being, quiet literally, sucked into video games. Any ideas? Let me know!


1. Chapter 1: Unstoppable

It all happened one Sunday night after buying a brand new copy of Battlefield 4. I had always been a fan of the Battlefield series, but I never experienced anything like this before. The graphics were amazingly real, and so was the gameplay. I fought my way through a few of the campaign missions first. I've always been primarily a campaign player, but with my Xbox Live about to run out I decided to switch over to multiplayer. I was really excited to play the real thing. I had already played the Beta which didn't have good graphics, but this was beyond words.

I darted in and out of covers as tracer bullets wizzed across my screen. As I panned across the safe areas I noticed an M1 Abrams tank. I smiles as my little digital soldier sprinted through the wall of bullets to the armored death on treads. After climbing in, I drove a little bit into the street and let off a cannon round as a squad mate spawned on me to man the turret. Together we made short work of the poorly armed soldiers running around with weapons insufficient in their current struggle against me.

My team mate and I cruised around the map completely dominating and annihilating every hostile who stood in out way.

Eventually the enemy took the C Flag on top of a skyscraper. Not wanting to leave the safety of my tank I decided to shoot the support columns at the base of the massive structure. After twelve shots the tower started to lean. Next thing we knew the skyscraper became a wasteland of concrete and steel in the middle of the map. My gunner opened fire on hostiles who had managed to jump before the building fell, and were now parachuting to the bottom. Nothing could stop us, or so we thought.

As the enemy re-spawn ticket count neared zero, we started taking massive damage. I noticed a helicopter flying towards us with its guns blazing. Before we could even shoot back, he fired off a pair of heat seeking rockets that sent a kill cam sky high on my screen. Right after dying it went into the VICTORY screen.

I looked over at the time to realize it was 2:00 am. I had school the next day and needed at least some sleep. I got up, turned off the TV and Xbox, got a drink, used the bathroom, and went to bed.

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