Loving You


1. Well Hello


Hi I'm Tori! This is my first fanfiction I didn't think it's going to be any good but practice makes perfect :)

I hope you enjoy!

Tori's POV

"Okay thank you!" I said to the man on the phone the just sold me my first apartment. This was amazing. Let me introduce myself. I'm Tori I'm 18 years old and I graduated high school at 17 because I started school early. I've always been the youngest in my class. I'm attending Bentley State College in Waltham,MA. I didn't want to stay at the dorms at Bentley because I've always had a fear of bed bugs and things like that. So I drove back and fourth for the first few weeks to college and made a friend. Her name is Katie. Katie has been my bestest friend since I came here, but my #1 best friend in Erin we have known each other since 6th grade. Life's not the same without her but I'm still glad I had Katie. So anyway back on topic. Katie was from Rhode Island and I was from Mass. So we had about 1 to 2 hours till we go home and till we got the college so we made the idea of renting an apartment together. It's a brand new building and I must admit, a lot of rich people live here but since we have double the money we were able to afford it. "Your welcome, ill be by to see how your doing later" said the man on the phone. "Okay, ya this great, okay bye" I said. "Bye" said the man. His British accent sounded so familiar like I have heard it before. Katie was in Rhode Island spending the weekend with her parents so I was going to unpack my things and she would do the same with her stuff when she got back Sunday night. I walked into the room. It was on the 12th floor. Room 1992. The man on the phone said it was a special room. I walked in set my stuff down. We had our furniture delivered earlier so all the furniture was already in. "Well I might as well start unpacking" I said to myself. I took out my iPhone and put on One Direction. Best Song Ever was playing and to be honest it was the best song ever. Even though they split up 4 years ago I still am a directioner. At least the boys still were bestfriends. I heard a knock on the door and opened it. A man with curly brown hair and green eyes stood in front of me. My eyes went wide and my jaw almost dropped to the floor. It was Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles.

"H-hi" I studderd. I always studder when I get really freaked out. "Hi, you must be Tori" he said. "Yes, i am. Can I help you with something" I said. "I'm the owner of the building, I came to check on how you were doing." He said. "I knew I knew your voice from somewhere" I said.

Harry's POV

Ive seen pretty girls but never have I seen a girl this pretty. Her brown hair was just perfect. Her blue eyes matched her outfit. I want her. I'm going to get her. She invited me inside her apartment and she had a lot done. She asked me for a drink and she made us both lemonade. She then looked over at her Ihome and ran to turn it off. Then I realized this whole time she was playing One Direction. How i miss that band. Louis and Eleanor are married with a baby on the way. Liam and Niall are living with me on the top floor of the place in the penthouse and Zayn is living in London with Perrie Edwards. 4/5 of us live in America. When we came here 6 years ago we loved it. Plus, I love American girls. There much different from girls from London. They have less manners which I like.

Liam's POV

"Niall I'm gonna go check on Harry, make sure he's okay." I said to Niall while he was stuffing his face with food in the kitchen. "Mhmm" he mumbled. Harry left at 2:00pm and it's 8:00pm now. I started heading towards the room he was in when he walked out he kissed the new girl goodnight and I turned the other way as I started walking with him back to the penthouse. Then I broke the silence. "So, Harry, you two official yet? What's her name? Age? And why did she get an apartment here?" I said. "Ya I think we are actually haha, her name is Tori she's 18 only one year you get than me and she has this small fear of bed bugs at collage dorms so she thought this would be safer. She's living here with her friend Katie but she is with her parents this weekend. She is definitely a Directioner considering wen I walked in she was listening to our music. She goes to Bentley collage and her and her friend Katie are sharing the rent. Oh, and she works at TD Garden in Boston 2 days a week. And Starbucks 2 days a week also." He said. "Geez Haz, I asked for a few answers not a biography" I said. "I know but I just met her and I love her so much already. I'm almost sure she loves me to." He said.

Tori's POV

After we finished drinking our lemonade we went in the couch and just talked about what I'm doing in Waltham and what im studying in collage (Major:English (for law when I go to law school) Minor: Singing and Acting) He was pretty happy when I said I sang. He asked me to sing over and over again and then I finally did. I sang "Little Things" after I finished his mouth was open. He said I sang amazing and the rest of the boys have to hear me. "Maybe another time, I have to finish unpack, take a shower, and head to bed in a little bit I'm tired." I said.

"Okay" he said as I started walking him towards the door. He opened the door and I got a glance of someone out side my door. It's was Liam Payne. My mouth was about to open but then Harry close it. "Tori, I know we just met and everything but I loved you since the moment i laid eyes on you. Will you go out with me" he said. On the outside I said "yes" on the inside I said "OMG HARRY STYLES JUST ASKED ME OUT. AHHHH OMG OKAY TORI OKAY KEEP YOUR CALM GURL" he gave me a kiss and walked out the door, gave me a wink then started to walk back up to the penthouse with Liam. I shut the door and ran to my living room and started to text Katie.

Tori: HI! Your never gonna believe who sold us the apartment.

Katie: Who?

Tori: Harry Styles!!!!! Him, Niall, and Liam live in the pent house in the top floor!

Katie: OMGOMGOMG!!!! No way! I'm coming home early I have to get there ASAP

Tori: Guess what else?

Katie: What?

Tori: Harry, asked me out!

Katie: What! What did you say?

Tori: I said yes! Then he kissed me goodnight as he was leaving and winked at me and him and Liam started walking towards the elevator to get to their pent house!

Katie: Ahhhhh OMG that's great girl! Ill be home tomorrow night k?

Tori: k! Bye.

Katie: Bye.

Katie's POV

I'm happy for Tori. I am. I really am, but I'm jealous also. Harry has always been my favorite and if anyone was get him it was going to be me. No Katie, what are you saying, you can't take Harry away from Tori. No I can't, ill just make him like me more and then he will break up with him for me. That's it. That's what I'll do. I headed to a bag I had in my room at my parents house that had a black dress in it. That was what I was going to wear tomorrow. It was skin tight and strapless. That should get Harry's attention.

Tori's POV

I woke up and almost got blinded by the wall length window that was in front of my bed. I looked over to my nightstand and picked up my phone. 3 messages.

Katie: Hey ill be home at noon

YAY! I miss her so much!

Tori: kk see you soon

*Next Message*

Harry<3: Hey babe! I'm taking you somewhere today. Wear something dressy but casual. See you at 11:20am

OMG I have to get ready it was 10:40am it was a good thing I showers last night and straightened my hair. I didn't even answer to his message but knowing him he will still show up even if I do or don't answer. I took out my wand and curled my hair, then I got my favorite summer dress out. I put it on and threw on some sandals, last I put on some make-up. Not a lot. As a Directioner I know Harry hates girls that wears pounds of make-up not that I wear the much anyway. I threw on some concealer under my eyes because I stayed up till about 4am because I couldn't fall asleep, and them graved my wallet and then heard a knock on the door. I knew it was Harry. I opened the door and it wasn't it was Katie. "KATIE!" I said as I pulled her into a hug. "TORI I MISSED YOU SO MUCH" she said. (We are pretty ridiculous since we hadn't seen eachother in only 2 days. I told her everything that happened last night with Harry. It was now 11:20am and there was a knock on the door. That had to be Harry. I got up and answered it and gave Katie a curious look as she was fixing her dress and her hair like the person at the door was for her. I also gave her that confused look because she was wearing a skin tight black dress that was a little to short. It was more of a night club dress.

I opened the door and there stood Harry with pink roses. "Aww thank you Harry that's so sweet" I said as I could tell I was blushing. "No need to thank me princess" Harry said. I greeted him to Katie and she was flirting with him. He wasn't flirting back but she was trying to get him to. I ignored it and thought I was just my imagination. Harry and I were about to head out the door when Katie asked up where we are going. "I don't know honestly Katie" I said and gave her a weak smile. "It's a surprise" Harry said. "Oh okay" Katie said as she winked at Harry but Harry just turned to be a grabbed my hand that's when I knew Katie was jealous. The way her hands went into fists and jealousy was written all over her face. I was going to have a talk with her later.

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