Loving You


3. Surpises

Liam's POV

"Harry!" I said while rushing to get ready. "What" he said in his sleepy a great voice. "Hmm that's a new one" I mumbled. "Simon called me he wants to see us in London at 2:00pm today" I said as I got my toothbrush and started brushing my teeth. "Aww shit" he said. "What" I said. "What am I going to do about Tori! Wait, she coming with us weather Simon likes it or not. But why does he want to see us." Harry questioned. "I don't know, just get up! Niall's eating with Tori in the kitchen" I said. "Okay" he said.

Harry's POV

I started getting ready and went to brush my teeth. I heard laughing almost crying from the kitchen. It was Tori. I went to the kitchen and kissed her good morning. She kissed me back. She handed me a plate of breakfast the I guess her and Niall made and I started to eat. "So Tori can you come to-" I got cut off my her words "London with you and the boys because Simon wants to see you. I already know hun" she said. "Well that explains why your ready." I said. "Yup" she said. "How long are we going to be I have college tomorrow" she said serious. "We are probably going to be about 2 days and that counts today so we will leave tomorrow." I said. "Harry I will have to take a plane back tonight then. School is very important to me, and so is attendance. I haven't been absent since mcas day in 7th grade." She said. "Okay babe, ill get you a jet for tonight around 9pm you should be back by midnight but just stay here in the penthouse. I don't want you going back to Katie. I don't want her to hurt you" I said caring and proudly. "Okay, but of I fall asleep in class tomorrow it's your fault" she said while giggling. "Okay" I said.

Tori's POV

We headed towards the plane in the middle of the runway. The plane runway. We got on the plane and I sat next to Harry. "No I want the window seat" I said. "No I do" he said. "I need a picture for Instagram above the clouds. I said. "Fine" he said acting like a kid. We got above the clouds and I got my picture and posted it on Instagram. I took a look at my profile 1.7 million followers. "Ahhhhh OMG Harry look!" I said. "I know" he said. "What! How!" I said "I posted something it was a picture of you. Take a look." He said. I looked at it. It was me taking a picture of the clouds for Instagram. He also posted it on twitter. I checked my twitter profile and I had 13.9 million followers. This is more followers than any of my family or friends have ever had . I was so happy. "Harry, when are we landing" I said. "Soon babe" he said. When we landed there was another plane and a limo. Out of the other plane came Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder. Well now her last name was Tomlinson since she married Louis. She was pregnant. I already knew that but she looked like she was having triplets. In the limo was Perrie Edwards with Zayn. I greeted them all, as well did the other boys and we all got into the limo and headed towards Simons house.

Simons POV

I was so excited to tell the boys the news. They were going to be so excited. Management was not going to break the boys up anymore.


"Boys I'm sorry to say this. Management is breaking you guys up. I never agreed on this amd I'm sorry. Give it a few years and ill bring you guys back. The rumor is already out. "WHAT!" They all screamed. I felt a tear in my eye. "No I can't possibly be crying" I said to myself " Last time I cried was when I saw Jillian Jensen's Xfactor audition. "I'm so sorry boys" I said. They didn't say a word the all stormed out. Louis and El got married. Perrie and Zayn bought a flat in Homes Chapel, Chesire. The rest of the boys moved to America.

*End Of Flashback*

I heard them pull up in the driveway. I must say I did a massive jump for excitement then went back to being serious. "Boys!" I hugged them all and then the girls. "Who's this?" I looked at girl that had brown hair and such blue eyes like Niall. "This is my girlfriend" Harry said. Cheeky as always. "Her names Tori" he said. " Nice to meet you Tori" I said. "Nice to meet you too!" She replied.

El's POV

I sat next to Tori and we started talking about how her college (she's seems like a very smart girl), we talked about One Direction wondering what Simon wanted to see them for. We talked about my baby on the way. Louis and I had our ultra sound this Saturday. I was so excited to know if it was a boy or girl. We continued talking about different things then the boys came out jumping and screaming with joy. "One Direction is back!" They all said. Perrie, Tori, and I all jumped up and hugged. Then Simon came out "Remember boys you have to work extra hard to keep this band going forever" he said.

Perrie's POV

El, Tori, and I all sat outside the office while Simon talked to the boys. We still haven't told them about the surprise. El and Tori talked about college and stuff while I ran to the bathroom when I came back I sat down and the boys ran out "One Direction is back" they all said. We all jumped up and hugged each other then Simon came out he said very seriously "Remember boys you have to work extra hard to keep this band going forever" after Zayn grabbed me by the waist and said "Boys, Tori, El and Simon we have good news " he looked me in the eyes and said Perrie and I are getting married!" We all hugged with excitement.

Tori's POV

By the time we left it was 5pm. We went for dinner then headed to the airport. When we got to the airport Harry gave me the keys to the penthouse and then I left. When I got out of the the airport I graved Liam's car that he drove to the airport earlier today and headed to the penthouse. When I got there I took a quick walk past Katie's apartment which I basically still own in a way. I heard her laughing. I went inside and saw her with a boy on the couch. The couch was facing the wall so she couldn't see me. I quietly went to leave and close the door. Then I heard Katie screaming my name "TORI GET YOUR ASS IN HERE RIGHT NOW! Hold on, I'm going to get her!" I heard her yell. I ran to the elevator got on then heard her banging on it. I got to my floor and looked at the elevator to see what floor it was going back down to. It was going back down to 12. Our floor. I ram to the penthouse got my keys and saw her in e elevator. I got inside and locked the door. The door to their pent house was cool. You could see them from the inside but they couldn't see you from the outside. So I stood in front of the door watching her wonder which from it was. I started to laugh the I got a text from Niall.

Niall: Hey Tori what's up.

Tori: Nothing. I just ran from Katie she is like trying to kill me or something it's bad but don't tell Harry I don't want him to worry.

Niall: What! I coming home. I gotta protect my bestfriend

Tori: K.

I sat on the couch and waited for Niall and Katie was still out there. I saw Niall come out of the elevator while he passed Katie and he ran inside and hugged me. "Tori, I thought you would get hurt and I wouldn't let that happen so I came" he said as he hugged me again. Niall is such a sweetie. He asked me if I was hungry. "YES!" I replied. He laughed as he grabbed his keys and left for McDonalds. He made sure Katie wasn't out there anymore and then he left. I decided while he was gone I'd get my pjs on I mean it was 1am. I took a shower, bushed my face and put my pjs on then ran to answer the door. It was Niall. He had 3 bags of McDonalds in his hands "Geez how much food did you get. Your feeding two people to the whole staples center." He laughed and pulled out 4 Big Macs, 2 large fries and 2 vanilla milkshakes. We started to eat. I ate my Big Mac and my fries and put my other Big Mac in the fridge. I finished my milkshake then looked at the time "3am! I have to go to bed" I half yelled. "Alright see you in the morning sis" Niall said. "Goodnight love you" I said "Love you to forever and always haha" he said as he kissed my cheek. I walked to me and Harry's room. Well it was mine till he got back ha. I texted Harry

Tori: Hey babe. Just ate with Niall. Going to bed now. Love you.

Harry: What did you eat?

Tori: Big Mac, Large Fry, and a milkshake

Harry: Damn girl, you can eat. But then again you and Niall are like the same person so I'm not surprised. Lol.

Tori: Lol. Well see you tomorrow right, babe?

Harry: Yup around 4pm. Love you.

Tori: K. Goodnight 😘

Harry: Goodnight, love😘

I put my phone on the bedside table and got comfy. I was asleep in the next 5 minutes.

Niall's POV

Tori went to bed but I stated up. I missed the boys even though I only left them 3 hours ago. It's tough not being around them because they are like brothers. They are brothers. I heard a know in the door. I looked at it. It was Katie. "What the hell does she want" I mumbled. I opened the door a crack. "Yes?" I said. "Where's Tori" she said. "That's for me to know and for you not to know bye bitch" I said and closed the door. I watched her as she gave the door a dirty look and walked away. Then I heard her stomp her feet "Geez she has a temper" I laughed. I heard Tori sleeping and went to check on her. I walked in and she was fast asleep. She was so sweet. I loved her. I really did. She was the best sister ever. I crawled into bed with her and well asleep with my arm around he waist she cuddled into my chest. "Goodnight sissy" I whispered. "Goodnight Niall" she said half asleep. I loved this night so much. Just me and my sister. Well, the sister I never had.

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