Loving You


4. Best Day Ever

Harry's POV

I woke up in the guest bedroom at Simons house. I walked downstairs and made breakfast for everyone. I couldn't wait to go home and see Tori. I missed her so much. It was 10am. She was in college at the moment so I couldn't text her. I went upstairs and woke the boys up. We all ate breakfast and cleaned up our mess. We all ran upstairs and got ready. " Liam, I think Perrie, Zayn, Louis, and El should come to the penthouse and stay for a little bit." I said. "Ya, that's a good idea. Ill go let them know!" He said. All my bags were packed already so I headed down to the foyer and soared for everyone else to come. Once they all came we left a note saying bye to Simon and left. We got to the airport and we all got on the plane. We were taking a fast jet so we were going to be back home in 4 hours. When we got back we all got to the penthouse and unpacked. Niall was there already since he came home yesterday. Since it was 3pm Tori was still at her class in college so I decided to pick her up. I went to her place where she waits for a cab at the college she goes to. I waited in the car. I saw her walk out she was on the phone with someone. Wonder who. She saw my car and ran to it. She always knew it was me. She jumped in and some girls said mean things "Tori get out of the car her doesn't want you he wants me" they said. I opened my sunroof and peeked my head out "Sorry girls. Ill pass on you two. Tori is way more attractive. I said. I made me laugh the way I said that. But everything I said was true. Tori smiled at them proudly and so did I. She shut her door and we drove off. "So do you wanna go for dinner tonight" I asked her. "Sorry Harry I can't. I have to work at concert maybe before" she said sweetly. "Alright babe that fine. Who is it tonight" I said. "Austin Mahone" she said. "Hey ill get a ticket so I can go to." I said. "Ya! That's a great idea" she said. "Harry I have 2 good news and 1 bad news which one you wanna here first" she said. "Bad news. At least ill have 2 things to look forward to." I said. She laughed. "Okay well Katie has a boyfriend now that is living with her in the apartment. She told me to get my furniture and get out. She is paying rent by herself now I guess. But the good news is, I get to stay with you and I got a call for a record deal today. Niall made me sing on his twit cam this morning" se said. " Alright if you don't wanna go get the stuff the boys and I can get it for you, also if you want her out of here for good I can raise the price in her rent. That's great! Get used to me snoring though. Haha. And go my gosh! Really! Can I come with you when you get signed. Wait who called you?" I said this so fast. "Ya great idea! Ya I will and Simon did." She said. "Why didn't you say so." I called Simon and got her singed right then and there she just ad to fill out some paperwork. This was so exciting!

Katie's POV

So my fake boyfriend isn't getting Harry jealous at all ugh why? Time to move to my second favorite. Zayn! Well he is engaged according to twitter. Aha how about Liam. He's cute. It's worth a shot. I got a knock on my door later that day after I told Tori to get out. Not that she was coming back anyway. I opened it and in walked 5 boys. They didn't say anything to me. They went to Tori's door. Unlocked it. Got all her furniture. Threw me the keys and gave me a paper. "What the hell Harry! Really?" I screamed and he just smiled. We were paying $4,000 a month for the place and now it's $6,000. "Tori likes shopping and I like money" he said while smirking. Then they left but Liam. "Your such a bitch to Tori" he said then left. Well guess I'm not getting close to him. I put my head in my hands.

Tori's POV

I went back to the penthouse with Harry and him and the boys left to get my furniture. They had a spare room. But we decided to make it a guest bedroom. So that's what my furniture will be used for. El, Perrie, and I were singing like crazy when El stopped at her solo. "What's wrong El" Perrie said" "I felt a kick. I FELT A KICK!" She was so happy. "Ahhhh" Perrie and I both fangirled. We both put our hands on he stomach and both felt it. It felt weird but whatever. We stopped singing and talked for about 10 minutes when the boys walked in with my furniture and placed it in the guest bedroom. Harry kissed me on the cheek and I ran to our room and put on my clothes for work. Harry and I then left and went to Starbucks. I got a cotton candy frap and he got an Oreo frap. We sat down then walked to the train and got on. "So you do this 4 times a week" he said. "Yup" I replied. It's scary at night though." I said. We got the TD Garden and I went backstage which was my job to go backstage and show the act around then go on the floor and check people's tickets and stuff. Harry came with me. I greeted Austin then gave him a hug and got a picture. I may be dating Harry styles but c'mon a girl can still obsess over other celebrity's haha. I walked out after giving Austin his tour through all the hallways and stuff back stage then bought my program and concert shirt. I put it in the break room. Harry followed me the whole time. Then we got food then people started coming in. Him and I got to our places. I got to my spot where I check the tickets which I got right in front when it was someone I liked. Harry being Harry got tickets right next to me. He got two seats for when I wanted to sit. Girls walked in a wanted a picture with Harry but then he made it clear "NO PICTURES TONIGHT" he said loudly then he tweeted it. I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I took it out. Twittah. @harrystyles: Anyone at the @austinmahone concert tonight in Boston please no pictures. Spending time with my girlfriend Tori. Got sears right next to where she is working. Thanks xx! I looked at him "Your lame" I said. He kissed me but from like far away like an air kiss I guess you could call it. "Love you to, love" he said. I blew him a kiss back. The concert started and all the girls were jumping up and down and screaming. I got used to that. I took pictures and then sat with Harry for the rest of the time. After the concert I ran to the break room and graved my stuff then left with Harry. We got to the train and got in. When we got home everyone was sleeping. That wasn't normal. It was only 1am. But then I again I'm the un normal one haha. I was so tired so I headed to bed with Harry. Arms wrapped around me and my head in his chest.

Niall's POV

I woke up this morning and woke Tori up. She got dressed. As did I. "Okay I never asked. What are we doing?" She said. "Bestfriends day out" I said. "Ohhhh. Okay!" She said. We got to the airport and she looked at me like I was crazy. "How long is this bestfriend day? A week?" She sad. "No we are taking a helicopter it will take us a half hour" I said "Okay!" She said. We heard to California. I was taking her to Santa Monica. The big fair they have there is so fun. When we got there she got our her phone and took a picture for Instagram. Caption: At the fair for the day with the bestie @niallhoran #fair #fun #bestfriendsdayout . It popped up on my phone and I liked it then I took a picture and put it Instagram but it was a picture of Tori. Caption: @harrystyles your girl is mine for the day. Bestfriends day out with my bestfriend/sister @woahitstori cheesy name Tori haha. Love you!! After I posted it we went on all the rides then got lunch.

Harry's POV

I woke up and Tori wasn't in bed. I looked through the whole penthouse. She wasn't there. I got dressed and look at Instagram. Niall tagged me in a photo. It was a picture of Tori. @happystyles your girl is mine for the day. Bestfriends day out with my bestfriend/sister @woahitstori cheesy name Tori haha. Love you!! I texted Tori.

Harry: Hey babestagram how's your daystagram?

Tori: It's goodstagram just with Niall in Cali

Harry: k when you gonna be home

Tori: Later on tonight

Harry: k see you laterstagram

Tori: kstagram

Oh the way we talk when we text each other.


Hello lovelies! I hope your enjoying the book. Let me know what you wanna see more in the book. I'm not gonna be on for a week. Till Saturday morning actually. Ill be at my gramothers and she doesn't have wi-fi but I will be writing lots of chapters since you do t need wi-fi for that I just can't publish them. Sorry! But you will have a load of chapters by Saturday. Bye! :)

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