After moving a lot, Lizzy finally has a place she can call home. But when her class takes a three day trip, their plane crashes. Now, she, her best friend, a handful of classmates and five best friends. Will they survive? And how will the boys handle their... Instincts. Will they live, or will they end up killing each other?


5. The shy guy

As I made my way to maths I could feel the stares. And I heard a few whispers about how I was probably stuck up because I was from the states. I was used to it. Born in the USA and proud. 

I got to maths and I found a seat. All the way in the back that way people wouldn't stare at me all class long. I learned this in my fourth school. The Houston Private school for Young Leaders.

I waited for Harry to get to class but as time passed I didn't see him. To pass the time I looked around and saw my new classmates. It was super easy to know who belonged where. A petite girl with blond hair and twenty pounds of make up was popular. The guys with the varsity jackets were certainly jocks. The kids with the glasses and piles of books were probably the "nerds". But there was one kid I couldn't identify which crowd he belonged to. He had dark hair, dimples, brown eyes, and was really quiet. Whenever anyone used profanity he would close his eyes like he wished he could stop them from using that language. 

He seemed pretty nice. And lonely. My seat was right next to his so I decided to try to get to know him. Besides he was really cute! 

"Hi I'm Liz!" I said I him.

He just looked at me and smiled. Maybe he was just shy.

one minute before the bell rang I got a text from Harry.

I won't make it to maths sorry. -Harry 

what! No way why? -liz

i, um, sorta got stuffed in a locker. -harry

I ran out o the classroom toward the lockers listening to see if I could hear anything. Soon I heard laughter as I reached a corner. Zayn was tagging one of the lockers. I realized it was Louis. So that's what he had in his bag! I ran toward him and asked him what he was doing. 

"Just teaching a jerk a lesson. Some people think I do it for fun but do you know what that jackass just did!?" He yelled.

i was scared by his tone.

"He just stuffed a kid in a locker like ten minutes ago!"

"wait do you mean Harry!?" I asked.

"Why do you know him?"

"yeah I'm looking for him cuz he texted me that he was stuffed in a locker!" I said.

zayn took of an I followed him. We made it to locker 372. Harry's locker. Zayn kicked the locker hard until it opened. Out fell Harry who had passed out at some point. Zayn half dragged Harry to the nurse's office. She asked me a lot of questions. I guess she thought Zayn had beat him up or something. 

Harry was fine an we made it to class almost half an hour late. As we walked in I realized I hadn't thanked Zayn for saving Harry. That's when I saw the asshole... Louis Tomlinson...






im glad you guys like my story :) btw none of these schools are real (I think) I just made them up. 

Ill update every time I get a comment to update. Love you all and thanks for reading. Stay tuned in for more. 

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