After moving a lot, Lizzy finally has a place she can call home. But when her class takes a three day trip, their plane crashes. Now, she, her best friend, a handful of classmates and five best friends. Will they survive? And how will the boys handle their... Instincts. Will they live, or will they end up killing each other?


6. The "pops"

Louis smirked as Harry entered the room. When I came in after him Louis's smile faded. I glared at him and turned away. My teacher took my note and made me introduce myself to everyone. Just like I practiced I introduced myself. I noticed a girl glaring at me. She had flowing dark hair dark eyes and wore the latest clothes. She was definitely a pop. Or popular. Next to her sat a really cute boy with blond hair a gorgeous smile and blue eyes. He was probably popular too. 

As I made  my way to my seat the girl stared at me. I felt uncomfortable. When I passed Louis's desk, he smiled at me. On any other time I would have melted and died righ then and there but what he did to Harry was unforgivable! I sat down in the same seat and Harry sat down behind the boy I had tried talking to earlier.

"Liz I hope you like your new seat because that's your assigned seat for the rest of the year." My teacher said.

i nodded and smiled. At least I was near Harry. I noticed that Harry and the shy boy were talking. Well at least I know the guy can talk. 

The bell rang and I started to get ready to go. Harry was already packed so I tried to hurry to keep him from waiting. The URL who was staring at me walked up to me and told Harry to "loose it". He said sorry and told me he'd wait outside. I nodded but I was a little nervous.

"Are you and Harry dating?" She asked.

my jaw dropped open. No hi my name is... No welcome to this school, no nothing! Just are u and Harry  dating? WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HER!? 

"Um no Harry and I just met. There's nothing between us." I said.

she looked relieved. Maybe she liked Harry. Who knows it could happen.

"my name is Diana it's nice to meet you. And this," she pointed to the blond haired boy," is Niall." He said

"nice to meet you and um I have to go catch up with Harry." I said.

i walked out if the room and found Harry standing outside. He asked me what happened and I told him.

"I think she likes you." I added

"I doubt it she is dating Niall. She's very pretty and funny and way to popular notice me."

I sighed. He really didn't know what girls act like and do. I grabbed his hand and took him to the cafeteria. 

"Ok here's what we are goin to do. U do what I tell u and u an Diana will be datin soon." I told him.

he tried to protest but the warning bell went of.

"where's the gym?" I asked. 

He pointed to the left. I knew that!




thank you all so much for 70 reads! May not be that much to certain people but to me it means everything! Hope you guy enjoy reading!!!!

again, any if you people interested in being in my story as one of the boys girlfriends?

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