After moving a lot, Lizzy finally has a place she can call home. But when her class takes a three day trip, their plane crashes. Now, she, her best friend, a handful of classmates and five best friends. Will they survive? And how will the boys handle their... Instincts. Will they live, or will they end up killing each other?


1. The day before the rest of my life

"Hi my name is Lizzy, I'm 15, and this is my ninth school. I'm really excited to be here!" 

I stared at myself in front of my brand new vanity mirror. I sighed. Sure it was my ninth school but it never got any easier to introduce myself. I sat down on my bed and stroked the red silk sheets. I grabbed my red Gucci bag and looked through my school supplies. All red. You can probably tell its my fav color. 

I sighed again and pulled out my schedule. At the London Private Academy, I was going to have nine classes in one day. Great. At my old school, the Wisconsin Academy For Young Ladies, I had seven. I did well on them with straight A's. 

i got up and chose a red dress with black heels. I was used to heels. At one of my schools, the Chinese Private Academy for Girls, we were all required to wear heels. Yup all private schools.  As a business woman, my mom spent a lot of time at her job. Which meant she wanted me to get a good education, at a private school.

knock knock

"honey can I come in?" My mom asked.

"sure" I said.

"How are you?" 

"Fine. A little nervous about tomorrow but I'll be fine."

sure after nine schools it was kinda natural right?

"fine if you need anything I'll be downstairs doing some work."

I smiled.

"thanks mom." 

My mom smiled and left. With that, I set my clothes aside and got under the covers.









hey guys I need names for girls to date the boys!!!! Comment your name, description, and what boy you would like also, if I get more than one request for a boy I will decide at random and add the other person in my story some other way.

Harry: Taken

Liam: open

Niall: Open

Zayn: Open

Louis: Taken

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