After moving a lot, Lizzy finally has a place she can call home. But when her class takes a three day trip, their plane crashes. Now, she, her best friend, a handful of classmates and five best friends. Will they survive? And how will the boys handle their... Instincts. Will they live, or will they end up killing each other?


2. Running, crashing, and stuttering

I sleep right past my alarm. My bus picked me up at six and I woke up at five. I got up to take a quick shower. After that I used my blow drier to dry out my hair and let it fall naturally. No time to curl it now. My dark brown hair fell right bellow my shoulder. After that I got dressed and put on my makeup. Eye-liner, mascara, and eyeshadow on my light brown eyes. I applied a thick layer of lipgloss and grabbed my bag. Running down the stairs I found a note from my mom. She had left to work at four. Typical day I guess. No matter where we were she left early and came back late. I looked at the clock. Uh oh five fifty. I ran to my room upstairs and grabbed my money. And my makeup bag. I ran to the bus stop as fast as my heels allowed. There I bumped into a green eyed boy with curly hair. I had seen him outside one of the houses near mine. 

"Watch it!" He said

"I.. i. I'm really sorry I was just running late!" I said.

"Well the bus is late today I guess."

" guess?" What if I was to late?

He laughed. "You're new here huh?"

I blushed. "Yeah"

"You're one week late to the beggining of the school year." He smirked.

i just stayed quiet. I knew soon he would start picking on me. But he didn't. 

"I'm Harry Styles. A sophomore." He said as her extended his hand. 

"I...I'm L..Li...Lizzy" I said as I took his hand. 

"Stop stuttering I won't bite" he said. 

I smiled and looked at Harry. Now that I saw him I realized he had a sort of nerdy look. In a cute way. Really cute way. Sexy even. He kinda reminded me of Marcel my best friend but sexier... 

The bus came around the corner.

"sit with me will you? I don't sit with anyone. I'm kind of a loser cuz I get straight A's. if you don't want to its ok. I understand." He said sadly.

I grinned. Then I squeezed his hand. I don't care Harry you don't look like a loser. Actually you remind me of my best friend back in Paris. Last year I went to a music school and met him there." I said. 

He smiled and pulled me along to sit near the front. I smiled. For the first time I had a friend on the first day.

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