Look after you (A One Direction FanFiction)

This story contains:
Attempted murder
Drugs (legal)
Shows of affection (Kissing, hugging, hand holding.)


1. Look After You


*Warning. Some violent scenes. (Not recommended for children under the age of 6)






 I'm flung up against the wall. My body aches and my head feels numb. 

He lets go and my limp body falls to the ground in a heap. 

"You're useless! You hear me? Useless girl!" He yells. 


My father left my mother after I turned 8. I barely remember him though. My mother slipped into a state of depression, unable to take care of herself. I was very frightened and alone. One night, when I was 13, I told her she needed to go out and maybe try and meet someone. Little did I know that she would bring him home. 


My stepfather. He's a fat, hairy man who stands at about 5 feet tall. He's had something against me ever since he moved in. Now, at the age of 19, my life is about to end in his filthy hands. 


He grabs the top of my head and yanks on my hair, forcing me to my feet.  He hits my stomach several times and then turns me around and kicks the back of my knee. I topple over,landing on my face. I gasp for air, which is slowly running out the closer he gets to me. 

"That's right! Don't cry! You know what happens when you cry." He's smirking at me, laughing at my pain. 

I hear the door from down the stairs click open and I know that my mother is home. I sigh and he laughs.

"You know she doesn't care. If you were gone, she wouldn't mind."

I hang my head down and stare at the ground. It hurts because I believe him.  

He kicks me in my ribs and I hear a snap. I scream under my breath and have to fight the tears back.

"Give me more respect young lady." He says.

I look up in absolute disgust. He catches my expression the grabs my hair again. He drags me down the stairs, making sure that my head hits every hard wooded step. By the time we reach the bottom, I'm struggling against his firm grip. He continues dragging me towards the hard tiled kitchen. I struggle and let out a scream. He kicks the side of my head and continues pulling me along by my hair. 

Once in the kitchen he sits on my stomach and grabs the top of my head again. He smashes it on the ground. Then again and again. He gets off my body and walks away. I lift my hand to my head and feel around it. I'm bleeding. I take it back and groan in pain. My vision is blurry and is starting to cover up with black dots. I see a figure walk back in. I know its my stepfather, but he's holding something silver. Suddenly, I understand what it is and start to back away. I slide myself back until I can no longer move, due to the cupboards behind me. I start to bang on them, wishing for them to go away. I stop pounding on them and turn my gaze back to the figure. I slowly slip into a puddle of my own blood. I see a silver streak heading towards me as the last few dots of black cover my vision. 







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