Look after you (A One Direction FanFiction)

This story contains:
Attempted murder
Drugs (legal)
Shows of affection (Kissing, hugging, hand holding.)


8. Chapter 7:


*Chapter 7  


I feel like a seven year old again. Pulled from the crowd and made stand in the spotlight. I look at every single pair of eyes in this room and feel overpowered. I can see the smiles that were on their faces have faded. There are five unknown boys in this kitchen. 


I am to petrified to move. I can only see the blonde streak go past but its too late. I feel something grip my shoulder, hard. I hear the snicker of laughter from Taylor behind me. 


"Yes," She laughs,"This is my, step sister." She releases on my shoulder and pushes me to the ground. Noelle gasps and pushes her sister aside. She bends down and helps me up from the ground.


"Too far Taylor, too far!" She yells, not afraid of looking bad in front of these boys. I can feel their eyes piercing me as Noelle leads me from the room. 

"I'm so sorry about her!" she practically yells at me in an aggravated tone. 

I grimace from the noise and quietly say, "It's alright."


She leads me up the stairs and into a room. She sits me on the bed and apologises again. 

"Don't apologise for her." I growl at her. I can tell by the look on her face that she's not too please with my response. 

"I just wish that she wasn't so mean to you." This comment just made me so lose it.


"Yes, well she is and there is nothing you can do about it!" I yell. I can see the look on her face and I know I hurt her feelings. I shake my head holding out my hand so that she knows that I want her to come back. 

"No, wait, Noelle! I'm sorry!" 


"I'll bring your bag up, stay here." She growls. 


I lie on my back and look up at the ceiling. I let a couple of tears spring free from my eyes, than I wipe the rest of them away because I don't want to be pestered by Noelle about me being alright. Within a few minutes I can here her thumping up the stairs. The door flies open and I'm surprised to see, not Noelle, but Terence. 


He places my suitcase by the door and then walks over and sits on the end of my bed. I stare at him until he finally says, "Everything OK?" 


I sigh. 

"Well it depends on what kind of answer you're looking for." I reply. 


"A truthful one of course!" He exclaims. 


"No." I say. "Nothings OK, I thought I was coming away to be protected from this, but no! Taylor has something against me or something." I yell. 


"No she doesn't have anything against yo- Wait what do you mean by you thought you were moving away to be protected. Weren't you at home?" He pushes.


"Mum didn't tell you?" I ask.


"No." He says.


I think about it for a while.'If I tell him what happened, what will he do? Ring the police? That would put Greg back into jail and then mum would make me move back home, where its easier for Greg to get me.'


I shake my head at him. 

"I-I don't want to talk about it at the moment." I say pretending to hold back tears. 


"Sweetie-" He starts to say making there no need to pretend any more. 


"No dad." I choke out, and leak a tear. I freeze as I feel a new warm envelop me. I look up to see Terence hugging me close to him. I feel a drop of water on my head and realise he's crying as well. 

As foreign as it feels to me, I shift underneath him and wrap my arms around him. 

"I'm so sorry Cali." He says. 


"I know." I whisper back, my voice cracking halfway through.  



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