Look after you (A One Direction FanFiction)

This story contains:
Attempted murder
Drugs (legal)
Shows of affection (Kissing, hugging, hand holding.)


7. Chapter 6:


 *Chapter 6


 'Don't let me. Don't let me. Don't let me go. Cause I'm tired of sleeping alone.' 


The song finishes just as we pull into the driveway of what must be Terence's house. I almost always cry when I hear that song. It reminds me of my parents wedding, they danced to this song. It was beautiful. But my life was torn apart after that and this song was only a  memory that I so firmly clung to. 


I take my headphones out and carefully wrap them around my phone, I place them into the same backpack at my feet. The house has beige wood panels all the way around it. The stairs are made of white wood. Over the top of the garden is a mesh arch that is thickly covered in leaves and vines. Strung from the mesh is tiny little light bulbs to give the effect of stars. 

"It's beautiful" I think out loud.


"Yes, it is." Noelle says sadly,"Mum made it, before she..." She trails off at the end of the sentence.


Terence beats me to the back of the car and takes out my suitcase for me. 

I smile at him, but my Thank You was cut off by Noelle.

"Hey look, the boys are here." She exclaims.

My attention turns away from Terence and to the  light in the window of the house. 



Noelle, Taylor and Terence walk in front of me. I make sure to trail behind to get a better glimpse of the garden. I bend down and look at a flower. The five petals are made up with different shades of deep pink. I am transfixed by its delicacy and beauty, I stand up straight while continuing to stare at it. 

"Cali?" Noelle says in a small voice, as if not to startle me from a daydream. I follow her up the white steps and through the door of this massive house. Noelle starts to walk faster as we approach the only lit room of the house. I start to trail behind as I take in the huge walls and beautiful paintings. Something catches my eye. A picture of my mother in her white wedding dress, flowers weaved into her hair smiling up at the man next to her. 


I identify him and continue looking. He is wearing a black suit and is holding something. I hold the photo up to my face and gasp in disbelief. 


'He is holding me!' 


I choke the tears down as the memories of that night rush back to me all at once.  I place the photo down and continue walking in the same direction that I saw Noelle go.


I peek around the corner of the door frame and only catch sight of Noelle standing there, smiling. I quickly move out of view and back away from the door. She must've seen me because she pokes her head around the side of the door. Once she see's me backing away she rushes towards me and pulls me by the arm into the room. 

"Boys, this is my sister, Cali."



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