Look after you (A One Direction FanFiction)

This story contains:
Attempted murder
Drugs (legal)
Shows of affection (Kissing, hugging, hand holding.)


6. Chapter 5:


*Chapter 5 


I wake to the feeling of heaviness on my shoulder. I grab the thing causing this feeling and fling it away. I open my eyes and groan. My eyesight is blurry, but I can only just make out the shape of a woman. I open my eyes wide as I realise what I just did.

"Oh my! I'm so sorry!" I gasp. 


"It's alright," she says,"Sorry I woke you, I just thought you would want me to. We're here you see." She finishes, clearly struggling to form the appropriate words. I gather all of my belongings and slowly make my way off of the plane. 


I practically race through security, in hopes of running further away from my old life and right into my new one. I grab my bag and try to get past security as fast as I can. My hair is coming loose from my braids and falling onto my shoulders in waves. My fringe is bouncing up and down on my forehead and threatening to get into my eyes. I blow it out the way and continue to walk as quickly as I can through this part of the airport. 


I finish the last security check and walk towards the doors, smiling. Even though I'm angry at my father for leaving me, I realise how happy I am to get away from my mother. I walk through and then turn down the roped off area to the left. About halfway down, I catch sight of a man, with light brown hair and deep green eyes, rather like mine. He;s carrying a sign that say's, 'Calia.' I sigh as I realise that he doesn't remember my name. I walk around and out of the area and straight over to him.


"Actually my name is Cali." I say shyly, causing him to turn around."


"Oh.. Uh.. I'm sorry, Hello Cali... I'm your father, Terence." He lets the word come slowly out of his mouth.


I start to reply but am cut off by a different voice.

"Dad, who cares? Can we just leave already?" I poke my head around him to see a blonde girl with bright blue eyes, standing there with crossed arms. 


"Oh.. Um... Are you ready Cali?" He asks.


"Yes." I say quickly. 


"Great!" I grab the handle at the top of my suitcase and pull it out to full length. I start to drag it behind me, but i feel my hand being slipped off of it. 

I turn around, startled, but settle down after I realise its just Terence. 


"I'll take that for you." He says shooting my a smile.


"Thank you." I whisper, barely audible. 


I start to saunter behind them all. Mum never told me that Terence had two other daughters. The one who I have never heard speak before, starts to slow her pace down until she's walking right next to me.


"Hi!" She squeals. "I'm Noelle, your half sister. Dad told me that you've been having a rough time at home lately. I will try to make you feel as happy as possible here." She beams at me. Its impossible to be rude to someone as nice as her, so I just smile and say, "Thank you." 


She starts to skip ahead of me, her long light brown hair flying out behind her. I let the smile fade from my face as I start to think. Soon I realise something is tugging on my shirt. I try to turn my head but whoever this is won't let me. I try to scream but a hand clamps over my mouth. I'm turned around at such a speed that I  nearly fall over. Suddenly, I find myself looking into the blue eyes of Terence's  other daughter. 


"Hi," She says in a tone that sounds slightly aggravated," I'm Taylor. Just so you know, you will never be my sister because your just a mistake-" I feel a slight tug, but it wasn't from her. I slip from her grip and fall to the ground. I look up to see Noelle holding her.


"Taylor, don;t hurt her!" She squeals.


"Oh whatever," Taylor yells, stomping off ahead. 

I get to my feet and sigh, Noelle starts trying to talk to me but I zone out. 



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