Look after you (A One Direction FanFiction)

This story contains:
Attempted murder
Drugs (legal)
Shows of affection (Kissing, hugging, hand holding.)


5. Chapter 4:


*Chapter 4


 As soon as we get home I race upstairs as fast as I can without making myself dizzy. I lay on my bed crying over the last few days of my life. I look out of the window and imagine myself out in the backyard, running around with my dad. My mother happily reading her book on the porch. 


These were the days before my dad left and before my stepfather moved in. I walk into the bathroom and wipe the tears from my eyes. I walk back to my room and open my drawers. I don't have many things so it won't take me very long to pack. I grab all of my clothes in one heap and practically dump them into my suitcase. I grab my book from the shelf and my phone from my drawer. I'm lucky enough to be aloud to have these things. I walk back into the bathroom and apply a small amount of make-up. I don't usually wear it, but I don't like to be the centre of attention either, so covering my bruises will do me more good than bad. I braid my hair into an updo and then place my toothbrush and hairbrush into the bag. I close it and add it to the pile in my suitcase. 


I zip it up and yell out, "I'm ready." I try to my my voice sound as normal as possible but I can tell myself that there was a slightly annoyed tone in there. I drag my suitcase behind me and I recreate the noise that I heard when I was under attack. I drop my suitcase at the door and then walk around the house, taking in the old memories and painful times that have occurred in here.

I pick up a photo of my dad, with me perched on his hip. He looks happy, and so do I.

I place the photo back down, shaking my head. 

'Those days are over Cali.' I tell myself. 


I walk back to the door as I hear the footsteps thumping on the hard wooded  steps. I sigh as I see that she has a blotchy face and a red nose, clearly from crying. I pick up my bag and drag it out the door. I get to the car, unlock it, and then chuck my suitcase into the back. 


Mum and I spend the rest of the trip to the airport in silence. Mum beats me to the back seat and takes my bag out. She drags it through the doors. She follows me until we reach the passengers only section at the airport. I let her hug and kiss me, but I don't return them. 

"I'm sorry honey, but I'm doing this for your own good." She says cupping my cup. I feel a drip of water land on my arm. 

"Bye sweetie." She chokes through all of the tears. 


"Goodbye." I reply coldly and walk off onto my flight. 


I find my seat and sit down. I shove my headphones into my ears and zone out as the plane takes to the air and carries me into my new life. 



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