Look after you (A One Direction FanFiction)

This story contains:
Attempted murder
Drugs (legal)
Shows of affection (Kissing, hugging, hand holding.)


3. Chapter 2:


*Chapter 2


A small woman with brown hair, hunched shoulders and a blotchy face walks through the door. My mother. 


"Mum?" I say, unconvinced.


"Yes, sweetie, it's me, your mother."


"What happened?" I jump straight into the big question. 


"A better question would be, Are you OK?" 


"Yes mum, I'm fine, can you please tell me what happened.

She lets out a long-lasting sigh then stares at the ground for a minute.

"OK. When I came home I heard bumping around up the stairs, I knew immediately he was beating you again. I went into the bathroom for a minute, only to hear the sound of impact on wood. I came out and couldn't find you. I raced up stairs but you weren't there I came back down to see him standing above you with a knife, you were lying in your own blood. I pushed him as he was moving down to stab you. He missed, thank goodness. I'm just so glad you're OK honey." she finishes reaching out to caress my face. I bat her hand away.


"Why didn't you help me earlier?" I ask annoyed.


"I was scared." she says, the tears flowing freely from her eyes.


"Well so was I, but did I get any help? No!" I yell.


"Please sweetie, don't yell." 


"No! I will if I want to. How dare you do this?" I scream starting to cry.


The nurse rushes in with a syringe. 

"This will just hurt a bit." She says panting.


She moves this syringe towards me and I try to keep her away but my mother holds my arms at my sides. 


The cold substance spreads through my veins. I can feel my eyelids drooping and the last thing I hear is, " I'm so sorry."





Sorry for all of the dialogue in the last two chapters. 

They'll stop soon and the story will get more interesting.


- Blaze



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