Look after you (A One Direction FanFiction)

This story contains:
Attempted murder
Drugs (legal)
Shows of affection (Kissing, hugging, hand holding.)


15. Chapter 13:

(Yes I know that the girls are only Louis' half sisters, but not in this story ;) 




*Chapter 13


I throw on a long sleeved jacket and run down the stairs for breakfast. I haven't had a full meal in 2 days. I sit down next to Niall and automatically shovel the food into my mouth. Niall stops eating and looks towards me as I shove another mouthful into my mouth. I look up at him and see that he has wide eyes, I turn to see everyone else wide eyed as well. 


I follow the trail of their eyes down to the wrist of my jacket and see that the blood is seeping through the tightly woven fabric. I push my chair out and stand up, so does Louis. Noelle does too but Louis tells her to sit. 

"Come on Cali." He says already running towards the stairs. I shove one last mouthful in and then chase after him. He quickly rolls my sleeve up and grabs a big, dry cloth and presses it onto my wrist, hard.

I give a slight squeal as he pushes down too hard. 

"Sorry love." He says, still pressing down hard.

He takes me into the bathroom and continues, except this time he wets the cloth. I grip the edge of the bench and squeal. He releases his grip and smiles at me while he wraps the bandage around my arm.  "All clean."


I smile back, gratefully. 

"Thank you."


"It;s alright.." He says trailing off at the end of his sentence. 


"You want to know why, don't you?" I sigh and look towards the ground, then back up at him. 


He nods and I can see him tense up. 

I shake my head, "I need to tell Noelle too." 


"I'll go get her." He sprints through the door before I could react. I sit on my bed and wait for them to come back. The door flings open and a worried looking Noelle walks in biting her nails. She grabs the chair from under my desk and positions it so she's across from me. Louis sits next to me. 

"Is everything OK?" Noelle asks quietly. 

I look up at Louis expectantly. He lets out a heavy sigh and says, "She's ready to tell us why she cut."

Her eyes widen and she turns to me with a questioning look on her face. I nod and give a half hearted smile.  

She moves her chair closer to me and stares at me waiting for me to start the story. 

I take in a huge breath and let it all out at once. 

I start to tell the story of my life, all of the twists and turns its taken since that dreadful day when Terence walked out of the door. I capture every detail from the glint of anger in Terence's eyes to the streak of the knife as it  made its way towards me. After I end my story, I look up to see a horrified look on Noelle's face and a dumbfounded look on Louis'.

"My god." Noelle suddenly says. 

To everyone's surprise Louis strongly says, "My turn." Now its my turn to be shocked. 

"Your turn for what?" I ask.


He rolls up his sleeve and the white marks like lightning stick out on his wrist. I grab his arm and pull his wrist towards me just to be sure that what I'm seeing is real. He sits on the chair that Noelle was just before sitting on. I sit in front of him and Noelle sits next to me. 

"My family used to great. We were strong and didn't give up very easily. Lottie was just born and my mum was pregnant with Fizzy. My dad started to work overtime to pay for all of the extra expenses. He started to get very stressed and turned to alcohol  to help him get through the day. I noticed changes in him. He became abusive and harsh. I never let him touch my sisters, I took a lot of beatings. One night, him and mum had been at the doctors. They stormed through the door yelling, he had gotten her pregnant again. The next day I came downstairs in time to see him slam the door in my mothers face." He concluded the story than closed his eyes for a long time.  


I had to try and hold back the tears myself. His story reminds myself so much of mine. 


His voice cracks and he chokes out, "I was bullied too, because my parents broke up. I was alone. Unlike my father, I turned to self-harm and now I have these scars to remind myself about those times." 


I hear a high pitched whine and turn to see that Noelle is crying. I pull her in and give her a hug, I don't let go for a long time. She's pulls away first and says, "I'm so sorry, I had no idea." 


"Hey... don't you worry about it. Its not your fault." I whisper to her sadly. 


"Why didn't you tell me earlier. I would've stopped Taylor from saying all those things about you." She asks.


"I was scared." I say. Louis walks over and Noelle stands up, they hug each other and he whispers something in her ear. She nods. 


He walks over to me, "You alright now, love?" 

I nod and add, "Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you." He nods and walks into my bathroom. 


Noelle grabs my hand and says, "Let's go." 


We walk back into the kitchen and automatically, all eyes drift down to my wrist. 



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