Look after you (A One Direction FanFiction)

This story contains:
Attempted murder
Drugs (legal)
Shows of affection (Kissing, hugging, hand holding.)


12. Chapter 11:


 *Chapter 11


I dream as I sleep. They're all memories of my past life. Short and sweet. 

I know that things are wrong when I start to fall into a longer one. I look down and see myself floating amongst the clouds. I feel myself being lowered down as I get close to a field of green grass. I land on the ground and instantly freeze.

'I've been missing this place.'


In my dream, I start to look around. Every detail of this place remains the same as I remember it. My little sanctuary. I walk slowly over to a bunch of trees and look around, again.  I peek around one of the trees and jump as I see a little girl sprint past me, her father quickly following behind her. I step right into their view, but they look through me. I walk up to the man who had just perched the little girl on his hip. I gasp as I realise, it's me. Only much, much younger. 


I turn to look at the little teddy bear lying in the grass. I pick it up and study it. 

'I remember him!' 

I put him to my nose and inhale. The scent of strawberries races out towards me and I breathe out. It smells like home. I'm startled by a little high pitched scream, followed by laughter. I turn to my past self and smile. I remember this as clear as day. 

I nod my head as I watch the little girl hop down off her fathers hip and run over to her mother. I smile and sigh as I re-live this day. Suddenly, the trees start to wither and turn brown. I get to my feet as quickly as possible and run as quickly as possible over to the trees. I let a leaf fall straight into my hands. I clutch it to my chest, hoping that the last shade of green inside of it would stay. I smile as I see the leaf start to spread itself out across my hand. Is see a crack of brown split the leaf in two. I wrap my fingers gently around it then watch it as it crumbles like pastry in my hands. I turn and see my old house. I run over and open the door with an enormous force. I instantly stop in my tracks as I see my old teddy bear sitting in the middle of the room, His arm torn off and thrown across the room. A piece of shattered glass lays on the ground. I pick it up and flip it over. Its a picture of my family with a crack down the middle. 


I look up with tears in my eyes, just in time to see dad stomp out of the house. I scream his name, but he keeps moving forward, not even looking back. I walk into the lounge and see my mother curled in a ball by the sofa, crying. It broke me to see her like that once, but twice, its unbearable. I sit on the ground and let a couple of tears drip from my eyes. Suddenly, the carpet from underneath me is changed to tiles, except these tiles are stained red. My eyes widen as I realise what memory this is. I look up just to see the knife hurdling towards me. I scream and open my eyes. 


I sit up in my bed. My chest rising and falling heavily and the tears pouring from my eyes. 

I feel a little voice in my head screaming, 'Don't do it!.' 

I ignore it open the small purple box, tied with a ribbon. I smile as I'm greeted with the shine of the blade. 





I'm sorry It's short. 

It's late and I need to go to bed. I have been doing homework since I got home from school and then found some things about my personal life. Lets just say I'm fighting a battle I know I'm not going to win. 


I'm sorry. 

Thanks anyway. 


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