Cry Your Heart Out.

Just some angst I decided to write out one day, since I can't scream in this house full of people and I'm a terrible artist.


1. Cry Your Heart Out.

And you thought you'd last.


Always catching yourself imagining things.
Picturing conversations.
Replaying memories.

          Now, all you will get now are those memories. What you'd imagine would never happen.


Maybe it was because I did something wrong.

Always afraid.

Everything is just memories. Will you two even say hello to each other tomorrow?


You imagined the things you could've said the next day. After two months you finally go to reunite.
But it's over.

You want to cry. So much. You really did have feelings for him.


He started it.
    And ended it.
But why?

You'll never know, because you have to move on.

Put it behind you.

Don't cry.

Don't cry.

Don't cry.

You shouldn't cry. Hell, you want to sob. Don't. Strong people don't cry. They sigh, take deep breaths, and move on. 

At least now, you know what true heartbreak feels like.

Maybe you imagined always having your first love to yourself, because you're that creative. You imagined things to be too well, my friend.
Like how you're imagining how he feels.

What does he feel?

Is it because he feels like I don't deserve him?
Is it because he saw someone else?
Is it because he no longer felt anything any more?

          I guess my fairytale ending isn't here just yet.

You shouldn't be sad over a guy. It's just a boy.

But you loved him. Didn't you?

You should move on. You're a different person now. And besides, everybody will know what heartache feels like. And they will get over it.

       But then you realized it's harder than you thought.

Remember all those memories? How it all began? How he made you smile. How he made you laugh. How he made you get butterflies in your stomach all the time. You spent thinking about him the entire summer. Now you can't. They're all memories...You have nobody left to tell everything to.

You look back at conversations. You look at that one thing he said. You look at that message. Reading it. Over and over again.

          Things'll never be the same.

You'll get better. Tell yourself that. Yell. You will move on, and be more happy than you will ever be.

People will wonder, but only tell them when they ask. You don't want to be like those other girls looking for comfort from friends, with your mascara running down your cheeks as you cry. You want to be strong, and ready for a new day.

You shouldn't be this said. This isn't the end of the world-you're still young. You'll find better things in life.

But right now, you can no longer call him 'yours', because he no longer is.

So feel free to cry your heart out.

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