A Downward Spiral (A Vampire Diaries Fan-Fiction)

Meet Alexis Gilbert aka Lexi, She's the loner girl in the back of the class, the one who doesn't have friends. She doesn't talk much and rarely answers when a teacher calls on her, She's the little sister of Miss Elena Gilbert, the girl who attracts danger like Bee's to a Honey Pot and Mister Jeremy Gilbert "The Stoner Boy" who's always getting high and hooking up with Vicki.

She knows all about Vampires, Werewolfs, Witches but nobody knows that she does,

Watch as her life gradually goes down the drain, see if anyone is smart enough to open their eyes and realise that this little girl needs some help or this might be the end of Little Alexis Gilbert.


2. I'm Finally Losing It!!

Ok so ummm i had already upload this twice before and the it went and deleted its self so ummm sorry if its not the best quality but it was a lot better but i gets better i promise...its my first story and i want all the critism (sp?) you can give so give it up and i'll dedicate a chapter to you!! love you!!! xxx ~A 


[Chapter 1]

Thank the Bloody Lord is all I could say when I locked the grill's door and started walking down the street towards my bike.

I guess you’re probably wondering who I am, am I right? Well just because we’re gonna become such good friends and I have such a good story, I’ll tell you, my name is Alexis Gilbert but everyone calls me Lexi, I'm 14 years old and yes I am Jeremy and Elena's “baby sister”.

Since our parents died Jeremy has turned to drugs, alcohol and a little slut called Vicki Donovan, now don't get me wrong I used to love Vicki, she used to babysit me when I was younger, but then when she started taking drugs she turned into a bitch and started sleeping with Jeremy Oh I know what you’re thinking "how does she know about drugs and sex" well I can explain..........uhhh.......um.......No never mind I can't.....sorry!

Well enough about Jeremy and Vicki let's talk about Elena, she tries to act like she strong and getting over it but we can all tell she’s breaking especially with Jer getting worse and I might not be the best help either but all Elena ever does is nag and complain to her diary like it will help. As you can see I'm such an optimist!! (Sarcasm) and that I love to read Elena’s diary, it used to be Jeremy and I’s bonding time.

I know all about Vampire, Werewolf’s and Witches from reading Elena’s diary and Jeremy did to until she got Damon “The Big Bad Vampire” to compel him to forget and move to Denver, I always try my hardest to stay out of all of the “Save Elena” crap but I always seem to get dragged into it now don’t get me wrong I do love my sister but “Stupid Stefan” had to fall in love with her!

Anyways enough about my normal happy family you’re probably wondering how a 14 year old has a job at the Grill, aren’t you!

Well when Jeremy started getting more into drugs and the lovely Vicki, he stopped taking his shifts at the Grill, so to stop Elena from getting pissed at Jeremy I started taking his shifts and since Maria (the Grills owner) can’t pay me legally till I’m 15 she pays me in free food whenever I want and biology lessons because I’m failing my class!


Anyway I better go its late and Elena keeps calling me to hurry home………HOLY SHIT I JUST REAISED THAT I’M TALKING TO MYSELF I’M FINALLY LOSING IT!!

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