Phyre Gunner: The Spy (Editing Process)

Phyre Gunner. Teenager. Rebel. Spy. Troublemaker. Genius. American. Genetically Perfect.

After the passing of her father, Phyre became the imperfect daughter. After too many detentions and schools, LSA comes looking for the one person that can help them save the world, the same person that is genetically perfect, Phyre Gunner.


8. Welcome to London


I absolutely hate England people. Like, seriously, you don’t have to be saying sorry every time you bump into someone! Look where you are walking geniuses! After Charles and I climbed down form the plane, at least 65 different people have said ‘sorry’ to me. It’s ridiculous. 


“We are going to your new home now.” Charles informed as he placed my suitcase on his car trunk.

“Do I even get a name of the person who is taking me in?” I questioned. “Cause I would like to know more about who are going to be taking care of me.”

“The person taking you in, is the head of the LSA.” Charles said.

“Calm down your horses.” I said. “Mr. Right? He is taking me in?” I exclaimed in shock. I mean, out of all the people who could be taking me in, he decides to do it?

“Yes.” Charles replied rather annoyed. “He requested, more like demanded to take care of you.”

“Oh well shit.” I said. “Him and his family?”

“Him and his son.” Charles informed. “And I strongly suggest that you don’t say anything about the association in front of his son, as he knows nothing.”

“How old is the kid?” I asked.

“He’s eighteen.” Charles replied. “And is name is Tyler Right.”

Oh crap.


Michael drove us to the Right residence, and like man, this is beyond awesome. It is a three-story mansion, with a pool in the backyard and like five cars parked outside. This was going to be heaven.


“Behave please.” Michael said. “Mr. Right already knows about your behavior and everything, yet he expects you to behave here.”

“Sure thing.” I smiled. “I’ll pretend to be the perfect girl.”


Michael rolled his eyes and knocked on the huge mansion. We waited for five seconds before the huge white doors opened and a man let us in. Some other people from service where taking my things up to my room, and Mr. Right was in the main lobby waiting for us with a huge smile and his son standing next to him.


“Welcome, welcome.” Mr. Right said shaking Michael’s and mine hands.

“Hi.” I replied furrowing my eyebrows. “Phyre Gunner.”

“I’m very aware of your name Phyre.” Mr. Right smiled. “But I’m glad you introduced yourself.”  I smiled and then some awkward silence came.

“Would you like something to drink?” Mr. Right asked. 

“Water please.” Michael and I replied. 

“Tyler, son.” Mr. Right said. “Will you please ask Sebastian to fetch us some water?”

“As you please father.” Tyler replied and left the scene.


As soon as Tyler left, Mr. Right started talking about LSA, and how I was going to start working with them at the office, hacking into my father’s files and working on all the other projects he had planned starting someday. He also gave me a brief introduction of what my life was going to be now, he basically explained that I was going to have a 24/7 chauffeur and bodyguard (even though when he knows I can kill anyone...), that I am attending the London Academy, and that I have to work at the office after school everyday until five. 


“We are going to have a marvelous time!” Mr. Right smiled and clapped his hands.  

“I can’t wait.” I replied sarcastically causing Michael to roll his eyes and scold me with his gaze.

“Here.” Tyler replied giving each of us a glass of water.

“Thanks.” I replied and Tyler nodded.

“Is she coming to school with me?” Tyler asked.

“Yes.” Mr. Right responded. “She’s a year under you.”

“A junior?” I questioned. “I thought that I had to have at least seventeen to be a junior.” 

“Yes, but you have a brilliant mind, and they decided that you have the capacity to be a junior, they wanted for you to be a senior, but I disagreed.” Mr. Right explained.

“Though you’ll be a junior next year.” Tyler replied with a smirk. “Our system is quite different from the States.”

“You end right now in December?” I questioned.

“No, we end the second week of November.” Tyler replied. “And we start until the last week of January.”

“That is amazing! What about the summer vacation?” I questioned.

“We have six weeks of summer vacation.” Tyler replied. “More than enough if you ask me.”

“Yeah, three months can get really boring.” I replied. “If you are grounded more.”


Tyler chuckled and asked his father if it was okay that he showed me my new room and gave me a small tour of the house, Mr. Right agreed and he was left with Michael to speak about whatever the future hold for me. 


Maybe this life was going to be far more better than back home. Here I got to start again without having people thinking that I will end up in jail before I even graduate from high-school. Oh I want to see the face of my mother when she realizes that I graduate next year, scratch that, I want to see my brother’s faces, that is going to be priceless.

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