Phyre Gunner: The Spy (Editing Process)

Phyre Gunner. Teenager. Rebel. Spy. Troublemaker. Genius. American. Genetically Perfect.

After the passing of her father, Phyre became the imperfect daughter. After too many detentions and schools, LSA comes looking for the one person that can help them save the world, the same person that is genetically perfect, Phyre Gunner.


3. The Unexpected Visit


Edited :) 


Phyre Gunner.

Chapter Two...


“Phyre! Please come down! You are running late and you haven’t had breakfast!” My mother shouted from the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and tied my combats boots. 


Grabbing my backpack and I jogged down to the kitchen, only to find Michael, my oldest brother sitting there enjoying my waffles. Let’s just have something clear, my brothers don’t live here, and they know that I absolutely hate when some one us enjoying MY food, oh add the fact that I don’t get along with my brothers...


“What is he doing here?” I asked ignoring my brother.

“PHYRE!” My mother shouted. 

“Good morning Phyre.” Michael answered trying to be mature. “How are you?” 

I let out a sigh. “I could have been better.”

“What’s wrong?” Michael furrowed his eyebrows.

“Well, apart from you, I couldn’t finish playing Halo.” I shrugged.

“Phyre!” My mom warned. “He is your brother and you will respect him.” 

“Why should I? He doesn’t respects me.”

“Phyre you better-” My mom started.

“Leave her alone mother.” Michael interrupted. “I’ll make sure she obeys to everything me and Lucy tell her to do.”

“I beg your pardon?” I spoke stoping before the door. “Obey to whatever you and Lucy say? Why would I even be near you?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Didn’t you tell her mother?” Michael smirked and I rolled my eyes.

“Tell me what?” I spat. “That I am now going to go and live with you and Lucy in New York?” I chuckled. “Guess what, I don’t give a damn if you want me, I’ll make sure you send me back the minute I arrive there. So if you send me there, I will not be expelled from a school, I will end in jail.” I added and left the house.


Does my mother and brother really think that sending me away will make me change the way I am? They are completely wrong. Nothing will make me change the way I am.




I decided to walk to school instead of taking my skateboard, and it actually didn’t matter, because school was just three blocks away. I got to school fifteen minutes later and walked into the principal’s office, and as always they were already expecting me with a cup of coffee. Oh the perks of being a troublemaker. 


“Good morning Ms. Gunner.” The secretary, Ms. Flowers said with a small smile as I entered the office. “He’s already expecting you.” 

“Thank you Ms. Flowers.” I replied grabbing my cup of coffee and entering Mr. Larson office.

“Phyre Gunner.” Mr. Larson said. “Glad to see you again.”

“Wish you meant it sir.” I winked. 

“Touché.” He answered with a small laughter. “I thought about a special detention for you this time. You know, I bet that you can’t really blame though, I don’t detention means anything to you.”

“On the contrary sir, I take that time to think about all the bad things I’ve done in life.” I let out a chuckle and he rolled his eyes. “What am I supposed to do then?” 

“Your new detention will consist on coming earlier than usual,” I rolled my eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at me Phyre. As I was saying, by coming early you’ll be tutoring a fellow classmate in Chemistry, as you’ve shown a great deal of interest in the class.” I scuffed.

“Whom will I be tutoring?” I questioned as I sipped my coffee.

“A fellow classmate.” He replied. “From today till Thursday, from 7:00am to 8:00am.”

“I need a name.” I snapped.

Mr. Larson rolled his eyes. “Ms. Flowers, would you please let Mr. Riddle in.” 


 I rolled my eyes, it can’t be! I’m going to be tutoring Alex! The popular kid at school, Alex the kid of the owner’s of Riddle Film Studio. The same guy that ignores that existence of half the world because he swears that people are not worth it. Alex Riddle. I rather clean the kitchen.


“Mr. Larson.” Alex spoke as he took a seat. “Phyre.” He added and I stared at him confused. He knows my name... wow.

“Good morning Mr. Riddle.” Mr. Larson said. “I want you to meet your new tutor.”

“It’s going to be Phyre sir?” Alex questioned and I rolled my eyes.

“Yes, it will be Phyre.” Mr. Larson answered.

“No offense, but does she even know anything about chemistry?” Alex stared at me.

Oh he is stupid. “Excuse you Alex,” I started. “Whom do you think was responsible for the explosion inside the lab, which saved you from failing your test?” I snapped.

“You?” Alex chuckled, obviously confused. 

“Yes.” I answered. “I would give you a tip, never judge a book by it’s cover.”

“I’ll take that tip from now on.” Alex sighed.

“Please do.” I said. “You have to realize that the world does not revolves around you.”

“Ms. Gunner please, let’s be civilized here. I don’t think your mother will be happy if you get another detention.” Mr. Larson said. “You will be working in the class 402 of the Chemistry building. From today until Thursday from 7:00 to 8:00am.”

“I guess that is easy.” I shrugged. “Well, of course only if Alex is smart enough.” 

“Mr. Riddle has to at least have a C+ on the test.” Mr. Larson spoke giving me a stern look.


“Until Friday, Phyre.” He spoke as he handed me some copies. “His test is about this.” 


I looked at Alex and motioned him to follow me. I walked to the Chemistry building. Thank the lord the school was empty at this time, because if people saw me and Alex walking to a Chemistry room, at 7:30am, people would think we are a thing, and to be sincere, I think he hates me, and I hate him as well, so no, we are not a thing. We aren’t even friends.


“Phyre.” Alex said as we entered the classroom. “Nobody will know about this.”

“Dude.” I said turning to face him. “Do you really think I want people to know that I am good at school, and that I tutor someone?”

“Probably not.” 

“You are kind of a genius.” I said sarcastically.

“You’re being sarcastic.” He sighed. “What about you leave your hate towards me and start with the tutoring?”

“Fine by me.” I said and started the tutor.


Half an hour later, I walked out of the classroom 402 and went over to my normal building, to the first class of the day, Math. What a way to start the day.


“Ms. Gunner, would you mind paying attention to the class?” Mrs. Klan said as she erased the board. 

“Of course, Mrs. Klan.” 

“Well, how about you come up front and resolve this word problem?” Mrs. Klan said. “Read it to the class.”

“8-year-old Samantha visited Santa at a local department store. He gave her this riddle: 

" I started working at 15. I spent 1/4 of my working life in a factory. I spent 1/5 of my working life in an office, and I spent 1/3 of my working life as a school caretaker. For the last 13 years of my working life I've been Santa Claus. How old am I?"” I read. “Easy.” I added standing up and walking up to the board. “1/4 + 1/5 + 1/3 = 15/60 + 12/60 + 20/60 = 47/60 of his working life. The remaining 13/60 must be the 13 years as Santa, so that's 60 years. Add the 15 when he started, and he's 75.”

“That is correct. Ms. Gunner.” Mrs. Klan said and the bell rang. “See you kids tomorrow, homework is on the board.”


I walked out of my Math class and decided to skip my next class, Chemistry, not like the teacher would want me there. 


School days are always boring, the only thing that could make them better is the fact that I get to surf with the guys afterwards. 

Unlucky me can’t surf this week. Why don’t I go, it’s not like my mother will find out? Yeah, about that... We live in a small town, anyone will tell my mom if they see me surfing.

Sucks living in a small outside town.

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