Phyre Gunner: The Spy (Editing Process)

Phyre Gunner. Teenager. Rebel. Spy. Troublemaker. Genius. American. Genetically Perfect.

After the passing of her father, Phyre became the imperfect daughter. After too many detentions and schools, LSA comes looking for the one person that can help them save the world, the same person that is genetically perfect, Phyre Gunner.


5. London


Edited :)


Phyre Gunner

Chapter Four.


I think that whenever someone finds peace, the world decides that it is not fair for that one person to be in peace, and BOOM, the moment is ruined. I so hate that.


“Where have you been?” Was the first I heard as I stepped inside the house.

“Obviously not here.” I rolled my eyes at my brother. “Why do you even care Michael?” I walked past him and towards the stairs, my game was waiting for me.

“Phyre? Is that you honey?” My mother questioned. Honey? Someone must be here.

I frowned. “It is me.” I replied dropping my backpack at the end of the stairs. “Do you need me?” 

“There is someone here that has been waiting for you to return.” My mother spoke and I raised an eyebrow. “Please come to the kitchen.”


I rolled my eyes and walked towards the kitchen. No one ever comes to visit me, that is just a no, I mean I don’t have a lot of friends, and unless this is some sort of prank, I can’t think about anyone needing me. 


“You?” I questioned as I saw the same man that was at the music study. “Do I know you?”

“Phyre.” The man spoke stretching his hand. “My name is Charles Murray.” 

“I know you.” I shook my hands with him. “You used to work with my father. You were his contact in London.” 

“You are correct.” Charles spoke. “I’m sorry for you loss.” 

“Cut the chase, why are you here?” I questioned crossing my arms over my chest. 

“Phyre Gunner!” My mother shouted. “I’m so sorry about her rudeness, she sometimes forgets her manners.” 

Charles chuckled. “Nothing to worry about ma’am.” He spoked. “I’m here because I made a promise to  your father.”

“A promise?” I questioned. “What kind of promise have you made with my father that it required for you to come to America?”

“He asked me to take his daughter and helper back to London.” Charles replied.

“To London?” I chuckled. “He asked you to take me to London.”

“Correct.” He nodded and started at my mother. “Mrs. Gunner, would you please leave me alone with your daughter, the information we shall be discussing is classified.” 

“O-of course.” My mother nodded. “I’ll be in the living room with my son if you need me.” And with that she walked out closing the door. 

“Classified.” I questioned.

“It is supposed to be classified for you as well, but as you trained with your father and you worked alongside him, it is not.” He explained. “Your father told me that if something ever happened to him, you would be able to help us, just like he did. He told us that you can create all the gadgets, that you can do all the hacking, and even defend yourself in a battle if needed.” 

“I’m aware.” I added. “I’ve always worked with him.” 

“Yeah, so, umm, before the last mission, the one in which your father died, he asked us a favour.” Charles spoke.

“When you say ask, he asked the London Spy Association?” 

“Yes, us.” Charles said. “He asked us to take you to London so you could finish your life there, that here you wouldn’t be able to succeed in life because your mother wouldn’t understand that you need to get in trouble to become the best you can.”

“So I am going to go and live with you in London?”

“Not with me specifically.” Charles said. “Someone of a higher rank than me.”

“So, when do I leave?” I questioned and Charles looked taken aback.

“You do want to come to London and continue your life there as a normal teenager and a secret spy?”

“Of course I want.” I said. “This place is hell for me.” 

“Then I only have to speak with your mother.” Charles said. “We leave Friday morning.”

“What if my mother says no?” I asked. “I am still not old enough to leave home.” 

“Your father had already spoken with your mother. He told her that someone was going to come and offer you a life in London, and that if you agreed, she had to let you go, no matter what.”

“So if I go to London, people will know that I work for the goverment?”

“No.” Charles answered. “They will think, someone adopted you. No one will know about your past nor the detentions, expulsions and juvenile times.”

“I would be creating my new life?”

“That’s the plan.” Charles said. “Now I am speaking with your mother.”


“One more thing Phyre.” Charles said. “Nobody may know that you are leaving to London.”

“That’s not a problem.” I said walking out of the kitchen.


My mom was speaking with my brother, guess my dream of not leaving with my brother will come true. I walked up to my room and stayed there playing video games and thinking how much my life was about to change. I paused the video game and walked over to my closet and opened my ‘secret’ drawer. There was a photo of me and my dad in his office building a gun. 

I laughed at the memory of that day, it was a week before he left to London and die...


Guess London needs a Gunner.

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