Phyre Gunner: The Spy (Editing Process)

Phyre Gunner. Teenager. Rebel. Spy. Troublemaker. Genius. American. Genetically Perfect.

After the passing of her father, Phyre became the imperfect daughter. After too many detentions and schools, LSA comes looking for the one person that can help them save the world, the same person that is genetically perfect, Phyre Gunner.


6. Leaving


Edited :)


Phyre Gunner

Chapter Five.




I’ve always wondered, what is the point of alarm clocks, if people are not going to respect them? If I had set up an alarm, I was planning on actually waking up when it rang, not when my mother decides to barge into my room. I know that I am leaving to London, and not just any trip, but to live... I don’t really care, let me live my life. 


“Phyre, darling.” My mother shook me. “I called the school and informed that you are not going in for the rest of the week.” I nodded. 

“You do know that you’ll have to inform them that I will no longer attend.” I Shrugged as I yawned. 

“I’m aware.” She sighed. “I just don’t really know what to tell them.” I rolled my eyes. “I can’t tell them that you are going to be living in London because of what your father did for a living.” 

“Just tell them that I got accepted in a boarding school for troubled kids in London.” I shrugged. “It’s really not that farfetched.” 

My mother nodded and stood up. “Are you sure that you want to leave?” I frowned. “Honey please, I promise that I will not punish you again. Just stay with me please.” She whispered. 

“You don’t understand mom.” I replied. “I HAVE to go.” My mother bit her trembling lips. “You will never understand why I do what I do...”

“If it makes you happy.” She whispered and I nodded. “I’ll see you for dinner.” And with that she was out of my room. 


As I got comfy enough for my packing day, I decided to fix myself some breakfast before I headed towards the attic. As I searched around for some empty boxes, I cam across the birthday letter my father was supposed to hand me alongside the bullet necklace that I always wear. Blinking away the tears, I remembered that he claimed to have forgotten about it. He was going to search for it when he came back home, but that day never happened, and I was the one who found it, months later...


Dear Phyre (My little fire):

First, Happy birthday. I hope that you like the bullet necklace I made for you. It is a symbol that nothing can destroy the love I have for you. Second, I’m going to tell you something. I might not always be there for you, but not because I am traveling saving the world, but because someday they might kill me, even when you think that I am the best, I’m not Phyre. So when that happens, someone from London is going to come and look for you. He or she will be telling you that you have a place in London to live and work. I want you to accept it; but I don’t wish for you to get revenge, I want you to go there and keep helping the world. The world is in need of a Gunner. 

With that, I think I might just finish this card. Remember that no matter what, I will love you always and I need you to continue being the most amazing and beautiful and perfect girl the world has ever seen. 


With love, 

Your Father,

Secret spy of the LSA


I bit my lips to prevent myself from crying, and  folded the card shoving it onto my back pocket. I then continued to actually look for the empty boxes, when I gathered 10 boxes I went back to my room and started packing all my books and notebooks from the experiments and everything that I used to work with my father, along with the other books that I enjoyed reading. I had to pack my whole life story into boxes, and even when I want to leave, I have this strange feeling that London isn’t going to be as easy as I want it to be. 


Around lunch time, I decided to take a break and get something to eat. ME being the lazy person I am, I opted to head over to my favorite place to have lunch instead of cooking something for myself. 


The restaurant was empty, as you know everyone was supposed to be either at school or work, except for me, Phyre Gunner, the girl was that now going to leave all of her past behind and start a new life in the one place I’ve always wanted to visit.



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