Phyre Gunner: The Spy (Editing Process)

Phyre Gunner. Teenager. Rebel. Spy. Troublemaker. Genius. American. Genetically Perfect.

After the passing of her father, Phyre became the imperfect daughter. After too many detentions and schools, LSA comes looking for the one person that can help them save the world, the same person that is genetically perfect, Phyre Gunner.


40. Dead?


This couldn’t be happening to me. This was not part of the plan! I am supposed to be in the action killing Adam and making sure that he is completely dead! I shouldn’t be locked up in a goddamn cell! Why on earth am I on a cell? That’s another big question at the moment. 


Confused? So am I. So let’s see. I shot Brad, got my phone, call for back-up and when I started explaining what was happening, two huge guys grabbed me and carried me over to the a van and then I was thrown on a cell... Yeah, try figuring that out.


“Why the hell am I here?” I questioned for the tenth time. “Why are you not even paying attention to me!” I shouted in frustration the guard by the door. 

“I’m not supposed to speak with you.” He sighed and I punched the wall. 

 “Just answer this one question.” I said and the guard nodded at me. “There has never been a good or bad right?” I chuckled. “LSA is the same as ALLA. My father figured it out and that’s why they killed him. Why do they want me?”

“You said one question kid.” The guard spat and I rolled my eyes, but he came closer to my cell. “But you are absolutely right. LSA and ALLA are the same, just that some people didn’t know about it, only the leaders.”

“That’s why didn’t care when I spoke about it.” I frowned. “What’s the point in all of this?” I needed to find Michael, he didn’t have a clue of what was happening.

“I don’t know.” He sighed. “My order was to guard you. No one is supposed to know that you are alive.” 

I frowned. “They are going to pretend that I died?” I questioned and he nodded. “I’m sorry.” I said and the guard faced me with a confused face. In a split second I had knocked him out and grabbed the keys to run out of here. 


I stood outside of the cell and stared out at the space where I was. I had to find a way to run away from everyone, find Michael and figure out why on earth people wanted me. My father didn’t know the real deal, and when he figured it out they killed him, I knew a hell more than he did, but they needed me so for some odd reason I was still alive. 

A phone rang and I picked it up without replying, I needed to know what the plans were. 


“Take the hostage to the car and transfer her to cell 45.” The voice spoke. “Don’t say anything, just take her out of there without anyone finding out.” The line went dead. 


They needed me on cell 45, I had to travel in order to get into the cell. I walked over to the map and saw that they had the cells located. I was currently on cell 3, and cell 45 was a three hour drive from where I was. I also found the headquarters, all the way over in Ireland. I ripped the map and hid it away on my pocket. I was heading over to the headquarters. I will find out what on earth is going on, and I’m sure as hell won’t end until I find answers or they kill me.


I grabbed the keys from the guard before throwing him inside the cell. I turned to the door and walked over to the car. I started it and made my way towards Ireland. It might take days to get there, but I am going to find my answers. 


I, Phyre Gunner, will die finding answers.








​So dears, this story as come to an end... though I have an idea for a sequel... If FIVE or more people comment that they are willing to read it, I will post the sequel.

I hope you enjoyed the story XX

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