You need me, I don't need you

1. Having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order.
2. Rejected, defeated, or despairing.

Not many people understand the true definition of the word, but Liana Moralas does. They say imperfection are what make you perfect however let me tell you, even with being an Alpha's daughter, her life is far from being perfect.


1. Prologue

If I said stay with me, would you?

If I wanted someone to talk to, would you have been there to listen?

If I told you I need saving, would you have come and rescued me?

I needed you. I wanted you to be there for me. To help me breathe, to care for me, but most of all my dear mother, I wanted you to hold me when I cried and to save me with your reassuring words, telling me "it's going to be alright", or even tell me "you're beautiful, Liana my sweet child, don't let what they say get you" like you use to every time I was upset.

You took all my nightmares away with the fairy-tales you would just create, about a prince, my mate, the one who would be there to save me from my troubles and be the one to accept me for who I am.

But now you're gone.

I am all alone in this cruel world with only dad and Alex to rely on, but they don't know anything.

I always thought a pack was meant to be a big family, well more like a huge family, full of loving and caring people, but no, this is a pack full of uncaring and such loathsome people.


I am the daughter of Nicholas and Delilah Moralas, the alpha's of the Midnight Pack. I am their only child, resulting in me carrying the Alpha genes and becoming the next in line for the Alpha position.

Dad has always stayed as the respectful and caring Alpha he should be even after we both lost the person we cherished, although I can't say the same for me. I know I am meant to receive the respect that any other future Alpha should receive, however I am seen as a disgrace, as a girl who can't even stand on her own two feet because I will just be thrown right back down to where I belong. Dad doesn't know what is happening, neither does Alex- my step brother. I can't tell them, they mustn't know, they will hate me, they will see me as the disappointment and as the failure I am. It wasn't always like this, it began when I was nine, the day I lost my mother.

I stand in front of the fairly large mirror in front of me and stare into the dull sad blue eyes that call out to me crying for help. My crimson red hair standing out, drawing attention to my pale skin, showing the tiredness which is quite evident on my face.

I look down at my dark and baggy clothes hoping it would keep me hidden and unnoticed from the world, just how I like it. I was never satisfied by the way I looked so I have no reason to put make-up on as it would only give them another thing to put me down with.

I sigh and glare icily at this emotionless and weak girl in my reflection standing before me. She was not strong, she was exactly what they thought and said of her, she was 'pathetic', 'fat' and 'unwanted', that's what she was.

Being told I was a murderer hurt, but what hurt most is being told it's your fault your mother died. The elders and the teenagers in the pack have no one else to blame other than me, a merely 15 year old girl. They mourn because they have lost their Luna, but they never seem to understand that it is my mother that had died.

You're gone mum, and it's all my fault.

"Mi manchi mamma", I say sadly.



Aye Muffins 😜

Sorry about any confusion at the end, it's in Italian and just simply means 'I miss you Mum' :3


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