You need me, I don't need you

1. Having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order.
2. Rejected, defeated, or despairing.

Not many people understand the true definition of the word, but Liana Moralas does. They say imperfection are what make you perfect however let me tell you, even with being an Alpha's daughter, her life is far from being perfect.


4. Chapter 3

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Soon it is the first of October, and everything was starting to get quite hectic around here with the nearing of Tristian's birthday. For werewolves, birthdays were a big deal, especially if it is the birthday of an alpha, beta, or the third in commands.

As time is closing up, Tristian will soon be 16 years old and will only have two more years left until he takes over the alpha role. So, my dad with his crazy antics, decided that it would be an 'excellent' idea for me to help with his party, seeing as we will be forming an alliance in the future.

Ever since the day at the lake, with the appearance of Tristian, nothing had seemed to be out of the blue. Even though it has been a month and a half ago since that day, at times I had a hint of hope, just a hint, believing that he was actually there because he cared. I thought that just for a moment he'd remembered our childhood and the memories we had before mum died. But that all disappeared when he shoved me and walked straight past me, acting as is if nothing had ever happened.

Sometimes I wonder if it really had happened, if it was really was him their down the lake, or if it was imagination creating an imagery of him from pure desperation. We used to be inseparable, but now, he tries to stay as far as possible from me.


So here I am, at home, or shall I say 'hell', making paper chains and gathering up all the other decorations in the kitchen with Julie and Michelle. Michelle is Amy and Tristian's aunt, she had practically become their second mum after their parents had died. She's a wonderful lady, she had light brown wavy hair that went all the way to her waist, just like Amy, and she has hazel eyes with a hint of green around her pupil. Michelle has always been the giddy and sporty type, since her mother was the pack trainer and they were both professional personal trainers.

Amelia was baking, god knows what, but it sure as hell, smelt nice! Amy thought that it should be her that cooks everything since yesterday she had found me with a large swollen red mark up the side of my left arm. While I was cooking yesterday Stephanie had 'accidentally' tripped, and dropped her heavy bag on me, causing me to fall and lose grip on the stove, making some of the hot water spill on my arm. Amy wasn't there when that had happened, so I had blamed it on my clumsiness which she so simply accepted.

I swear, if she was there, only the moon goddess could tell what would have happened. Amy had never seen me actually get physically abused, as no one dared touch me in front of her, though it never stopped them hurting me verbally.

After hours of folding and sticking, I look down proudly at my completed work. I turn around to notice Michelle was not alone and was now talking to Julie, holding mugs of coffee and they seemed to be in a deep conversation about this book that were reading in a book club they had recently joined.

How did I not see Julie come in? I laugh inwardly as I remember that Amy had always told me I seem to daze out allot.

They still hadn't felt my gaze on them, so I cleared my throat to get their attention. Both their heads snapped towards me and Michelle spoke.

"Oh Liana! I'm sorry that was very rude of us! What is it dear?" She asked.

"I-it's okay. Umm... I-I'm finished" I stuttered while holding up the paper chain.

Their eyes traveled from the paper chain to all the balloons I blew up earlier.

"Oh, you've done a fabulous job darling, I'm sure Tristian would love what you've done for him!" Julie gushed, her voice holding some sort of proud tone.

"It's okay. I'm going to go to the garage, to help out and fix a couple of bikes or something." I replied trying to escape.

Everyone knew I loved and cared about bikes... and basically everything with an engine, so they never question me. Instead, they gave me dismissive nods, and went back to their chat.

The only thing I like about this place is my bikes. Or should I say it's the only thing I LOVE about Florida! I've always taken a likening into: bikes, cars, guns and the history of our kind. If you asked me my favourite gun, I would say "My Walter PPK". My Dad got it for me on my thirteenth birthday when I did not shift. He was always worried about me, and thought that just incase something were to ever happen, I should have something to keep me safe.


I soon arrived at the garage that was located not far from the pack house and took a moment to take it in. It was a medium sized garage that was painted black. I sniffed it and was engulfed in the warming brotherly smell. Yes, you guessed, It's Alex's. He taught me a lot about cars and bikes and I was intrigued with most the stuff. Dad built this garage awhile back, before he had met my mother. Everything was always running smoothly, but after mother had left our side, the stress had come a bit to much for him and decided to give it away. He saw how much Alex had cared about the garage, and passed it on to him. Alex loved and deserved this place, and I am grateful for him for helping me take my mind of my life.

I sat down and bought out a piece of A4 paper and a pencil to write some notes. I gaze over the book in front of me that I had picked from my dads book shelf, and skimmed through the words. It was a book full of different researches conducted about werewolves, antidotes and wolfsbane. I've always taken an interest in Medicine and science. I'm a straight A* student in all my subjects but I think the subject I'm the best at would be science, mainly because I enjoy it.

Ever since I was taught about werewolves and how the silver was their only weakness, I had always fantasized about discoverering some sort of cure or even creating some sort of research that could help others. I want to be the reason why lives are saved.

However, if I can not get out of here, this place, this life, and go to a place where I can achieve, be me, not having to worry about what more pain, or abuse i'll receive the next day, and instead think of simple or even pointless stuff like, what we will learn? What will the weather be like? Or even, what should I wear? It will be merely a dream.


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