You need me, I don't need you

1. Having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order.
2. Rejected, defeated, or despairing.

Not many people understand the true definition of the word, but Liana Moralas does. They say imperfection are what make you perfect however let me tell you, even with being an Alpha's daughter, her life is far from being perfect.


3. Chapter 2

I woke up quite early today, but as soon as I lifted my head from the pillow, I was filled by this sudden sensation of uneasiness, and I quickly shut my eyes trying to take this pain away. I rest my head in my hands, trying to relax myself. My head was still buzzing, but I knew I that if I didn't get out of bed now, the punishment I would receive later, would be much worse. So slower than usually, I got out of bed to get myself ready.

After I was done with everything, I went in my draw to get my hoodie, but before I put my hoodie on so that I could leave, I saw my reflection in the mirror. Right underneath my eye, a nasty purple looking bruise was forming. I guess the beating I got yesterday in school from an encounter with Stephanie, Brittney's bestfriend, left a bigger mark then I had expected. I know with being a werewolf and all, the bruise should faded away, but I wasn't the same as other wolves as I didn't get my wolf yet, meaning that it healed slower then the others, though not in the same rate as a human.

It wasn't a really nice sight to look at, but I wasn't a sight for sore eyes either, was I? But either way, I know, questions would arise if Dad saw my face. I didn't need to worry about Alex, as he was barely ever around. The guy was always out traveling, hoping he'd be in luck and find his mate. He may only be 18, but Alex already worries about not having a mate. I silently laugh as I remember what he told me one time.


"Lee Lee, what if there's no one out there for me!", I tried to hold in the laughter as I saw the exasperated expression on his face.

"You're so meaannnn," he said as he held his hand to his heart, acting as if I hurt his feelings, "what if I don't ever find a mate, huh? What if you end up with some mateless brother, what are you going to say then? Watch me be all alone, for the rest of my life, living in sorrow, watching everyone grow old with their mates, and me, yeah me, i'll die all alone, then will you be laughing", he said in all seriousness as he exaggerated ever word.

I couldn't hold in laughter anymore, I looked up at his indifferent face just making me laugh even more. I rarely ever laughed, but when i'm with Alex, it can't be helped. I swear the serious- mindedness of Alex in a dramatised situation such as this, could pass him of as a professional actor any day.

End of flashback

I smile at the memory, but it soon faded as remembered I had to hurry up. I went in to the cupboard underneath my bathroom sink, and grabbed the make up bag that layed inside there. I don't use make up, but it would be the only thing that could hide the bruises.

Since today was Tuesday, Brittney and her posse had cheerleading before school, meaning I would have get their breakfast and kit ready before they come down.

Once I was done, I quickly grab my bag and head out so I wouldn't have to face anyone. I left before everyone because I don't have a ride. My dad had always said if I wanted a car, I could get one, but I don't really feel the need to have one. I liked walking, it helped me think and clear my mind.

I entered the school and went straight to my English class and sat at the far back corner, near the window. Very soon the whole classroom started to fill up as everyone piled in. Tuesdays were never really a bad day as I didn't share any of my lessons with my harassers. I wasn't really taught anything I never knew before and with that, I zoned out of the lesson. I felt my eyes start to close as tireness over came me, but I was jolted awake when a loud scream hit my ears.


I stare up at my teacher, Mrs Butcher, as the rest of the class snicker quietly. I couldn't say anything, I didn't know the question and I was to scared to say anything.

"Well, I'm waiting," she said as she stared down at me through the glasses that stood on the bridge of her nose. She peered closer at me, her eyes digging deeper into mine. But all of a sudden her whole facial expression changed.

"See me after class," she said calmly and with that, she walked away continuing with her lesson. I stared down at the table, great, just great, now I have another person on my case.


With the sound of the bell, everyone hurried out the class, with me only left in the room with the teacher. I gather up my books and put everything back in my bag and walk timidly to my teacher.

Once I reach her desk, she looks up at me and I notice the worry which is evident on her face.

"Liana, how is everything?"

No one ever shows me this much care towards me, I felt like breaking down in front of her, but I knew I couldn't.

"It's going good Mrs," I proclaim with all the cheerfulness I could muster, hoping my voice wouldn't betray me.

"Are you sure? Nothing going on at home, no one hurting you?" Looking at me curiously.

"A-ahh yeah, I'm okay, but I really need to go Mrs, my friends waiting for me," I say, thinking of the first thing that came to my mind.

She looks at me with disappointment as if she knew I was lying, but let me go.

The rest of the day was quite uneventful, and soon the day was over. I spent the rest of the day in my room as everyone was away at some party. I head to my book shelf, looking through all my books and grab the first I see.

I smile as I look down at the book I got, Nicholas Sparks, Safe Haven. I loved all his books, don't judge me. I am a hopeless romantic when it came to books, but you have my mum and Amy to blame for that.

I have read most of his books, but this is one of the books I still haven't read yet. I open the book and start reading.


The week passed as a blur, and soon stopped when it came to the day I dread the most of the entire week. It was Saturday morning. Yep, meaning today was training day.

I didn't enjoy training a single bit. I mean, why would I? Both the Midnight and Silver Moon Packs' teenagers and some younger ones, that were able to fight, trained together, throughout most of the day. The training sessions were held by Tristian, but with the help of some of close friends, including Brian, Trent, who is the future beta of the Silver Moon pack, and Colby, the joker of the pack. As you can clearly see, these are all my main tormentors which basically meaning they use, just like in every other case, me, as a punching bag.

I dreaded waking up. I slowly opened my eyes and sat up so I was facing my bedroom door. What lays on the other side of that, is something I never hope to face. But unfortunately for me, that is impossible. I jumped off of my bed and moved my wavy red hair out of my face, so I could see where I was going. I walked into my toilet, brushed my teeth, and got ready, changing out of my pj's. I went to check the time on my IPhone and saw it was six o'clock, training started at eight, so I had about an hour to make breakfast before the devils woke up. Honestly, I don't even know why I have a phone. I only had my dad, Amy and Alex's numbers.

After I made breakfast, I slowly crept back up to my room, so I didn't make a sound and to avoid contact with anyone.

As soon as I entered my room, I jumped on my bed and pulled out my laptop, and continued my studies. My dad recently gave me a book on the history of Werewolves as a gift when he went to a meeting with another pack outside the country. I didn't know what to think of it at first, but it was so different, and that is what soon caught my attention. I was awestruck some of the studies n the book, especially the ones on hunters and guns.

If you haven't noticed yet, I am obsessed with learning about new stuff, which as you see is guns and cars. I have always wondered, what if you could invent something that works against silver bullets. Silver bullets are a wolfs main weakness which if not helped, could kill them slowly and painfully.

Time flew by, and before I knew it, it was time for training. Yay! (Note the sarcasm). As I walked out on to the training field, I was met by Brittney, Brian, Tristian, Stephanie, (who's the pack slut, other than Brittney) and basically, every other teen from these two packs.

I slowly walk forward, trying to keep hidden, but what can I say, I was never seen as the lucky child. As I lift my head, I see that I am faced with about a hundred pair of eyes staring at me, full of hatred.

"What's that fat shit doing here?" Someone shouted, but I obviously didn't know who because I moved my head so I was staring at the floor.

"It should be illegal to look that bad and be a she wolf. But hey, wait...she isn't even a werewolf!" another screamed causing the crowed to roar with laughter.

"If this is training for wolves, why is there a cow here?" Another yelled.

I was forcefully pushed to the fall and I felt my hands scraping the hard ground. I stared up to see who had pushed me, and saw the venomous eyes of my brother. Before I could comprehend what was happening, I let out a loud cry as I was roughly kicked on the side of my chest. I rapped my arms tightly around my chest, but it only caused the pain to exceed. I tried to get myself together as I picked up my self of the floor. There was no one here to help me, I was all alone, Amy was away with her father.

"I bet she used her moms blood to color her hair!" Someone else shouted.

By this time, tears were prickling in my eyes. Lifting my head up slowly, I stared at the large crowd in front me. My eyed roamed around the crowd, my eyes crying out for any ones help. My eyes landed on Tristian, and I felt a hint of hope build inside of me as I saw a flicker of sadness in his eyes. But as soon as it came, it was gone.

He turned his face around as if he was ashamed to even look at me.

That wasn't sadness in his eyes, that was pity, pity that he or anyone had to face me. Why would Tristian ever feel sadness for me?

Was our past and friendship we had all just a joke to him?

Was I ever really a friend to him, or was that too, a lie?

I felt myself crumbling down inside. I steadily started moving backward, and they all look at me, as if I was of some sort of creature, and I couldn't stand it.

I was slowly losing all hope in the life I live. This is the reality I will be faced with every day. I couldn't be help, I could only be hated. I was only living, because there is that small piece of hope left, the hope my mother had left.

The roaring of laughter only increased as they saw the effect they had on me.

I couldn't let them see me break down in front of them, I won't let them see me look so broken in front of them.

With that, I broke out into a run ignoring the intense pain in my chest, running to the only place that right now, I would feel safe.


I slowed down as I saw the lake come to site. I love this lake with all my heart.

I discovered this lake the day before I lost everything. It brought back all the happy memories, the memories of mum and dad. This lake was to far into the forest so no one ever comes or has ever seen it, which is another reason I loved this place. It was so quiet and but not really empty. It was so full of life, bird chirping and little animal lurking around every corner. The lake was so full of tranquility.

I lay myself near the side of the river calmly, trying to release all the pain from my body.

I look up at the beautiful sky and let all the tears fall.

'I'm sorry mom. I'm sorry I let them say that. I'm sorry I'm too weak to stand up for myself. I miss you, I miss you so much. I know you're watching over me, but sometimes I just wish I could be there with you instead of being here, ' I thought.

I tensed up as I felt someone glaring daggers at my back. I turned around just as I saw Tristian's retreating figure. I was shocked, beyond shocked. Why was he here? Did he follow me?

No one knew of this place. This place was special to me, I could be 'me' here instead of that girl who shows no emotion. My mind was only left with more questions, but I know I won't be getting any answers any time soon.


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