You need me, I don't need you

1. Having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order.
2. Rejected, defeated, or despairing.

Not many people understand the true definition of the word, but Liana Moralas does. They say imperfection are what make you perfect however let me tell you, even with being an Alpha's daughter, her life is far from being perfect.


2. Chapter 1

"MOM! Mommy where are you?" I shout running deeper into the forest.

I was panting heavily, but I couldn't stop as the atmosphere was taken over by an unnatural feeling. My legs weaved through the thick greenery as I dodged the branches sticking out and jumped over logs.

I instantly halted as a blood hurdling scream rippled through the air. All my instincts awakened as some recognition came to me. I didn't know what I was doing till I was forced out of my thoughts and back into reality. I had no control over my body anymore, it was directing itself now. I was running, running straight towards danger, but I didn't stop. I couldn't stop, this will power was pushing me forward. I knew it wasn't safe, but I was being drawn towards where the sound came from.

I started to slow down as I heard some foot steps near by. I didn't receive a scent of anyone I knew. I tip toed quietly and kept myself hidden behind the huge tree. I saw a couple of people huddled around a body leaning on the tree ahead of me but I couldn't see the face of the person. My ears picked up bit of pieces of what they were talking about.

"What should we do now, sir?" said the short shadowed man in a raspy voice, as he stared up at the well built man next to him.

"I just finished having fun with this one. She shouldn't be waking up any time soon, so we're done here. Besides, we wouldn't want to be here when the Alpha sees the little present we leave him", the leader announced with clear sarcasm, laughing to himself almost humorously.

My blood ran cold as the barking of his laughter caused a shiver to go through my body.

I tried to see if I knew any of the dark silhouettes, but I couldn't recognise any. I tried to keep silent as I peered closer, so I could get a better view of what they where doing. I guess luck wasn't on my side as a branch broke underneath me causing them all to go silent and stare in my direction.

I held my breathe and flattened myself against the tree. I heard them near towards me. I couldn't move, I was frozen on the spot. The scraping of the heavy feet hitting on the ground finally stopped, but that wasn't what caught my attention, it was the sudden darkness that loomed over me.

"Look at what we have here," a rough voice said from behind me.

I was shaking, and I couldn't stop. I slowly turned my head around only to be faced with a starkly looking man. Although I might only be nine, It was quite clear this man was powerful; it came of him in vibes.

His eyes glistened in the moon light as he stared into my own, and soon his face was taken over by a sickening smirk.

"We can't have little pups snooping around, can we now?" He snickered down at me.

I tried to talk. I tried to say something, come up with a stupid remark, or comeback which me being me would always do, but nothing came, my throat was left dry. My heart started racing as I saw him lower his self to my height. He brought his hand to my neck, and I felt his cold, hard hand run across my bare skin. I tried to scream but nothing left my mouth.

My vision was suddenly taken over by black dots, and the last thing I saw was his cold, emotionless eyes staring straight in to my blue ones, before I was taken over by complete darkness.


I woke up breathing rigidly from the nightmare, but I couldn't really call it that because it was no ordinary nightmare, it was the past, my past. I ran my hands through my face and felt my hands get wet and sticky and noticed that I had been crying. I have never really been able to sleep since that night. I was startled from my drift of thoughts as I heard the banging from downstairs.

"Wake up you fat piece of shit!", yelled Brittney.

Yes. This is what I have to wake up to every single morning in this hell hole and that is my step-sister Brittney, she's just so considerate isn't she? (Note the sarcasm.)

I hastily jumped out of bed and grabbed the first thing I saw in my wardrobe not caring about what I got, and put on my hoodie. I didn't need to see how I looked, I would be kept satisfied as long as I was left unnoticed and if it was made sure no one saw the dark circles around my eyes. I ran down stairs taking two steps at a time. You see, this is no ordinary place, this is two of the biggest packs in the US combined. To be more specific, this is the territory of the Midnight and the Silver moon pack.

I was snapped back to reality when I was thrown onto the floor by my so called 'brother' Brian. No your not going crazy, I DID just say my 'brother'. I know, brothers are supposed to be kind, caring and over protective, but Brian was anything but that. Brian isn't my biological brother, he came into my life when my dad remarried to a lady called Julie. Julie isn't one of them so called evil step-mothers that won't stop at nothing till they make every living moment hell. She was kind and amazing, although I could never bring myself to call her 'mom', because to me, no one could ever replace my real mother, wherever she was gone or here.

Julie has three kids, Alex, Brittney and Brian. Britney and Brian are twins. All the adults think of them as the perfect, golden siblings, but I personally think that they're in some sort of mafia with the devils.

The twins might be my step- siblings, however they are also my biggest bullies, not that I care. I mean, I was bullied ever since I was nine by everyone in the Silver moon and Midnight pack. Well, Alex on the other hand, is the definition of an amazing big brother, I love him with all my heart and he, as well as my dad, Julie along with some of the pack elders, don't know anything about the bullying. I'm not planning to tell anyone either, they'll hate me and leave me like everyone else. Seriously, have you ever heard of a fat, weak and such a pitiful excuse for a daughter of an alpha, huh? Well I guess you have now then.

I still haven't shifted even with alpha blood pumping out of my heart. My Dad keeps telling me that I am a late bloomer, and that my wolf will probably awaken when I am 16, but I just think he is just telling me this so that I would stop worrying.


So here I am, in the pack house kitchen, making everyone breakfast. All of them eating and staring, while laughing at the joke Brian said, which I could say, without doubt, was about me.


It's twenty past eight and I have just ten minutes to get to my locker, and get all of my things out for AP Chemistry. All the classes I took were AP classes. Yes, you guessed right, I was a nerd, and I was bullied for that, even by the humans.

I kept my head down low as I walked down the hall towards my locker. I heard snickers and comments like "loser" and "nerd", and received the usual shoving into a wall. As I neared my locker I let out a sigh, knowing that nothing too extreme has happened. I spoke all to soon, because as soon as I opened my locker I found It covered in sticky liquid! Yes! All of my books are ruined! My teachers would never believe me, they always sided with higher rankings, you know the jocks and chearleaders? So I never bother with complaining to anybody anymore, it wasn't like I was ever listened to. This is why I hate this place so much. I've never done anything to hurt any of them, I haven't even let a bad comment slip while near any of them because I know to well that there'll always be a price to pay as I learnt that one to many times.

I couldn't wait till I graduated. I was allowed to skip a year, so that means I could graduate a year early, and leave this place. I don't think my Dad would approve of my plans or even allow me to leave with out a suitable reason, but he doesn't no what I'm going through.

After Chemistry, I found Amelia waiting for me. If you haven't guessed yet, Amelia, Amy for short, is my bestfriend and my only friend. She was short, even shorter than me, and that is saying allot. She had cherry blonde hair and light hazel eyes, just like her brother. Her brother is Tristian, the schools hot shot and player. Tristian is the future alpha of the Silver moon pack.

Amy is amazing, she is like a sister to me. I am grateful that I have her, she stands by me and has never left me, even after everyone turned against me. Cheesy I know, but she is like a rock, I knew she would always be there if I ever needed someone to lean on. I smiled at her as we walked to our next class. English Lit, another subject that I get straight A's for.


School was over, and as much as I hate school, I was dreading the rest if the day even more.

Amy dropped me off home, and as I walked in, I smelt something beautiful! Smells like ramen noodles! I absolutely ADORE ramen and dad knows just how to test me after a long Monday. As I walk in, I couldn't help but admire our house. It had creamy white tiles all over the floor and the walls were creamy coloured as well. The walls were covered with pictures of us from when we where little, it brings back such great memories but that's the past now.

There was a couple of Dad and Julie's wedding and loads of Dad, Mom and I. I felt my eyes prickling at the thought of my beautiful mother. Her hair was blood red and her eyes where ocean blue just like mines. I got my eyes and hair from my mum but I got my lips and my tanned skin from my father. Mum was so beautiful, the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Her name was Delilah. Delilah Moralas.

As I walked into the kitchen, I saw my dad dishing up my noodles! My belly rumbled as I was never allowed to eat in the morning when Brian and Brittney were there. They would say that I was too fat to have anything, and took my breakfast away from me saying that they were doing me a 'favour'.

"DAD!" I shouted as I practically dived on him.

"Oh hey Lee! How was school today?" He asked as he kissed my forehead.

"Nothing new Daddy." I answered trying to clear all bitterness from my voice. But it really was nothing new, I was used to being treated this way by other pack members.

He nodded as he shoved his noodles in his mouth.

Dad and I ate in silence, with a few comments here and there. After I ate, I washed the dishes and made dinner for the devils. If you're wondering Brittney and Brian were, well Brittney was probably screwing someone she just met, like always, and Brian is upstairs in the games room with his friends, and I took that as a sign itself, to stay away. I wouldn't want a repeat of yesterday. My whole body still felt bruised and numb. They thought it would be even funner to see who could cause the most pain on me. It hurt even more that Tristan took part in their so called 'fun'. He had always promised that he would stick by me no matter what and promised me that bestfriends would always be there for eachother no matter what. I guess people can change, even the ones you had expected to be with you till the end. But as they say, promises are meant to be broken.

I kept my emotionless facade on till I reached my room, the place nobody dared enter and the place I could take this mask off. So with that I showered and let all the traitorous tears falls till there was no more to let out.

I slipped out of the bath and dried myself with my towel. I put on my oversized pajamas and got in to my bed. I prepared myself for another nightmare.


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