War at Sea

For the picture prompt competition :)


1. War at Sea

  It was a warzone at sea, chaos all around, surrounding me. My vision was blurred, I stumbled around as we were engulfed in thick clouds of smoke. The skies were gloomy, grey, setting the mood for all of us. The enemy was closing in, rapidly picking up the pace, aiming their canons directly at us.

  Our ship was being invaded, behind us was a larger, more powerful one. They towered over us and we had no chance of defeating them, we would almost certainly be pulverised. Their battleship was dark, mysterious. It was covered in seaweed and slime, but clearly the captain wasn't too bothered about it. The crew were preparing for the attack, hurrying back and fourth, shouting at each other in urgent tones. Some, like me, simply stood, frozen, gazing at the enemy with astonishment.

   "Defend the ship, defend the ship!"  Captain Smith yelled out hysterically, he was starring at the invaders with wide eyes. He knew it was pointless, but we refused to go down without a fight. There was nowhere to hide. I felt uncomfortably exposed, grasping my sharp sword in my hand, attempting to look threatening but failing miserably. The captain turned to glance at me encouragingly and I nodded once in reply. Positive thoughts, Dan, positive thoughts... Although that tends to be rather difficult when you know you're about to die.

  I hesitated, unsure of what I could possibly do to help. My eardrums felt like they were about to burst, I couldn't focus on a single sound. The waves crashing fiercly against the ship, spitting onto the deck, the blasts from the enemy canons, men panicking, it was all too much!

  I just continued to stand, feet apart, as the enemy ship came up quickly beside us.

  Total war broke out in seconds. The men from the enemy ship called out deafening battle cries as numerous invaders grabbed onto the ropes, hooked to their ship, and swung across the ocean between us before flinging themselves onto ours, landing with a loud thud. They were all muscular and extremely intimidating, wearing disgustingly dirty rags that looked as if they hadn't been washed for months.

  The crew rushed over to meet them, fighting desperately to defend our ship, but we weren't built for it. Most of us were about half the size of those brutes. Swords clashed together, creating a horrible piercing noise. The only one here who could stand a chance against them was Ethan. Ethan! I'd completely forgotten him in all the current mayhem.

  I scanned the ship, trying to concentrate on spotting his face. He suddenly emerged from inside the control room, instantly engaging in the war. His jet black hair was ruffled up messily, his white shirt ripped. He rushed to the aid of a fellow crew member and slashed his opponent swiftly on the back. He was an incredible swordsman. I recognised the man he helped as Jack, a deep wound on his forehead, bood gushing down his face. Another man with rather defined features, slender shoulders, and a bony nose dashed over to him and Jack flung his arm over his shoulders as the man assisted him off the deck, taking refuge in the control room.

  I turned my attention back to Ethan and gasped. He was overwhelmed with enemy pirates, intensely striving to shield himself against them. Without thinking, I bolted over to the other side of the deck, but suddenly a burly pirate stepped out in front of me, blocking my way. He smirked at me arrogantly, raising his bloodstained sword above his head.

  I held mine clumsily, not wanting to look like a coward. So this was it then... I prepared myself for the pain and closed my eyes stupidly. After a couple of seconds I wondered why he hadn't struck yet. I opened my eyes to find him curled up on the wooden floorboards in a pool of blood. I gaped up at my saviour, Ethan, and began to shake. I ...I could have ...

"Thanks." I murmured, barely audible.

"No problem mate, now let's get out of here." He said, his voice rough.

  We made our way to the end of the deck and another pirate came at us. Ethan slashed him on the forearm effortlessly and the enemy absconded, narrowly escaping a life threatening blow to the head from one of our crew.

  I suddenly noticed the other pirates on the enemy ship. They were dressed in red and held long guns, firing them at random. One man was aiming directly at me. I froze, heart racing. My body began to quiver from the pure adrenaline coursing through my veins.

"What are you doing, Dan! MOVE!" Ethan screamed, but I was unable to move my limbs. His voice was like a small echo in the distance, far away. The man fired and Ethan leapt in front of the bullet, crashing to the floor, smacking his head on a hard crate of supplies.

  I cried out in horror. I kneeled down beside him, oblivious to the war around me, and watched helplessly as he had a convulsion, blood pouring from his chest. His breathing became irregular and I knew he wouldn't pull through. No...no. This was all my fault...

"Ethan, I'm so sorry-"

"No, don't be. Just ... promise me something." He demanded. How could I not? He took a bullet for me.

"Anything." I waited as he grabbed me by the arm, squeezing painfully hard, but I made no sound.

"Survive." He whispered and his eyes fluttered closed.

"Ethan? Ethan, please... no, don't leave me..." I checked his pulse...he was gone.

  I felt a sudden surge of anger and took his sword as well as my own, destroying everyone who dared to challenge me in vengeance.

  The men in red were firing countless bombs and bullets at our ship which shook violently after every one. The ship was too fragile, it couldn't withstand the continuous blasts to the side, it was falling apart.

   I scrambled up to the sails, climbing up onto the poles and grasped onto them for dear life. Our ship was sinking, slowly. Water flooded the deck and fragments of the ship were floating in the ocean, being swept away. I watched as one man was shot in the calf. He dropped his sword in the ocean, and after losing his balance, he fell head first into the sea. I thrust my arm out but it was too late, there was no way he could have reached it anyway. He disappeared silently, swept away by the ocean. He never resurfaced.

  I panicked as the ship began to sink quicker, I had to keep my promise. I frantically searched for something to grab onto, a large piece of wood, anything. There was only four people left on the sails, everyone else had perished or drowned in the ocean. I looked up, the enemy pirates were laughing, starring down at us as if we were as small and insignificant as ants.

  Then I plunged into the sea, gasping as the frozen water knocked the breath out of my lungs. I couldn't fight the current, it was too strong. A large wave crashed on top of me and I was sucked underwater, disorientated and terrified. This was the end. I became exhausted, failing to reach the surface, my lungs bursting. I was sinking, along with the remains of my beloved ship, deeper and deeper into the depths of the ocean...



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