Justin couldn't be any happier then he was now. He had everything he could ever want. He had his fans, his tour and his amazing girlfriend, Selena Gomez. But things don't always last. In reality there has to be some heartbreak.


5. Thinking About You

Justin's POV

Long enough to know that you don't trust me.

Selena's voice ran though my mind. It's been bothering me for two days. I can't eat and I can't sleep. I think I have insomnia.

I've been calling her like crazy every chance I get. But she won't text me or call.

I looked at my phone and raised my eyebrows in shock. I hadn't noticed the text she sent me.

Don't wanna talk, okay?

I felt my stomach drop. Why hadn't I seen this earlier. I slammed my hand down on the table before exiting iMessage and clicked twitter. Scooter told me to tweet something today since I haven't tweeted in a while.

I was about to click on a new tweet when I saw a tweet.

@Selenasfav: awe Belena are absolutely adorable. But what happened to Jelena?

Belena? What?

I typed Brelena into the search on twitter and saw thousands of tweets about them. There were pictures of Selena and a guy with his arm wrapped around her shoulder leaving a club.

What the fuck?

Selena's POV

I woke up the next morning a slight grin plastered on my face. Last night was amazing. Brodie was amazing.

Wait, what about Justin?

I turned around in my bed only to see a mope of curly hair on the white pillow beside mine. I suddenly felt a pair of arms tighten around my bare waist. I looked down to see that I was indeed naked.

I jumped out of bed and pulled on my silk robe. I grabbed my glasses off the night stand and looked at the sleeping figure in my bed.

"Baby, come back to bed." The person spoke in very sexy voice. The person yanked me back under the covers and pinned me under their body that was also naked. I gulped the lump in my throat suddenly feeling claustrophobic.

"Selena you looked so beautiful last night. Like a princess." The persons hot breath tickled my neck as they spoke. I could feel their lips graze my neck with soft pecks. When he found my sweet spot I couldn't control myself. I let my fingers run through his soft hair as he sucked on my neck. I let out a few moans before finally realizing what I was doing.

"Stop." I pushed the person off of me but they just flipped me over so I was on top straddling his waist. I finally got a good look at the guy and my eyes almost popped of my head.

"Brodie?" I croaked.

Brodie smirked before sitting up on his elbows.

"So babe, what's up?" He asked while tugging on my robe.

I glared at him before tightening the strap.

"What are you doing here? Naked might I had!" I whispered-screamed.

Brodie stared at me in confusion.

"You don't remember last night?" Brodie asked with a sigh. I shook my head.

"What about last night?"

Brodie scratched his arm awkwardly before speaking.

"We'll it all happened after you said good night..."

We were walking side by side until we finally got to your door. I had sobered up quite a bit but you were still very tipsy doing thinks like giggling a lot and crashing into things.

"You've got to be kidding me! I was still drunk?" I screamed.

Brodie laughed. "Let me continue."

I let out a sight but let him continue anyways.

Anyways, I had brought you to your door. I kissed you on the cheek and told you I had fun.

"Yknow, we should do this more often." Selena spoke in a seductive tone.

"Of course, you could always come hang out with me when I'm hosting a party." I gave her an innocent smile.

"Brodie, you and I both know that's not what I'm talking about."

You laughed before stumbling and falling into my arms.

"C'mon, you are to drunk. I'll help you inside."

You gave me your key and I helped you to your bedroom. I told you to say right there while I could you a glass of water. When I got back I found you only in your underwear.

"What?!? Why would I do something like that?" I pulled the robe around me even tighter then before. I was feeling slightly insecure right now.

Brodie coughed making the situation even more awkward.

I slapped him in the arm. "This is serious Rod. Please don't tell me we did anything." I covered my face with my hands feeling embarrassed.

"Sel, I promise we didn't do anything. I would never violate you like that. You're beautiful and I want to get to know you before anything that serious happens. Understand I'm not like that."

"Okay, I believe you, but why was I naked and you too?"

Brodie shrugged. "When you went to bed you begged me to stay. I gave you my shirt to sleep in and that's what you fell asleep in. And for me, I'm not naked, I'm wearing boxers."

I looked down and he was telling the truth. Calvin Klein boxers were on him. When I looked up Brodie was blushing.

"Did you want to see me naked or something?"

I laughed while playfully punching his chest.

"No, but thanks for telling me the truth."

I flopped down beside him.

"No problem beautiful."

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