Justin couldn't be any happier then he was now. He had everything he could ever want. He had his fans, his tour and his amazing girlfriend, Selena Gomez. But things don't always last. In reality there has to be some heartbreak.


4. Don't Wanna Talk, Okay?

Selena's POV

I got back to my hotel after my fight with Justin to get ready for tonight. I just needed some space right now so partying tonight will be great.

I decided on wearing a crop top that said L.A on the front and a black and white stripped skirt. I paired it with some black heels and left my hair in its natural curls and put some simple makeup on.

Once I was finished, it was around 8:30. Brodie texted me before telling me the address and the time so I left my hotel room once I was done.

I finally got to the club and noticed there was a lot of people there. The music was already blasting as I walked past people grinding and drinking.

I finally made it to the turn tables and saw Brodie. He was at his laptop facing the other way so I jumped on him.

"Hey." I laughed.

Brodie smiled before pulling me into a hug. "Thanks for coming Selena. By the way, you look beautiful."

I couldn't help but blush. I gave Brodie another hug before pulling away.

"So, it seems like tonight's going to be crazy!" I spoke over the bass.

"Ya it looks like a lot of people showed up."

I watched Brodie for a while as he got the crowd pumped up. He was pretty good at it too.

"Let's get a drink."

We walked over to the bar and ordered a couple shots.

"Cheers to new friendship." I felt a slight pang in my chest when he said that. I couldn't help it. I grabbed two more shots before we got back to the turn tables.

"Hey you wanna dance?" He asked while putting his headphones down.

"Sure." I made it to the dance floor and I felt Brodie grabbed my hands and turn me around. I suddenly stiffened up and he noticed. I felt his hot breath against my neck as he whispered.

"Don't worry, I won't do anything if you don't want me too."

I relaxed against his hard chest and let him move us. His hands rested in the middle of my waist so I pulled them down making them sit on my hips. I slowly started to move in sync with the music, my hips moving in a rhythm that shocked me.

I hadn't danced like this with anyone else but Justin and it honestly felt great to let lose.

Brodie's breath was still against my neck letting chills run all over my body. I relaxed even more and let my head rest against his chest leaving my neck open.

Maybe I was drunk, or maybe I wasn't. But when Brodie's lips came in contact with my neck I didn't so anything. I stayed still and let it happen.

A small moan escaped my lips before I felt Brodie's hands slip father down until they reached my ass. His hands gripped the area making me groan. One minute he's all gentle and the next he's ruff. I couldn't take it.

"Do you feel what I'm feeling?" His raspy voice exploded into my ear. I nodded my head.

Brodie turned me around before crashing our lips together. I wrapped my hands around his neck and let my fingers ran freely though his hair.

Our bodies were pressed together against others as they danced around us. But that didn't stop us.

When I finally pulled away all I could imagine was ripping his clothes off and pinning down on a bed.

"Come on." He grabbed my hand and laced our fingers together. We walked towards the back of the club before Brodie pulled me into a dark room.

I looked around for a bit trying to adjust my eyes to the total darkness. When I felt ones arms around my waist I almost screamed.

"Hey, hey. It just me." Brodie's reassured. I sighed out in relief.

"Are you alright?" He turned on a light brightening the room.

"Ya just a little shaken up."

Brodie nodded before pulling me into a hug.

"Come on, I'll take you home."

Brodie dropped me off at my hotel and kissed my cheek goodbye. I walked into my room and fell on the bed. Tonight was interesting.

I grabbed my phone out of my clutch and saw that Justin texted me 85 times and called 55. I sighed and texted him back.

Don't wanna talk, okay?

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