Justin couldn't be any happier then he was now. He had everything he could ever want. He had his fans, his tour and his amazing girlfriend, Selena Gomez. But things don't always last. In reality there has to be some heartbreak.


6. Don't Wanna Lose Your Love

Justin's POV

I stuffed my hands in my pockets as I approached the tour bus. The paps were swimming around the crew screaming questions.

"Justin, is it true that Selena's cheating on you?"

I flinched when I heard that. I hope not.

"Justin do you know about Belena?" Of course I did. It's all over twitter and everywhere else.

I kept my head down until someone pushed through the barrier of my bodyguards and spoke in my face.

"Justin, does Selena even love you? Was she using you? Tell us!"


I pushed past the interviewer and ran into my bus. I can't believe that just happened. Now every will know something's really wrong. But that's okay cause I'm gonna find out first.


Selena's POV

I've only known Brodie for about two weeks now and he feels like my best friend. Sometimes we go to the studio and he helps we with my album. Other days he takes me out to a club so we can party. We've become so close that I'm slowly starting to forget about Justin.

Justin, my current boyfriend and the love of my life. I still love him but if he can't even trust me then what's the point in being in this relationship.

"Hey, are you alright?" I looked up over the racks in a store to Brodie. Today we're shopping but my minds been elsewhere.

"Ya, I guess." I felt Brodie's strong arms wrap around my waist before pulling me in.

"Whatever it is you can tell me."

I let a sigh out while running my fingers through my long hair.

"I think I'm gonna break up with Justin." I blurted out. I could feel my cheeks reddening and Brodie's eyes widened.

"What? You can't do that!" He exclaimed.

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Why not?"

"Because if Justin ever finds out that I was the one who broke Jelena up my whole career will be ruined. I'm sorry Sel, but I can't let you do that."

I stared at him in shock. "I-I thought you wanted me to break it off, so we could be together..."

He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

"I think it's best if we just stick to being friends Selena. It for your own good. You don't want to be involved with me emotionally."

I bit my lip from crying. I've never been rejected before. Maybe that's what Justin felt like when I first rejected him.

I was at Justin's place watching a movie and we had been sitting quite close. His hand was draped around my shoulder and I had my head rested on his chest. We were watching a scary film and I couldn't keep my eyes on the screen for a second.

"Aw, are you scared Selena." Justin cooed in my ear. I nodded my head in his chest. I could feel the vibration of his chuckle making me look up.

"Hey it's not funny." I pouted my lip. I stared up at him and for a brief second, my heart skipping a beat. I watched as Justin leaned forward his lips only inches away from mine.

I pulled back in shock.

When Justin noticed that I wasn't kissing him back he pulled away with his face bright red.

"Uh, sorry, but I think it's best that we stay friends."

After that incident, I went on Ellen for an interview.

"So, everyone thinks you and Justin are an item. Is that true?" Ellen asked. She gave me a playful smirk waiting for my answer.

I giggled. "Justin? He's like a brother to me. I can't, no!" I laughed it off but in the back of my mind I knew I liked Justin more than friends and I also new this was going to hurt him bad.

"Fine. I'll get out of your way. Maybe I'll go see Justin."

I quickly got out of the store while Brodie called my name. I didn't care anymore. At least Justin wanted me.

Justin's POV

I had found out were Selena was staying at so with my powerful celebrity ways I got access to her room. Just like a spy I decided to wear all black. Black supras, black skinnys, black wife beater and a black hoodie. I slide the card through the door and started looking around.

At first I found nothing. In the bath, the kitchen, living room too were all empty. I made it to her bedroom and that's when I found some evidence.

On her bed was a Flanagan that was black and red, for a DUDE. Not mine. I picked it up just to make sure and it was for sure not mine.

I could feel the anger boiling within myself. I was about to leave with the shirt in my head when my phone vibrated.

From: Selena

Hey babe. Sorry about what happened the other day. Come meet me at Starbucks in an hour to talk.

I let out a sigh. Now she wants to meet.

I grabbed the shirt and started heading out the door.

Whatever is going on with Selena needs to end because I don't wanna lose her love.

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