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Ciara is just a 19 year old girl that is turning 20 who never had never let anyone in her heart sides her best friend Travis and her parents. She is easy but she won't trust or love you that easy. But it all change when she meet a cute Irish lad from the member of One Direction, Niall Horan.

As for sweet and loving Travis, He's been kick out of his own parents house at age 12 for being gay. The love of music has helped him up. And the best band in the world that is #1 idol. One Direction. His life as well change when he realise his crush in the of One Direction is gay and also falls deeply in love with him.

Would Ciara and Travis fall madly, deeply in love with the lads or will Ciara try her best not to let Niall into her heart and go on with her life. READ AND FIND OUT.


4. Chapter 3

Ciara's POV


I finally got back home from work very tired. Then now I realise I'm still going clubbing with Travis for my birthday today. Ugh, WHY? Travis is so annoying. Speaking of Travis where is he anyways. He better not be doing nothing stupid. I don't want to pay any damage he's done. I plop on the couch and shut my eyes when my phone started to ring. Oh god I will kill him if he did anything. I picked up my phone and swa an unknown number. 


"Hello?" I ask. For some reason I heard a lot of giggling.


"Hi, this is the manager of Toy's R Us and we want to let you know that we have six boys fooling around here can you please Ciara... pick them up?" Oh boy, what did Travis do... wait what? Six boys? Who is he hanging out with?


"Umm... yeah, I'll go pick them up." I said getting up. Good thing I have a car and a Van.






I got to Toy's R Us with the van. I got out and head inside in the back where workers takes breaks. I went in and my eyes widen. Travis and One Direction. Oh that's right, I put Niall in charge of Travis. Well... he's a bad babysitter. I put both hands on my hips and sigh. What I'm going to do with Travis. The door open and it was the manager of this store. 


"Thanks for coming Ciara." She said and smile.Like I said everybody knows me because of Travis.


"Glad to come." I said glareing at Travis then to Niall. "Sorry for all there trouble, Dani." I apologize as also for Travis.


"Don't worry Ciara it's not the first time this happen." That's so true. We all left to mine and Travis apartment. I  didn't really care if they knew. It's not like they are going to come everyday. Once all of them sat down, I look at them. 


"Well guys, explain what happen?"



Travis' POV



We all got back to the apartment and... well she's pissed, I know that but this time it wasn't my fault. Harry decided to got to Toys R Us for the heck of it. I really didn't want to get in trouble but he was calling me chicken so I went for it. I didn't understand why Liam didn't stop him. He's the daddy for crappy sakes. I might ask Louis or Niall why. I know there being them but when that Dani chick... yes I know the name. I know a lot of managers name. Got to admit it was fun. I didn't regret it, really but right now I feel so sorry for One Direction because one, Niall suppose to be my 'babysitter'. Two, it's Harry fault, and three, well she probably thought Liam would control them.


"Well guys, explain what happen?" she said very mad. All of us kept sharing glance but my eyes landed on Harry and so did he. I right away look away to look at Ciara.


"Well Harry wanted to go to Toys R Us for the fun of it." She quickly look at Niall. 


"And you let them have that fun?" She ask. Niall was about to speak when Liam butt in.


"We didn't want to upset Harry." He explain. 


"Why is he mental."


"You don't have to be harsh about it." It was now Louis' turn to butt in. 


"I'm sorry for being harsh but I wasn't born yester. Harry, I'm sorry for calling you mental. Niall, at least did you try to take of Travis here?" 


"I'm not a baby."


"I'm your best friend that looks after you like my little brother since the 5th grade!" She said. I stayed quiet, I know she's been looking out for me since the 5th grade. Ever since my own parents kick me out. I had no one but Ciara and her parents. "Travis... I love you, ok." I just nod. 


"I know, same for me I'm sorry Ciara even though it's Harry's fault." 


"Ok, I forgive you." She said with a smirk. "Go get ready remember we're going to the club. Even though I don't want to go." She mutter the last part. I chuckle and shook my head. 


"So you guys going to a club, huh?" Harry said. I  look at him and see that he's a little jealous which is weird. 


"Yeah, you guys want to come. The whole reason I'm going because Travis wants to celebrate my birthday in a club." She roll her eyes, I did the same. "But I'm not drinking. Beer taste nasty." I started to laugh at the face she did.


"C'mon Ciara, we are Irish. We all love beer."


"Yeah Ciara we all love beer." Niall but in. Thank you, I know he's Irish so, 2 for 1, she lost. 


"Fun fact about that-"


"Ugh!!!" I groan, cutting her off. She's always given those speach, it's annoying, "Please don't start that speach please? I love you but don't." 


"Fine I won't but hurry so we can go cause it's 6:30 and we have an hour an a half." From that she left to her room.


"So I guess we are going clubing." Harry mutter. I didn't know what his problem is but me being me, I glared at him. It's Ciara's birthday so I don't want it to be ruin by someone is jealous of... I don't know! I really need to know. It's driving me insane.


"I guess so but you don't have to if you don't want to." 


"Oh no, I'm going I want to dance with other girls... ow! What? What bar are we going to, a gay bar?"


"Actually that's where we are going." We all turn and see my beautiful best friend in her favorite dress, favorite heels (Which I'm the one that bought it), and finally Make-up. I look to see to see Niall staring at her like she was they're the only person in this apartment. Ciara isn't much of an open person but I do know everything. I hope Niall will change her, as the looks of it... they both like each other, It's just Ciara never showed it but I could tell.




Ciara's POV




I went into my room and plop on my bed. Ugh!! I really don't want to go. It's not my thing but it's a good thing we are going to a gay bar. Travis loves going there so I don't mind going Last person I dated was a girl name bella. Yes, a girl. Don't judge, I don't really  date at all. I'm not an open person, never tell people everything, not even my parents. Travis is the only on that knows everything of me. He gets my problem in life, He knows I'm bi- well so does my parents but they don't judge. They love me for me and that's why my parents let Travis live with us. I love my parents but for some reason I don't open up to them only to Travis. I sigh not feeling like going but I have to. Getting up, I walked to my walk in closet and took out my favorite dress, black and long. Putting on my heels that Trav bought me, I put on a little bit of make-up and did my hair.

When I was done. I walk out of my room but stop when I heard Harry. 


"Oh no, I'm going I want to dance with other girls." That pissed me off. What the hell is his problem. I see Liam elbow him really hard. I looked at Travis seeing him frown. That baster better not hurt him. "Ow! What? What bar are we going, to a gay bar?" 


"Actually that's where we are going." I said angry. They all turn to me and Travis' and Niall's eyes went wide. I smile a little to them and went to sit next Travis still feeling their gaze on me. "What?" I ask. 


"You look beautiful Ciara... My baby is growing up so fast." Travis said fake crying. I laugh shaking my head. This boy is everything to me. I love him to death and forever. I smile to him and hug him. I feel Harry's gaze well everybody is but Harry is giving us a jealousy gaze but I don't care. Travis is my best friend so why be jealous. I pull away and realize that I was crying when Travis whipped my tears away and smile to me. 


"Thank you Trav, for being by my saide, good and bad, I love you so much. " I told him. 


"That's what best friends are for, I love you back babe." He wink and I giggle. 


"You guys have a really strong relationships." Liam said with a smile and we smile back at him. 


"Thanks Liam." I said. "Let's go to the club, yeah?" they all nod as we all head out to their van and heat to the gay bar.




In class and decided to finish this. I'm writing the story as u guys read this. It will be up maybe next month.


--- Heidi :) <3

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