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Ciara is just a 19 year old girl that is turning 20 who never had never let anyone in her heart sides her best friend Travis and her parents. She is easy but she won't trust or love you that easy. But it all change when she meet a cute Irish lad from the member of One Direction, Niall Horan.

As for sweet and loving Travis, He's been kick out of his own parents house at age 12 for being gay. The love of music has helped him up. And the best band in the world that is #1 idol. One Direction. His life as well change when he realise his crush in the of One Direction is gay and also falls deeply in love with him.

Would Ciara and Travis fall madly, deeply in love with the lads or will Ciara try her best not to let Niall into her heart and go on with her life. READ AND FIND OUT.


3. Chapter 2

Ciara's POV 



"Ciara, you could go on you 20 minutes lunch." Adrian said to me. I nod to him and went to grab my bag then left to mine and Travis' Favorite spot to hang out. When I got there I didn't see him there. Where could he be? I texted him asking where he's at and to hurry up cause I only had 20 minutes to eat with him. I went and order our usual. I saw Travis in our same spot where we always eat so I walk up to him when I got our food.


"Hey Travis." I greeted to him. He look up and smile. 


"Hey babe, hows?" He ask. He has always call me his babe almost all the time. It's not weird at all. 


"Good actually guess who I saw at the store?"


"Bob?" I gave him a 'what the fuck' look.


"Dude why bring up Bob? He doesn't live here in LA no more." Bob was one of are good friend back high school. He got accepted in Uni in Florida. Lucky.


"I don't know. Who did you see"


"Lets just say a person that's in a group you like." His eyes widen. Son easy to know.


"Omg! You saw Harry two."


"Wait what, no. Did you?" He started to blush. 


"Umm yeah I-I did. He started flirting with me." What!?


"He did! I thought he's straight as a ruler?" I ask.


"I don't know, he confuse me, I had a..." He trail off. Ohh I know what.


"Bloody hell Trav. Did you took care of it?"


"Yes I'm not stupid." He blush even more. I started to laugh. As we were eating, I look up and my eyes widen. Niall and Harry are walking towards us.


"Hi, mind if we join you guys?" Niall ask. Travis froze once he saw both of them standing there. He's Fanboying. If that's even a word.


"Sure, sit." I smile. Niall sat next to me and Harry sat across from me and sat next to Travis. His dream has came true. ^__^


"So do you guys live close?" Niall ask.


"Yeah since freshman year. We go to College now."


"You guys live together?" Harry ask to quickly. I wonder why.


"Yes we do live together." I said wrapping my arm around Travis and he frown but then block his emotion. I ask," Do you have a girlfriend by any chance."


"U-U-Umm no. He - I mean she broke up with me." Harry look sad.


"Ciara a word please." Niall said right away. I nod as we both got up and head to another table. "Can you keep a secret?" He ask. What? I'm surprise he wants to tell me something but what surprise me the most that it's a secret. Does he really trust me?


"Yeah?" I said with a confuse look. He started to think a little. 


"Harry," He pause and think more. "He is not straight. He's gay. When he said that his 'girlfriend' broke up with him. His boyfriend did, he is a mess right now and for some reason, he likes your boyfriend and-"


"Whoa, whoa. What? Travis is not my boyfriend... He's... also gay. He actually have a crush on Harry since forever."


"So you guys are not dating?"


"No." We stay quiet for awhile. I check my phone for the time. I only have 3 minutes till my break is over. "I have to go can you two keep an eye on him?"




"Every time I go back to work, he gets in trouble by other store and all the staff from every store knows me." I tell him and he laugh. 


"Ok, We will." I smile at him.


"Thank you, here." I said. I wrote my number and hand it to him. "Call me or text if he's in trouble. I would be out in three hours but right now I really have to go." I said bye to him and left back to work.




Travis' POV




As Ciara and Niall left and sat somewhere else. I sat alone with the guy I have a crush on since there X Factor year. 


"So what do you like to do." Harry ask me. I felt butterflies in my stomach. He has that affect on me. I shiffed myself in my seat.

"Umm... I play futbol Which American say soccer." I said. 


"Cool, Louis loves soccer. Maybe you could play with us." What? I get to meet Louis... to meet my second favorite member in the group.


"Yeah I would like that." I smile at him. I look where Ciara and Niall are at and see that she's leaving to work, oh, fine then don't say bye to me. Niall came to us and sat next to Harry. He looks at me and smile. Hell, I just want to hug him. 


"So Travis, what would you like to do?" He ask.


"Umm..." I hummed but Harry cut me off.


"He likes to play soccer. We should so invite him to play with us." 


"That's a good idea. Louis would love to have another person to play. What do you think Harry?" Niall wink at him and he blush madly.


"Lads we need to go." Someone said behind me. I turn around and see Liam standing next to me and smile. " Hey there." He greeted me. 


"H-Hi." God I got to stop stuttering.


"This is Travis he's a fan." Harry said smiling really big. It is a breathtaking smile.


"Well nice to meet you Travis are you friends with them?" Boy, I wish I am but you could say that since I'm talking to them.


"Of course he is Liam. He's also a cutie." I blush when he said that. "Can he come with us?" He ask Liam.


"I don't know, what do you think Niall?" I look at Niall and see that he's looking at Harry like he knows something. Oh god, What does he knows. He smirk at Harry then look at Liam. 


"I think he should and plus his  friend ask me to keep and eye on him." I frown. 


"She just say that cause she knows I might get in trouble." I said. Niall put his arm around my shoulder and smile at me.


"That's what I said but then she told me what you do so..." Dam Ciara. I groan and put my head down. Ciara I will get you. Payback.




There you go. Sorry for a late update. Hope you like it. 


Happy 22th Birthday Louis.


--- Heidi <3 :)

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