Truly Madly Deeply <3

Ciara is just a 19 year old girl that is turning 20 who never had never let anyone in her heart sides her best friend Travis and her parents. She is easy but she won't trust or love you that easy. But it all change when she meet a cute Irish lad from the member of One Direction, Niall Horan.

As for sweet and loving Travis, He's been kick out of his own parents house at age 12 for being gay. The love of music has helped him up. And the best band in the world that is #1 idol. One Direction. His life as well change when he realise his crush in the of One Direction is gay and also falls deeply in love with him.

Would Ciara and Travis fall madly, deeply in love with the lads or will Ciara try her best not to let Niall into her heart and go on with her life. READ AND FIND OUT.


2. Chapter 1

Ciara's POV


I groan out of no where at the fact that One Direction is here in LA. Don't judge me I don't hate the lads. They do have good music, but the fact they are almost everywhere you see... I just... Well Travis loves them so yeah. We did saw them in concert like three times. The third time we got VIP passes and saw them in person. Not going to lie they are cute in person, even Niall. Travis loves Harry because of his dimples. I shook my head a little and focus on work. It's grand that there here but I do wish I stop thinking about them.


"Ciara, can you help this young man over there?" My manager Adrian said. I look at him and nod. I walk up to the blonde lad that's by the guy side.


"May I help you?" I ask in my Irish accent. I've lived here in the US since my freshmen year in high school and still have my accent. He turn to me and smile. My eyes widen. Oh my god, it's Niall from One Direction.


"Yes, by any chance you have a shirt in my size?" He ask still staring at me. I hope he doesn't recognized me.



Niall's POV


We got to the hotel now waiting so we could go out and shop. I really need some new shirt. I heard about this store Rue 21 that they have cool and funny shirts. Two hours later Paul came in and said we could go out. We all walk out and head to the van.


"So where do we stop lads?" Liam said


"Lets go to the mall." Harry said.


"We always go there Harold. We end up getting chase." said Louis and Harry pout. I hate when he does that. It always work on me.


"C'mon Lou, let Harry pick this time."


"He picks almost everyday." Louis protest. We don't have no other choice. Louis is right, we always let him pick first but this time is different.


"He just broke up with his boyfriend, Louis. This is different." Liam said.


Louis sigh and said "Fine." We all stay quite till we got the mall. I put on glasses and hoodie and the lads did the same. We head in the mall and good thing no one notice us at all. 


"Guys I'm going that way." I say walking in my own direction. I saw the sign 'Rue 21' so I head there. When I walk in, I was greeted by a man maybe in his early twenty. I went to the boys section and see a lot cool shirts that say funny stuffs.


"May I help you?" I heard a female voice, with and Irish accent? I turn to see who it was and it was a beautiful girl with long brown hair and with light brown eyes. Her eyes widen but not for long. I think she knew who I was but didn't show any emotion. She look familiar though.


"Yes, by any chance you have this shirt in my size?" I ask still staring at her. I'm not trying to creep her out. She just look so familiar, like I have seen her at one of our concerts.


"Umm... we should, I'll go check in the back." She said, I nod to her and she turn to her heels and walk to the back. Little than five minutes she came back with three shirts.


"I'm sorry I didn't know what size you wear so I brought you a small, Medium, and large." she said shyly. 


"I'm a Medium but thank you." I said giving her a smile which I got in return. She went back to work and I went back getting some clothes, buy them, and head looking for the rest of the lads. I still can't get this girl off my head. She is so familiar. I hope I see her again.



Travis' POV


I decided to go the mall since I was bloody bored in our apartment. I text Ciara that I would eat lunch with her, even though I do that when ever I go to the mall and shop. I lived with Ciara since the 5th grade. I know what your thinking. Well, my parents kick me out cause I told them that I'm gay. Ciara's parents are nice to let me stay and live with them. Three years later we graduated middle school and Ciara's Parents said we were moving to the US and start high school there. We made really good friends there. Everybody didn't care that I was gay. I am openly gay and I'm proud of it. After high school, we both got accepted in the same college. We did plan on living together since little kids. That have never change for us.


I was now in Spencer looking at the cool stuff. no, not the nasty ones. I didn't know where I was going when I bump into someone.


"I'm sorry, I didn't -" I stop right away. Oh my god, I bumped into Harry freanken Styles.


"Don't worry it's fine." He smile showing his dimples. Ugh... I love those dimples! I look away because I was blushing madly. "What's your name?" He ask. He's asking for my name! Someone pinch me I must be dreaming.


"T-T-Travis." I stutter. Dam. He chuckle a little, oh my god that's cute.


"My names Harry."


"I know, I'm a fan. I love your guys music." I tell him.


"Really. Well it's nice to see a cute fan." He wink at me. I blush even more, if that possible. He's the death of me. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket so I took it out and cheek. It was a text from Ciara. 



C: Where are you? I have 20 minutes, so hurry. 



My eyes widen. I forgot about our lunch. I look up at Harry and said "I need to go... Nice meeting you." I walk out without him saying bye. I texted Ciara and told her that I'm on my way.




Harry's POV




He's so cute. I couldn't help but to smile every time he blush. He left once he looked at his text. Maybe meeting someone. Who knows but I really want to see him again. Is it possible to like someone you just met?


I met with the lads when I was done shopping and so far no fans in sight. Liam was right, I do need to get over Danny. All he did was treat me like shit. Starting now, he's off my mind. I snap out of my thoughts when I found Niall sitting down on a bench looking at something.


"Hey mate, what you doing?" I ask him. He jump and look at me.


"Bloody hell Harry you scared the crap out of me." He said. I started to laugh. everybody stared at us while walking pass us but I didn't care.


When my laughter die down I ask again. "What are you doing that made me scared you?"


"Oh... Umm..." He trail off. I look at his direction, he's looking and see a girl and... Travis? I guess he's not gay after all. Niall notice my sudden action.


"Harry, you alright?" He ask. I nod




"Do you know him?" He ask. What is it twenty question?


"I-I Just met him at Spencer. He's cute. I thought..."


"He is gay? Harry don't doubt on anything. Why did you think he's gay? Did he tell?"


"All gays could tell that and he didn't tell me but I want to know though." Niall started thinking. What is he planning to do.


He snap his figures and said "I got it! c'mon." Wait what


"Where are we going?" I ask him scared to know the answer.


"Go talk to them. We will get answer."

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