Sad Beautiful Tragic

This is my personal past relationship story. Although I am not in that relationship in this time. I would like you all to understand that what I went through was real. This is not only letting me release how I feel but its also a warning on how girls need to watch the signs before falling for a guy.

I am at a place in my life where I am content and joyous! I have everything I could ever need in my life. I am hapy I am just out of the sick and twisted ride I was stuck in .


8. Chapter 8

I remeber we talked from 10pm to 9am...we talked about how our lives wew and how we both were doing with our family. 

I still didn't tell my parents because I wanted to ease them into it. I knew how my dad wanted to kill him and my mom still didn't trust him.

So we just talked for about a month, until one night 'A' professd how he was still in love with me. I couldn't tell him I did too because I was still hurt so I denied my feelings until a few weeks later when I decided to tell him that I still loved him (stupid of me right?) and as soon as I said I did back he told me that he wasn't sure if he wanted to get back with me because I hurt him......

Me? Hurt him? Wow...

Were talking about the person who cheated on me and called me names and controlled me...yea that sounds like me. I hurt him guys....not.

Anyway..I eventually told my parents and my dad wasn't too happy about it. All he kept telling me was to get out of the relationship because he had a feeling it would end up to physical abuse. I ignored it and looked to my mom who gave him his last chance..but as soon as I mentioned my family, 'A' would completely diss them.

Of course I would defend them but the more he kept telling me things the more I started to believe him, then I started acting wierd. I started to not be myself again. As soon as I let him right back in my ife it wasn't like we just picked up where we left off, it was like we was dragging me down. For about 5 months of us talking again he would call me about 3 times a week to tell me he didn't love me anymore and that he wanted to break up.


Now like I said in the beginning of my story, I am a persistant, hardheaded, I'm getting what I want kind of girl when it came to relationships because I never gave up that easy. So of course when he would break up with me I would cry like crazy but beg him and scream to him "please no!". Then he would wait a day then call back telling me he was just kidding and just wanted to see if I loved him..Torture and Horrible am I right!?

By the way..I have a heart murmer, and basically what that is is that its a hole in your heart. I don't have a big one, I was just born with it. I have trouble breathing when I cry too hard and I can't breathe. It's like the air stops going and the blood stops flowing making my heart hurt if it beats too fast. You can imagine, me crying about 3 times a week for the same thing for 5 months it gets tiring and exhausting.


So anyway, on my 18th birthday at midnight usually my family calls to wish me a happy birthday, but no. Who called instead? 'A' that's who to tell me that he wanted to break up with me.......ON MY 18TH BIRTHDAY! I was so furious that later onthroughout the day he called again and said he was sorry so I forgave him........

Now here you all can call me stupid and desperate because basically I was. I just didn't want to be left alone. I was tired of fighting that I just agreed to everything and yes, it was all my fault to have let all of these events happen to me..

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