Sad Beautiful Tragic

This is my personal past relationship story. Although I am not in that relationship in this time. I would like you all to understand that what I went through was real. This is not only letting me release how I feel but its also a warning on how girls need to watch the signs before falling for a guy.

I am at a place in my life where I am content and joyous! I have everything I could ever need in my life. I am hapy I am just out of the sick and twisted ride I was stuck in .


6. Chapter 6

As a few months passed by I convinced my mom to let me date 'A' again. 

As soon as he and I started to talk, he had mentioned a new friend he had made while I wasn't there in summer school who just happened to be a girl. Not just any girl but one that looked ike me except she liked almost everything he did.

Now, I'm not stupid when it comes to girls, I know that if a boy and a girl are hanging out a lot, eventually they are bound to get into feelings with one another. So without hesitation I asked him if she had any feelings for him. He quickly denied it and as a few weeks passed, I was noticing how less and less we were talking. Whenever we did talk we would mention his friend 'V' and him were out eating lunch, or at the movies, or at his place in his room.

I don't know if any girl is like me, but if some girl is hanging out with your man, wouldn't you get mad! Not to mention that she likes your man and still doesn't care that he has a girlfriend. On top of that that your so called boyfriend knows how you feel, knows how the other girl feels and decides to take the other girls side and not yours!?!


Yea, exactly, you get how I've felt then. I felt so betrayed and played. I seriously hated that girl. I had never met nor seen her but I hated her. I hated her with every fiber of my being that I would dream of killing her.

Yesm this is when I realized I too had a jealousy problem and also that I couln't be with someone like that. So skipping to the end of my sophmore year, I had been through a whole year of depression and tears and fighting with 'A' about letting go of this girl that I decided to end it.


I called him one day after school from the school phone and broke it off, plain and simple not even bothering to call after a week. Well after a week passed, it was take your child to work day. We all know that almost every highschooler skips school that day and of course me, I was forced to go to school. 

Basically it was a ghost town and no one was at my school and I was so tired, I had started walking to band class down the arts department hallway and out from behind the wall 'A' jumped out in front of me.

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