Sad Beautiful Tragic

This is my personal past relationship story. Although I am not in that relationship in this time. I would like you all to understand that what I went through was real. This is not only letting me release how I feel but its also a warning on how girls need to watch the signs before falling for a guy.

I am at a place in my life where I am content and joyous! I have everything I could ever need in my life. I am hapy I am just out of the sick and twisted ride I was stuck in .


2. Chapter 2

*Fast Foreward*

It was about a month after camp had ended and everyone was back to the normal routine. I was at dance practice and church was even better than ever. I still felt a little odd though, for some reason A popped back in my brain. I couldn't help but text his bestfriend to see if he had anything to say on his relationship status. 

E: Hey, what's up?

Me: So I know your friends with A, and I was just kind of wondering if he was going out with anyone?

E: Oooo you like him don't you?

Me: Well I don't know him but yes, kind of, please don't tell him or I'll kill you.

E: Okay, I won't. Promise ;)

Me: Oh Lord.


About a few weeks later I was at my grandmothers house celebrating my cousins birthday. I had recieved a missed call from a random number so I went to my grandmothers bathroom to call back and see who it was.


Me: Hello?

A: Hi is this...

Me: Yes this is me whose this?

A: Oh it's 'A'

*freaked out*

Me: Oh well, um hi? What's up?

A: So 'E' told me your kind of into me, am I right?

Me: Wow....he told you.

A: No it's alright, I just wanted to call and tell you that your really cool and all but can we just be fiends. I'm going through a breakup with my ex girlfriend and I don't really want to talk to someone right now. But is that cool, you know, us just being friends, no feelings?

Me: Okay amigo (aka friend) will do! Bye!


From that moment on I ignored what he had said, heck no I wasn't going to give up that easily. Who cares if he doesn't like me now, he will one day!


Now looking back on this I can't help but laugh...that insane determined young girl didn't see that she should've just moved on but you know what things hapen for a reason.


Anyway...for about 3 months till the end of October I had a massive crush on him, and even though we never spoke nor made contact of even became friends at this point, I just didn't care. All I wanted was him.


It was our holloween special we always did each year at our church called Holy Night and I was dancing in a couple of dances along with my crew. At the end of the show I raced toward my parents to talk to them. They allowed me about 15 minutes to mingle until we had to leave for dinner but I didn't mind. I raced towards my sister and cousins and began chatting, I honestly don't remember what we were talking about because like 3 minutes in I felt a pair of arms grab me to turn me around and hug me. 


I totally freaked out and jumped back, "Congradulations you did so amazing, your such a great dancer!" was all I heard. It was non other than 'A'....the same guy who just wanted to be friends, the same guy who I didn't talk to  for 3 months, the same guy who was now hugging me giving me compliments. I din;t know how to respond but with just a quick and poilte "Thank you."

He told me that I did really good and that he couldn't keep his eyes off of me. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I just was over the moon. We exchanged numbers that night and he told me to text him and from then on we became best friends.

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